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Kayla's campaign for American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society
Health · Atlanta, GA · EIN: 131788491
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Dover, NH
CANCER... It’s one of the HARDEST battles people can go through ...  I've seen friends family and so may others suffer personally or from a far, and I can without a doubt tell you that it hurts all the same.  Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon, NH has allowed me a small town regular guy who...
Last donation 3h ago
$22,720 raised of $10,000
$22,720 raised
Jamestown, CA
If you are a musician, or close to someone who is, you understand the special kind of anguish associated with losing your guitar or fiddle or banjo. And you know how powerful music can be in the healing process. Please help us reunite the victims of the horrific Butte Area Fire with their music....
Last donation 1h ago
$23,105 raised of $50,000
$23,105 raised
Monsey, NY
Our beloved מרדכי זאב בן יצחק יהודא ע״ה ברויער who many people have gotten to know while he came to the Usa for treatment the last couple of years and allways has that smile and warm greeting, All with the tremendous suffering and pain he went through and constantly gave chizik to everyone who c...
Last donation 1d ago
$20,209 raised of $20,000
$20,209 raised
Oroville, CA
Of all of the Firefighters in Butte County fighting the Camp Fire, there have been over 30 Firefighters who live in Butte who's homes have been effected, most of them losing their homes entirely. This fund is to help our Firefighters in Butte County and their families rebuild following the destru...
Last donation 2h ago
$30,562 raised of $250,000
$30,562 raised
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