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West Sacramento, CA
A Suspected Drunk Driver in West Sacramento Kills the Parents of Two Small Children Leaving a 3 year old and 7 month old Orphaned  On the night of February 15, 2021,Rasul and Anila Afzili were traveling home from his mother’s home after celebrating his birthday with family. They were tragically...
Last donation 6m ago
$590,585 raised of $500,000
$590,585 raised
Sugar Land, TX
On February 16th,  a house fire in Sugar Land, Texas ended with the tragic loss of three beautiful children and their grandmother.  Colette (5), Edison (8), and Olivia (11) will forever be remembered by their parents Jackie and Nathan, families, and friends as joyful, eternal sources of light and...
Last donation 1h ago
$458,213 raised of $500,000
$458,213 raised
Houston, TX
From Houston to the world - thank y'all so much for your love and generosity.  Our small team of organizers at Mutual Aid Houston are overwhelmed by the outpour of support we have seen over the last few days. In full transparency, we are currently working on getting immediate, direct aid out to...
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$307,005 raised of $250,000
$307,005 raised
Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Di...
Last donation 2h ago
$288,984 raised of $500,000
$288,984 raised
Brooklyn, NY
About two years ago, right before her 11th birthday our beautiful niece Gianna was feeling some pain in her knee. Being that Gianna is an amazing dancer who practiced and competed often this was not very alarming. Everyone felt it was probably just sore and that with a little rest it would begin...
Last donation 10h ago
$229,170 raised of $200,000
$229,170 raised
Fort Davis, TX
Hi everyone. I have set up this fundraiser for Stephanie Rubio and her children. They just lost everything they had in a fire that took their home, belongings and every memory they created there. They were left with the clothes on their back and their truck. On January 28th Stephanie lost her hus...
Last donation 6h ago
$216,335 raised of $250,000
$216,335 raised
Cape Cottage, ME
Marissa, her two boys and their baby girl on the way, along with their entire extended family, suffered an immeasurable loss with the sudden passing of George Thomas on February 25 due to heart complications. GT was a devoted father and husband, a son, a brother and an incredible friend to so man...
Last donation 48m ago
$204,083 raised of $50,000
$204,083 raised
Sugar Land, TX
My brother lost 3 beautiful children on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 to a house fire during the Houston power outages. These angels were witty, funny, each with their owners funky and sassy attitudes, and each were extremely loved by me and the entire family.  This is a tremendous loss to my brot...
Last donation 10h ago
$191,647 raised of $200,000
$191,647 raised
Alpharetta, GA
It is with heavy hearts that we share that our friend and billiards icon, Jeanette Lee, has been diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer.  The cancer has metastasized throughout her body.  Her prognosis is currently unknown and depends upon her body’s response to the first phase of treatment she...
Last donation 28m ago
$169,050 raised of $250,000
$169,050 raised
Farmington Hills, MI
  On Sunday February 21, 2021  A dark and shattering tragedy impacted this mother and her 3 little girls.  The unimaginable and the unthinkable... With that said, Stephanie now widowed after 15 years has nothing but memories of her husband and hopes for  Kennedy 14, Aneyis 10, and Yasmine 5 wh...
Last donation 2h ago
$163,055 raised of $250,000
$163,055 raised
Austin, TX
** UPDATE: We've provided thousands of warm meals to Austin hospitals like Dell Children's, Dell Seton, St Davids (North + South), Baylor Scott & White, EMS, warming centers, and more by purchasing meals from Austin restaurants that have been hit hard by this storm.  Organized by A Taste of Koko ...
Last donation 4h ago
$157,718 raised of $160,000
$157,718 raised
Albuquerque, NM
Callaway Lewis is the strongest, bravest, 8 year-old I know. She's never met a hill she won't run or a rock she won't try to climb. But today Callaway is facing a new challenge that will require every ounce of grace and courage she has.  Sunday, February 21st, she went for an evening bike ride a...
Last donation 31m ago
$154,932 raised of $200,000
$154,932 raised
Tewksbury, MA
The other morning Matt Spatola, 36, suffered a sudden and traumatic brain bleed leaving him currently intubated in the ICU for the foreseeable future. He is a father to two young kids and wife to my lifelong friend, Ashley. His bleed is in the basal ganglia which is the part of the brain that con...
Last donation 2h ago
$63,293 raised of $20,000
$63,293 raised
Wyoming, MI
Sweet Ruby was hit by a car while walking home. She suffered a broken neck, brain damage, and many bumps and bruises. Her mama is one of the TwoGuys Krewe. This makes Ruby one of our kids and when one of ours is hurt we circle the wagons around them.  We need to all step up in a BIG way. Any am...
Last donation 3h ago
$50,910 raised of $50,000
$50,910 raised
Niles, IL
One of my closest friends Svetlana Ilic is a 16 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma which has taken her family and friends by surprise.  Svetlana is currently under a 6 month treatment at the University Of Chicago in hopes to cure and end her spread of can...
