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Kayla's campaign for American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society
Health · Atlanta, GA · EIN: 131788491
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Sunnyside, NY
UPDATE: We know many community members are interested in attending our Sunnyside Fire Relief Fundraiser tomorrow night (12/17) at Sunnyside Community Services. Please note that a ticket portal has been established; there will be two seatings at the event to allow as many people as possible to par...
Last donation 1h ago
$63,829 raised of $100,000
$63,829 raised
Walnut Creek, CA
Our beautiful twins, Yoel and Yael, have been diagnosed with Canavan Disease, a highly progressive and rare genetic disorder which causes brain degeneration. The first 2 years is the important period to intervene. There are two therapies that may give them a chance to live: NeuroMovement therapy...
Last donation 6m ago
$65,548 raised of $2.0M
$65,548 raised
Huntington, WV
The Candlenights Star campaign is back! This year, we want to raise money for an extremely important cause: women's health in our home state. After the recent passing of Amendment 1 in West Virginia, many women have had their ability to pay for abortion services taken away, and the Women's Health...
Last donation 3m ago
$9,869 raised of $10,000
$9,869 raised
Milton, PA
"We're staying awake... so that they don't get put to sleep."  Donate HERE for THE MOVIE CRYPT Podcast's 3rd annual "48-Hour LIVE Marathon to Save the Yorkies" happening LIVE on Friday 12/14 at 5pm PST through Sunday 12/16 at 5pm PST!  ALL donations go directly to SAVE A YORKIE...
Last donation 23m ago
$17,958 raised of $50,000
$17,958 raised
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