Top 6 Tips for Picking the Right Images for Your Fundraiser

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it can make or break your fundraiser. Adding compelling fundraising images to your fundraiser page is one of the best ways to become a crowdfunding success story. Photos can tell your story, spark compassion, and inspire action. Follow these tips to select the right images for your fundraiser.

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Tips for picking the best fundraiser photos



1. Use high-quality images

Quality matters. Online users have a short attention span, so you have a few seconds to grab and keep it. Great photos are your key to success.

  • Clear, focused, and well-lit pictures help build empathy. Make sure your cover shot clearly shows your beneficiary.
  • Your featured cover image should capture the viewer’s attention and give a sense of your story.
  • The recommended main image size is 720 x 405 pixels or higher.


Two people smiling at each other


2. Stay away from over-editing your images

In addition to using high-quality images, also try to use images that aren’t over-edited and aren’t heavily filtered. Showcasing authenticity in your photos will make them more relatable.

  • Avoid altering a photo with too many filters to the point where it doesn’t look like the original picture anymore.
  • It’s okay to do some minor editing to enhance the brightness or contrast of the fundraiser image but use your best judgment.


Two people hugging each other


3. Pick images that evoke an emotional connection

Whether you’re fundraising for yourself, someone you know, or a nonprofit, it’s essential to select photos that will connect with others and get them to care about your cause.

  • We understand that it’s difficult to be vulnerable, especially when asking for help, but by sharing honest and real images it’ll get potential donors to connect and empathize with your story.
  • Things to look for when choosing photos that will form an emotional connection: people helping one another, an individual looking directly at the camera, heartwarming and impactful facial expressions, sincere body movements, and displays of compassion and kindness.


A person with two kids


4. Make sure your photos are appropriate

  • Make sure your photos are family-friendly.
  • Be sure that your fundraiser pictures are appropriate for all ages and are compliant with our Terms & Conditions.



5. Don’t use photos that you don’t own

  • Try to stick to using photos that you own. If you’d like to use photos, videos, or music that you don’t own, you must get permission first.
  • While it’s best to use your own photos, you can check out Flickr’s Creative Commons database for high-quality stock photos.



6. Update as often as possible with new images

Sharing updates is a great way to inspire donors as your fundraiser gains traction. Refresh your page with new images to keep your fundraiser engaging.

  • Start with a few images, and add new ones with each update. Include the highest-quality photos in your gallery.
  • Take pictures during fundraising events, and add pictures taken by your supporters (with their permission).
  • Don’t post multiple versions of the same image; show many different aspects of your cause.
  • If you’re comfortable, post fundraiser images to social media, and encourage others to share them, too. This will drive more donations to your cause.


Picturing crowdfunding success

Along with photos, video can play a pivotal role in fundraising with power equal to or greater than that of images. Consider adding a short video to your fundraiser as the main image. For other great fundraising tips, visit our main fundraising tips page. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site with no fee to start or manage your fundraiser. If you haven’t already, start a fundraiser today.