Fundraising Tips

Using the GoFundMe ‘team’ feature to help your fundraiser

You don’t have to fundraise alone; adding friends, family, or coworkers to share in managing your fundraiser is a great way to help reach your goal. You don’t need to be a member of a sports team or organization to add team members. Team members can aid in posting updates, thanking donors, sharing the fundraiser, and more.

Here are 7 tips for using GoFundMe’s team fundraising feature:

1. Choose people you know

When adding members to your fundraiser, ensure they are people you know. These people should be people you trust to put in effort and communicate as a voice for the fundraiser. 

These people will have the ability to:

  • post updates to the fundraiser in their own name
  • thank donors in their own name
  • send messages to other team members
  • view how much they’ve raised for the fundraiser
  • add referrals to donations

Note: if there are people who want to support you in getting the word out about your fundraiser but are not a good fit for an official team member, they can be just as helpful in sharing your fundraiser with their own networks.


2. Invite team members

After asking someone, or a small group of people, to be a team member on your fundraising team, you can invite them as official team members. Once you set up your GoFundMe, you can add team members within your fundraiser’s dashboard.

For more information on how to add team members to your fundraiser, read this help center article

3. Assign team roles

One way team members can be especially helpful is by sharing the tasks that come with fundraising. Try splitting up the roles of posting fundraiser updates, thanking donors, and contacting specific people in outreach. Then, you can each use your own connections and contacts to spread the word about the fundraiser and ask for donations.

4. Set a schedule as a team

To help your fundraiser reach its goal, set a schedule as a team to share your fundraiser with friends and family, on social media, and within the community. Aim to have at least one person on the team share the fundraiser each day so that new potential donors can consistently discover the fundraiser.  

5. Introduce the team members in the fundraiser description

It may make sense to introduce the team members who are fundraising with you. You can do this in the fundraising description. One way to do so is a simple introduction paragraph such as, “This fundraiser for Alex Thomas is organized by Alex’s brother, Alex’s sister-in-law, and his friend Bryan. We are thankful for your help in supporting Alex during this time.”

6. Check-in together on progress

Within a day or two of fundraising, check in together on the progress of your fundraiser. Share any tips or suggestions for continuing to receive donations. Decide when to post a fundraiser update to help keep donors informed.

7. Thank your team members

As you end your fundraising efforts, thanking your team members for their support goes a long way. Send them a kind note offering your appreciation and celebrating the efforts your team has made. 

Teaming up for successful fundraising

Your team might be helping support you through a crisis or tragedy, or perhaps your team is raising funds for that out-of-state baseball competition. Whatever the cause, a team fundraiser allows you to collaborate with others while raising funds for what matters. And you can feel secure using GoFundMe’s fundraising model, which helps you keep more of the funds you raise. Create your team fundraiser and start raising money today.