A Guide to Writing a Fundraiser Update

A well-written update can bring donors back to your page.


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Why fundraiser updates matter

Your fundraiser will evolve, and you should keep supporters in the loop. And every update you post will send an email to your supporters, bringing them back to your fundraiser page and reminding them of your story.

Tip: At the bottom of every share include the links to your social media pages and encourage your supporters to follow.

What do I share?

Share news on the beneficiary

Keep donors informed about the progress of your fundraiser or the beneficiary. Medical fundraisers often keep donors in the loop about how treatment is going.

Donation count

Getting close to your fundraising goal? Update your donors on your progress to share your excitement. People may donate again if they see that your goal is in reach.

Invite your supporters

If you are hosting an offline fundraising event in addition to your online donations, an update is a perfect place to invite your supporters to join. Make sure to include details of the event.

When you use donations

If you have started using the funds, then share what they are being used for and how it is helping your overall cause.

Fresh fundraiser content

Share an update whenever you add something new to your fundraiser, like a video. Or if your fundraiser was featured in the news, then share the story with your supporters.

Tip: You can share photos with each update, so pair your news with a fresh picture. Often a photo is the best way to capture and convey progress.

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Don’t forget to show gratitude for your supporters. Tomorrow we’ll show you the easiest way to thank your donors.

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