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Everything You Need to Make a Powerful Fundraising Video

Leveraging video in your fundraising journey is one of the most powerful ways you can use to make an emotional connection with potential donors, heighten awareness of your cause, and boost donations. Whether you use the GoFundMe app’s new record a video feature to start your fundraiser, or create a video to use in a fundraiser update for your existing fundraiser, a video can touch the hearts of your supporters and tell your story in a way images simply can’t.

Update your fundraiser with video

Adding a fundraiser update is a great way to keep momentum and keep potential and existing donors engaged with your fundraiser, and the update can be even more impactful by using video. You don’t need a production company to create a meaningful video, grab your phone or digital camera and start speaking from the heart.

Ideas for how to use video for your fundraiser update

  • Record a short, selfie-style video introducing yourself and why you are fundraising to help donors understand the cause.
  • Post a video tribute in honor of the person you are fundraising for.
  • Celebrate reaching a fundraising milestone. For example: Halfway to your goal or one week away from a related event or date.
  • Introduce or interview someone who’s important to your fundraising journey.
  • Visually showcase your fundraising progress and your donors’ impact. For example: Hold up a sign in your video that shows what % of your goal you have reached.

Get inspired by this fundraiser video example:

Chelsea is singer, actress, and dancer in New York City. During the pandemic, she went into teaching full-time to supplement her income, but she is now ready to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway. She started a fundraiser to raise money for new headshots and to attend dance and theatre classes. For her GoFundMe, she used video to introduce herself and explain how donations will help her as she enters the next audition season.

Thank your donors with a heartfelt video message

Saying thank you to donors is a simple gesture that lets your supporters know that you appreciate them and their impact. With video, you can make your thank-you message even more meaningful and personalized.

How to use video to thank your donors:

  • Post a video update when you are finished fundraising to show the impact of donations and thank your donors for helping you. Donors love to hear how their donation has helped, so try to provide details whenever possible.
  • Email or text a short video to someone who donated as a personal way to say thanks—the personal touch will make donors feel extra appreciated.

Get inspired by this fundraiser video example:

The Enchanted Forest theme park is family owned and operated in Oregon. When Covid restrictions forced their doors to close, Enchanted Forest’s once thriving business went into debt. The family started a fundraiser to help pay off the debt, cover ongoing expenses, and save the business for future generations to enjoy. They’ve posted multiple thank-you videos to their GoFundMe to express their gratitude to everyone who has supported them. Watch their video for a great example of how to thank donors in a heartfelt way.

Tips for creating a successful fundraiser video

You don’t have to be a pro or own an expensive video camera to record an impactful fundraising video. It can be as simple as a selfie video of just your face, and you can use your camera, smartphone, iPad, or computer camera. Follow the tips below to create one of the best fundraising videos.

1. Create a setup that will keep your video stable

The best crowdfunding videos are filmed using a tripod, monopod, or other stabilization methods to avoid “shaky cam.” If you’re using your phone to record, try using something that will prop up/mount your phone, or ask a friend or family member to record for you.

2. Consider lighting

Record in a well-lit room, or outdoors with the light behind the camera person and on the subject(s). Try to avoid direct sunlight on subjects’ faces—it can cause them to squint and create a visual “hotspot.”

3. Eliminate background noise

Make sure you’re in a quiet area and close enough to the subject to get good audio. Being close will help to reduce background noise so viewers can clearly and easily hear what is being said.

4. Create an outline of what you’d like to say

Consider making a fundraising video script of talking points you’d like to cover before you start recording. Doing this can help ease nerves and ensure you’re getting all of your important points across. 

5. Keep your video’s length in mind

Consider keeping your video between 20 seconds to 3 minutes in length, this length keeps in mind the average attention span of most viewers

6. Focus on who the donations help

If you’re starting a fundraiser for a friend or family member, help viewers get to know the person who will be receiving the donations. If possible, record the individual(s) at home, in the community, and/or with loved ones. Record family and friends speaking about their relationship with this person and what makes the person so special.

7. Illustrate the need and outline how funds will be used

Record subjects and scenes that communicate the need for help. Additionally, be clear about how donations will make a huge difference for you or the cause you are fundraising for. This provides transparency to donors so they know how the money they donate will be used.

8. Speak from the heart

Don’t forget to ask for donations in a sincere way and speak to any urgency around your fundraiser. Also, identify different ways people can take action, such as by donating and sharing the fundraiser. Asking for help with money can be difficult, but you’re not alone. Check out our blog post for easy steps to follow when asking for donations.

9. Encourage viewers to take action

In addition to making your video personal, you can inspire viewers with a call to action to donate by featuring your fundraiser URL and campaign hashtag (if you have one) at the end of your fundraiser video.

10. Share your finished fundraiser video

After you’ve added the finished video to your fundraiser, you can also post your video to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and any other accounts to tap into the power of social media and encourage other people to share your video. Read our article on fundraiser sharing tips for more ideas.

We’re here to help

To learn how to add a video to your GoFundMe fundraiser, visit this help center article.

Use video to amplify your fundraiser

A fundraiser with an inspiring video and plenty of compelling images will set you on the path to fundraising success. For more great fundraiser techniques and strategies, see our top fundraising tips page. Start your fundraiser and follow these tips to create a powerful video.