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Tustin, CA
Funds go to Fallen Fire Fighter Relief Fund
Last donation 12m ago
$611,226 raised of $1.0M
$611,226 raised
Orem, UT
If you know Collin, you know about his larger than life heart. He spent every day of his 40 years on this earth giving to those around him. Caring for strangers, quietly serving.  Giving the shirt off his back and the Jordans off his feet.  You likely heard his moving message to #savethekids and...
Last donation 4h ago
$304,196 raised of $300,000
$304,196 raised
Grand Lake, CO
UPDATE!!!! We now have 8 FIRST RESPONDERS WHO’VE LOST THEIR HOME! My name is Ellie St. Germain and I am the wife toSeth St. Germain who is the Assistant Fire Chief of Grand Lake Fire. The Grand Lake Fire Department has become a family and this tragedy has hit us right in the heart. This past w...
Last donation 6m ago
$275,742 raised of $500,000
$275,742 raised
Closter, NJ
By now, most of you have heard about the untimely passing of Rich De Croce. Rich was a great husband and father, and was beloved by all that knew him. I have known Rich and his family for over 10 years. I coached his children and found them to be as good a family as you will ever meet. Anyone wh...
Last donation 55m ago
$272,816 raised of $275,000
$272,816 raised
Turner, OR
TRYING TO SURVIVE THROUGH COVID The Enchanted Forest theme park in Oregon is created, owned and operated by our family, including our father, creator Roger Tofte, now 90 years old, with 3 generations now working in the park. Prior to Covid we were a thriving business and had no debt. Then Covid...
Last donation 8m ago
$265,054 raised of $500,000
$265,054 raised
Alexandria, VA
Funds go to ESAT
Last donation 5h ago
$219,810 raised of $300,000
$219,810 raised
Swedesboro, NJ
Hello all, on 10/26/2020 a young man life was ended due to  the police killing him. He was a 27year old man named WALTER WALLACE JR. Not only was he a son, he was a father to a host of kids, have a Daughter that’s due any day now and a newlywed to my best friend DOM on 10/02/2020!. I am asking yo...
Last donation 19m ago
$177,363 raised of $5,000
$177,363 raised
Salt Lake City, UT
Our dear friend, wife, sister, mother, daughter, and inspiration was taken abruptly from us when she suffered a tragic horse accident, which resulted in a fatal brain injury on the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th.  Jessica leaves behind her brand new baby Wolfe Lee Bender, and husband of 9 ye...
Last donation 1h ago
$176,551 raised of $185,000
$176,551 raised
Saint James, NY
An update.  We are clearly going to blow through the goal we set to support Billy. Given the influence he has had on so many of us, this is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and your love.  So I ask all of you - if you've not yet done so, use this moment to honor Dr. Mallon.  There's a w...
Last donation 32m ago
$176,045 raised of $100,000
$176,045 raised
Edmond, OK
I am Jeanise Jones’s Pastor Derrick Scobey. Jeanise Jones is a Mother(3), Grandmother (6), faithful church member and just an overall great person who will help anyone. She recently emerged as the “STAR” in the new Borat movie. She was recruited from our church the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Okla...
Last donation 8m ago
$167,082 raised of $100,000
$167,082 raised
Irving, TX
With immense and deepest sorrow, I Dr. Chowdary Achanta has set up this Go fund me account to support my professional colleague Dr. Roshni Upputalla who has been struggling for her life for  a month now. Roshni is 35 and she was born on February 11th, 1985 at Hyderabad, India. After 13 years of...
Last donation 5h ago
$150,741 raised of $500,000
$150,741 raised
Syosset, NY
After the sudden passing of Michael Bruntvedt, we want to ensure that his children, Michael and Christopher have all the support they need.  All proceeds will be sent to Angie to be used for the kid's education funds. Angie and the whole family appreciate everyone's love and support during these...
Last donation 2h ago
$139,866 raised of $150,000
$139,866 raised
Brooklyn, NY
Anthony Mauro (32) is a firefighter at Ladder 109 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He‘s been with the FDNY for 5 years. In June, while at work, Anthony suffered a seizure in the firehouse. The members on duty rushed to his aid and along with the the support of the NYPD, he was taken to the hospital whe...
Last donation 7m ago
$78,365 raised of $100,000
$78,365 raised
Philadelphia, PA
The news article and video can be found at the link below.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW  October 26, 2020 In the West Philadelphia area, my sister and best friend Rickia Young and her 2 year old s...
Last donation 8m ago
$33,102 raised of $5,000
$33,102 raised
Bloomington, IL
On Sunday, October 11th, Laura and Mark Welp and their 6 year old twins, Emma and Abby, were having a great weekend.   The day was normal until lunchtime when Emma started complaining of a bad headache.  It was discovered that she had a brain bleed and was immediately taken by helicopter to the C...
