Raise Funds With E Gift Cards for Small Business on GoFundMe

For small businesses, offering gift cards or other rewards in exchange for a donation to your GoFundMe is a simple way to raise more money and increase customer loyalty. When a donation is made to your GoFundMe, donors will receive a reward for their generosity and you’ll have immediate cash on hand to cover overhead business costs. Start offering gift cards for small businesses today.

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What is an e gift card?

An e gift card is the same as a regular gift card, except that its value is held online. Offering e gift cards for small businesses carries many benefits: you receive immediate revenue even when your business is not open, your customers have incentive to return to shop with you, and you avoid the cost of providing and shipping physical plastic gift cards.

How to use virtual gift cards through your GoFundMe

Once you have decided which varying gift card options you would like to offer in return for monetary donations to your GoFundMe, share the different options with donors in your fundraiser description. Keep in mind that you can suggest specific donation amounts that earn different reward levels, which is a great way to try to boost donations to your small business relief fundraiser.

Don’t forget to provide your email address to donors so that they can email you their donation receipt to claim their e gift card. In the event that you need to get in touch with a specific donor, or you would simply like to say thank you, please follow the steps listed in our Help Center.

GoFundMe is not responsible for any offers, promises, rewards, or promotions made or offered by users or campaigns. Rewards offered on GoFundMe of any kind may only be up to $2,000 in value. Please see our Terms of Service if you have any questions.

Three small businesses using GoFundMe to reward their donors

  • 1. A Gift Card to Fox and Falcon

    Fox & Falcon is a local restaurant located in South Orange, New Jersey that is using their GoFundMe to sell gift cards to community members who are eager to help them stay in business. To make this process as seamless as possible, when a donor makes a donation of $25 or more, the organizer has noted in their fundraiser description that they will reach out to the donor via email to determine the best way to deliver their gift card. The Fox & Falcon community has already donated over $22,000 to this cause. Selling e gift cards for restaurants that are closed due to coronavirus is a great way to generate revenue during this difficult time.

  • 2. The Robey Relief Fund

    The Robey Hotel, located in Chicago, Illinois, started a GoFundMe to ensure they are able to pay their employees for the foreseeable future. The Robey Hotel encourages donors to help them reach their fundraising goal by offering varying gift card packages in return for donations. For example, if a donor makes a donation of $100, they will receive a $50 gift card. However, if they make a $500 donation, they will receive a $100 gift card and a 1-night stay in the hotel. The Robey’s Chicago community has certainly shown up for them—donors have contributed over $11,000 by using the hotel’s GoFundMe as a virtual tip jar to help staff during this challenging time.

  • 3. Bottleneck Management Employee Relief Fund

    Bottleneck Management is a local Chicago restaurant group that has faced massive financial setbacks due to the coronavirus crisis, requiring them to permanently close some establishments. To try to take care of their employees and make sure they are able to provide a job for laid-off employees to come back to, Bottleneck started a GoFundMe to serve as an employee relief fund. As a way to say thank you for large donations, any donation of $500 or more will receive a $500 gift card to Bottleneck restaurants. Bottleneck is clearly a loved restaurant group in their local community because over $59,000 has already been raised to make sure the future of their restaurants and employees is secure.