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Cape Coral, FL
Voddie Baucham is a faithful servant of Christ. He has been a dear friend for nearly twenty years and serves with me as a board member of Founders Ministries and founding faculty member of the Institute of Public Theology. As his newsletter below indicates, he is facing a serious medical trial. C...
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$1.3M raised of $1.2M
$1,383,980 raised
West Sacramento, CA
A Suspected Drunk Driver in West Sacramento Kills the Parents of Two Small Children Leaving a 3 year old and 7 month old Orphaned  On the night of February 15, 2021,Rasul and Anila Afzili were traveling home from his mother’s home after celebrating his birthday with family. They were tragically...
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$584,809 raised of $500,000
$584,809 raised
Sugar Land, TX
On February 16th,  a house fire in Sugar Land, Texas ended with the tragic loss of three beautiful children and their grandmother.  Colette (5), Edison (8), and Olivia (11) will forever be remembered by their parents Jackie and Nathan, families, and friends as joyful, eternal sources of light and...
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$434,059 raised of $700,000
$434,059 raised
Houston, TX
From Houston to the world - thank y'all so much for your love and generosity.  Our small team of organizers at Mutual Aid Houston are overwhelmed by the outpour of support we have seen over the last few days. In full transparency, we are currently working on getting immediate, direct aid out to...
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$295,344 raised of $250,000
$295,344 raised
Rochester, MI
This fundraiser was created on behalf of Michael and the Zyrek family. On February the 8th, Michael Zyrek, 20 years old, was working out with a friend and abruptly stopped due to what was described as massive headache and neck pain. With the help of his girlfriend Sophia, they made the decision...
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$246,871 raised of $300,000
$246,871 raised
Brooklyn, NY
About two years ago, right before her 11th birthday our beautiful niece Gianna was feeling some pain in her knee. Being that Gianna is an amazing dancer who practiced and competed often this was not very alarming. Everyone felt it was probably just sore and that with a little rest it would begin...
Last donation 9m ago
$227,935 raised of $200,000
$227,935 raised
Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Di...
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$226,305 raised of $500,000
$226,305 raised
Fort Davis, TX
Hi everyone. I have set up this fundraiser for Stephanie Rubio and her children. They just lost everything they had in a fire that took their home, belongings and every memory they created there. They were left with the clothes on their back and their truck. On January 28th Stephanie lost her hus...
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$215,615 raised of $250,000
$215,615 raised
Sugar Land, TX
My brother lost 3 beautiful children on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 to a house fire during the Houston power outages. These angels were witty, funny, each with their owners funky and sassy attitudes, and each were extremely loved by me and the entire family.  This is a tremendous loss to my brot...
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$190,025 raised of $200,000
$190,025 raised
Alpharetta, GA
It is with heavy hearts that we share that our friend and billiards icon, Jeanette Lee, has been diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer.  The cancer has metastasized throughout her body.  Her prognosis is currently unknown and depends upon her body’s response to the first phase of treatment she...
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$162,790 raised of $250,000
$162,790 raised
Austin, TX
** UPDATE: We've provided thousands of warm meals to Austin hospitals like Dell Children's, Dell Seton, St Davids (North + South), Baylor Scott & White, EMS, warming centers, and more by purchasing meals from Austin restaurants that have been hit hard by this storm.  Organized by A Taste of Koko ...
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$156,453 raised of $160,000
$156,453 raised
Dallas, TX
Thank you so much to everyone for the outpouring of love and support since Chris' unexpected passing on February 11th. Christina, Jack, Caroline and Dutch are devastated. Chris was their whole world and they were his.  He had the biggest heart and loved everyone. We have set up this fund if you w...
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$152,475 raised of $200,000
$152,475 raised
Verona, NJ
Dear friends and family,  Our beloved nurse, firefighter, father, and friend, William Garcia (34) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma.  In August 2020, a sunspot on Will’s back developed into Melanoma, which traveled to his lymph nodes underneath his left arm in November. The ly...
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$74,381 raised of $100,000
$74,381 raised
Houston, TX
As I'm sure you know our beloved Shelbie Banks has been diagnosed with meningitis and stage four cancer. Unfortunately it is inoperable and she is not giving much time to continue to be with us. We are reaching out because With your financial support we would love to help the family with medical...
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$27,881 raised of $50,000
$27,881 raised
Middletown, OH
Hello Everyone, I am Harish Parchuri, reaching out for the help for my close and dearest friend Krishnakanth Makela, who has been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease).  Berger’s Disease is a kidney disease which destroys kidney tissues causing Kidney failure. Krishna came to the US...
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$57,528 raised of $100,000
$57,528 raised
San Marcos, CA
St. Nick is a faithful servant of God, a Dad to Luna (1 yr), a 'bonus'-Dad to Carmelo, Gianna & Alina, a life partner to Christina, a son, brother, uncle, friend and a soccer coach and life mentor to 1,000's of children. After months of doctor visits, ultra sounds, scans and biopsies, St. Nick's...