Last donation 59m ago
$60,834 raised of $60,000
$60,834 raised
Spring, TX
I am Gjylsyn Asllani and I want you to get to know my son, Murrlan, the teenager looking forward to his promising future, up to the moment when the accident he suffered cut his many dreams short. Murrlan was 16 when, in June last year, he suffered an accident in the swimming pool. The injury to h...
Last donation 31m ago
$27,182 raised of $120,000
$27,182 raised
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Vancouver, WA
Kevin (KP) Peterson Jr is my son.  Yesterday he was murdered by the police in Vancouver, WA. Kevin was only 21 years old and leaves behind a 4 month old daughter. He was a happy young man with his whole life ahead of him and now he’s become another face of racial injustice.  We waited 12 hours i...
Last donation 47s ago
$30,886 raised of $100,000
$30,886 raised
Hazlehurst, MS
Lilly, a bright, full of energy, 10 year old from Wesson Mississippi, was killed last night from a hit and run.  The driver ran from the scene and stole a different car from a Good Samaritan who had stopped to help. Lilly’s daddy, Calvin, has extensive injuries and will be away from work for some...
Last donation 1h ago
$25,125 raised of $20,000
$25,125 raised
Las Vegas, NV
It is with extreme sadness our family is needing to reach out, so we can properly bury our precious 7 week old baby girl London. We were completely blindsided and are still in shock this is even a reality. Our sweet London was horrifically taken from us, and all at once, all our lives have been c...
Last donation 51m ago
$20,209 raised of $9,000
$20,209 raised
Billings, MT
On October 25, 2020, we experienced a tragedy that should never happen to anyone. Two of our wrecker drivers, whom we dub “rescuers”, went on a two-truck call to respond to an accident blocking traffic on I-90. They were able to safely load one vehicle, but while loading the storage unit that it...
Last donation 1h ago
$70,575 raised of $75,000
$70,575 raised
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Colorado Springs, CO
Last donation 14m ago
$45,801 raised of $50,000
$45,801 raised
Simpsonville, SC
I’m Mimi on a Mission My name is Tiffany Page. I live in the Greenville Spartanburg area of South Carolina. Please pray for my 4 year old granddaughter Riley Faith. Here is a Facebook link for prayer and updates. Riley Faith’s Mama is my daughter Rach...
Last donation 9m ago
$32,535 raised of $10,000
$32,535 raised
Chicago, IL
After lockdown started, Sie lost his job and his health insurance. Without coverage, he was forced to ration his insulin, and because of that went missing three times from diabetic dementia. The last time he went missing, obviously in a confused mental state, he opened a woman’s passenger car doo...
Last donation 1h ago
$34,927 raised of $20,000
$34,927 raised
Bettendorf, IA
On Sunday, October 25th, our world collapsed.  Our small business was decimated by fire.  We are so grateful no one was injured and this happened when the building was empty, but almost nothing remains. My name is Gwendolyn Lee and I founded  with my father after college.  H...
Last donation 50m ago
$32,573 raised of $50,000
$32,573 raised
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Culver City, CA
Funds go to Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America
Last donation 20m ago
$38,287 raised of $100,000
$38,287 raised
Malvern, PA
Funds go to Animal Care Center of St. John, Inc.
Last donation 4h ago
$96,488 raised of $125,000
$96,488 raised
Wake Forest, NC
Funds go to Embrace Uganda
Last donation 2h ago
$44,188 raised of $100,000
$44,188 raised
New York, NY
Funds go to Matthew Larson Foundation for Pediatric...
Last donation 1d ago
$64,461 raised of $3,600
$64,461 raised
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Atlanta, GA
On October 27, 2020, our bright star Ryan Nicole Falconer, returned to heaven.  Ryan was a proud 2020 graduate of Woodward Academy and graduated out of the Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. earlier this year.  She was excited to be a Howard University Bison and was eagerly looking...
Last donation 21m ago
$32,886 raised of $50,000
$32,886 raised
Newbury Park, CA
We are sad to report that yesterday, Monday October 26th our beautiful outdoor dance complex was completely dismantled and destroyed by the Santa Ana winds. Despite our flooring and tents being secured with weighted buckets, staples, stakes and reinforcements, the tent poles broke causing the ten...
Last donation 4h ago
$25,418 raised of $35,000
$25,418 raised
Houston, TX
On October 19, 2020, 19-year-old Jack* was told to leave his home after his parents found out he is attracted to guys. For over a week, Jack had been surviving in a tent, without food or money, experiencing suicidality — and praying for God to intervene. After scouring the internet for help, Jac...
Last donation 18m ago
$10,651 raised of $10,000
$10,651 raised
West Chester, PA
If you were lucky enough to know Nicky - you know there was nothing he loved more than his wife and kids.   His family faces immeasurable heartache and many unanticipated expenses as they strive to put the pieces back together without their husband and father. In lieu of flowers, we are asking f...
Last donation 1h ago
$36,895 raised of $1
$36,895 raised
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