Last donation 1m ago
$47,098 raised of $30,000
$47,098 raised
Maplewood, NJ
We are heartbroken to share the news that Doug Smiley passed away on February 27th, 2021. Doug was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in late January, and his illness progressed very rapidly. Amy will need significant financial assistance not only for short-term medical and childcare needs...
Last donation 7m ago
$67,557 raised of $75,000
$67,557 raised
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Sterling, VA
Adam Oakes, he was the happiest, most joyful guy that everyone wanted to be around. His contentment was infectious. His laugh was one no one will ever forget and it’s one I wish I could hear just one more time. Just one more big hug from him. Everyone loved those. The sports fan. His love for spo...
Last donation 28m ago
$36,372 raised of $15,000
$36,372 raised
Shenandoah, VA
Police officer Dominic "Nick" Winum in the Town of Stanley was killed in the line of duty by a driver during a traffic stop before he could get out of his patrol vehicle, authorities said. Officer Winum was a veteran of the police force. He worked for Stanley PD since 2016 and was also a Virginia...
Last donation 1h ago
$57,239 raised of $10,000
$57,239 raised
Mill Hall, PA
At 8:30 PM,  on February 26th 2021 the community of Lock Haven was struck with the news of a tragedy that you’d never expect to happen in this small Pennsylvania town. The older brother of Joshua Kreitz, Jakob Haines, was taken from his family and friends after being shot and killed at what was s...
Last donation 7h ago
$18,893 raised of $10,000
$18,893 raised
Reno, NV
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the unexpected passing of our dear and beloved daughter, sister and friend.  Maria will be missed by many forever. She has left a permanent hole in our hearts but our love for her will always be eternal. We know times are tough for everyone but we would a...
Last donation 2h ago
$23,830 raised of $15,000
$23,830 raised
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Oviedo, FL
At 11:07PM on February 14th local time in Japan, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the seafloor just off the coast of Fukushima. Unfortunately Ebisu Circuit was directly affected by the earthquake & sustained heavy damage. Drift Land collapsed & a massive landslide took out everything in its path....
Last donation 3m ago
$49,396 raised of $100,000
$49,396 raised
Sheridan, WY
I am Joan's niece. I am asking you to please consider donating to help her during this time.  On February 27th 2021.. During the pileup over the Yellowstone Bridge.. Celea (19) and Gahge (17) who are raised by their 77 year old grandmother were struck by tragedy as they were being heroes.  Despi...
Last donation 1h ago
$57,150 raised of $15,000
$57,150 raised
Cypress, TX
While driving home from a baseball tournament in Lufkin, Carol Hardy's vehicle was struck by a tire that flew off of a truck. Carol did not survive. Kayden survived with minor injuries. Carol was a mother of two, Kayden and Caly and wife to Ron Hardy.  She was her kids biggest fan, and quite poss...
Last donation 49m ago
$41,012 raised of $50,000
$41,012 raised
Plymouth, MA
Austin and Joey were recently in a traumatic car accident and have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Austin suffered a broken leg which caused arterial damage, the amazing team at Brigham was able to stabilize his leg and perform a bypass surgery. He will require more surgery and lots of phy...
Last donation 1h ago
$37,916 raised of $50,000
$37,916 raised
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Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to Higashi Hangwanji Buddhist Temple
Last donation 4m ago
$55,612 raised of $30,000
$55,612 raised
Little Rock, AR
Funds go to Arkansas Venture Center
Last donation 18m ago
$31,915 raised of $50,000
$31,915 raised
Seattle, WA
Funds go to Service Is A Lifestyle (100 Black Parents)
Last donation 8m ago
$15,057 raised of $10,000
$15,057 raised
Montgomery, NY
Funds go to SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary Inc.
Last donation 15h ago
$11,088 raised of $11,000
$11,088 raised
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Bowie, MD Last year Dora Nyambe come to live in the village of Mapapa with her two adopted daughters. Her family has now grown to seven kids. She started a school and amazing people come forward to help Bulid it. We have been feeding, educating and giving all the basic huma...
Last donation 28m ago
$53,400 raised of $20,000
$53,400 raised
Belmont, MA
In the fall of last year I had to withdraw from school due to the inability to pay tuition. I'd like to go back to finish my education and hopefully go on to get a Master's or another advanced degree. I would be on my junior year at UMass Amherst, double-majoring in African-American Studies and L...
Last donation 1h ago
$16,028 raised of $25,000
$16,028 raised
State College, PA
On Sunday, February 21st, Andy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly while skiing with his daughter Zoe and members of his family.  Tragically, life saving efforts were unable to revive him.   If you are here, then you already know Andy was an all-around great guy.  He was often not only the smar...
Last donation 4h ago
$52,798 raised of $50,000
$52,798 raised
Canonsburg, PA
Archer’s parents always had a dream for him to attend a Catholic High School and go  to College.  Unfortunately, Archer’s mother Teri passed away unexpectedly on February 23, 2021.  She was working two jobs because her dream was for him to get a solid education .   This fundraiser is being organi...
Last donation 5h ago
$29,799 raised of $15,000
$29,799 raised
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