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$75,581 raised of $200,000
$75,581 raised
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Plymouth, MI
On February 22, Colleen Elliot and Dan Waitz suffered the tragic loss of their son, Grant.  Grant has two younger brothers (7 and 9) that Colleen is raising as a single mother.  Our goal is to raise enough money to help alleviate her financial burdens so she can focus on grieving and supporting h...
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$57,181 raised of $75,000
$57,181 raised
Brookshire, TX
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved DeCarerick "DoBaby" Kennedy 16 years old, and his brother Faybian "FayFay" Hoisington, 14 years old. As they both were heading to their grandmother's, they were victims of the car meet crash on Sunday, February 21st. We are abso...
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$32,897 raised of $25,000
$32,897 raised
Greenville, SC
It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I regretfully give you the news that my brother, Bob Oddo, passed away on January 29th in Myanmar (Burma) The preliminary autopsy revealed Bob died of an aortic aneurysm, with a secondary diagnosis of COVID. He was biking when he was stricken with c...
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$80,685 raised of $100,000
$80,685 raised
Fremont, CA
Assalamualaikum, may this find you well iA. This fund is for our beloved friend and sister Ameena Hayat, who passed away 02/23/2021 in a fatal car accident. We are looking for any contributions to help the family cover expenses. Ameena was a beloved part of the Bay area community, she was in her...
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$46,507 raised of $50,000
$46,507 raised
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Ozone Park, NY
* Note: All funds here directly go to Jisu as the beneficiary. Because GoFundMe doesn't operate in Korea, Ryan is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Jisu in Korea under the official exclusive agreement. This is the only legitimate fundraiser for Jisu. Hi, my name is Jisu. I'm from South Ko...
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$67,942 raised of $50,000
$67,942 raised
New Lenox, IL
“Brian, an IL ISP Trooper, was responding to a car accident in Joliet, IL. While he was parked behind the wrecked vehicles, had the emergency lights activated in order to assist with directing traffic to the right lane. While in his squad car, another car crashed into the back of Brian’s squad ca...
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$87,072 raised of $100,000
$87,072 raised
Lewis Center, OH
Our family and friend (Daniel Nashih) house burned down Saturday morning. They have 5 children; 4 boys and 1 girl. Two of the boys are 4yr old twins (one in critical condition and now one was called to be with his creator). Their mother(Awet) was at work at the time of the fire and their father w...
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$23,926 raised of $30,000
$23,926 raised
Hutto, TX
Austin Fisher is a husband, father, son, and dear friend that needs our help. Anyone that knows him knows he would go out of his way to help others and anyone that doesn't know him would be blessed to meet him.  Following the winter storms in Texas last week, Austin Fisher was out volunteering h...
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$18,376 raised of $20,000
$18,376 raised
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San Francisco, CA
Funds go to Old Saint Marys Church
Last donation 1h ago
$46,413 raised of $50,000
$46,413 raised
Oviedo, FL
Funds go to Bear Warriors United Inc
Last donation 12h ago
$7,717 raised of $6,000
$7,717 raised
Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to FreeFrom
Last donation 7m ago
$68,446 raised of $75,000
$68,446 raised
Denton, TX
Funds go to Islamic Society of Denton
Last donation 1h ago
$54,928 raised of $100,000
$54,928 raised
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Bowie, MD Last year Dora Nyambe come to live in the village of Mapapa with her two adopted daughters. Her family has now grown to seven kids. She started a school and amazing people come forward to help Bulid it. We have been feeding, educating and giving all the basic huma...
Last donation 31m ago
$46,448 raised of $20,000
$46,448 raised
Canonsburg, PA
Archer’s parents always had a dream for him to attend a Catholic High School and go  to College.  Unfortunately, Archer’s mother Teri passed away unexpectedly on February 23, 2021.  She was working two jobs because her dream was for him to get a solid education .   This fundraiser is being organi...
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$21,296 raised of $15,000
$21,296 raised
San Antonio, TX
Trades and skills are something often over looked.  Meadow is a Sophomore at a local skill/trade magnet school studying Plumbing/Pipefitting/Welding.  Her story of practical application of what she's learned has exploded in the Internet.  We've received thousands of uplifting comments and heard p...
Last donation 24m ago
$6,280 raised of $10,000
$6,280 raised
Buffalo, NY
Born, raised, and educated in Buffalo, my father has always been a HUGE advocate for education. He knew that education is one of the greatest tools we have to advance our lives further than the generation before us. His educational journey saw him attend Turner Carrol High School, a private High...
Last donation 4h ago
$6,345 raised of $4,000
$6,345 raised
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