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Carteret, NJ
Gurmeet Singh (of Milton Distributors) was a man of few words but many smiles. He met with a tragic auto accident in Virginia on August 15th. The extremely unfortunate accident took away the lives of Gurmeet Singh, Jasleen Kaur, and 6 year old Harjas Kaur. 11 year old Yash Singh, has survived, an...
Last donation 17m ago
$255,843 raised of $200,000
$255,843 raised
Tempe, AZ
Funds go to Autism Nutrition Research Center
Last donation 41m ago
$322,737 raised of $900,000
$322,737 raised
Glen Allen, VA
In Loving Memory Of Druhil Parikh On August 12th 2019, Our beloved friend Druhil Parikh has passed away. For over two years Druhil had been fighting with multiple complexities: - Chronic hepatitis-B, Cirrhosis of liver, Hepatocellular cancer and Tuberculosis. All these problems affected his liv...
Last donation 34m ago
$140,539 raised of $150,000
$140,539 raised
Buffalo, NY
On Friday,  August 16th, Ali Carey Waclawek unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind her husband Justin and their newborn baby Ada. Ali's passing has touched the hearts of family and so many friends, leaving a huge hole in the lives of many.  In memory of Ali, a Support Fundraiser has been opene...
Last donation 22m ago
$115,329 raised of $15,000
$115,329 raised
Lorton, VA
After a short but hard fight with cancer, Lauren Lewis passed away Saturday August 10th.  She was a beautiful and kind wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter and friend. In addition to the many people who loved her, Lauren leaves her husband Brian and two young boys, who are ages 4 and 1 behind. ...
Last donation 9m ago
$106,893 raised of $125,000
$106,893 raised
Littleton, CO
We lost an amazing human being on Saturday, August 10th at the Steamboat Stinger mountain bike race. Andy Balika  was an amazing husband to Karen and father to Jett, an incredible cyclist and friend to so many people. Andy suffered a massive heart attack. He had undiagnosed atherosclerosis and a...
Last donation 2h ago
$103,396 raised of $200,000
$103,396 raised
Portland, OR
Support Henry and Ruth to Health: Join Team HRJH  Henry and Ruth are battling cancer together.  For those who don’t know, Ruth is a single mom who is the sole caregiver for Henry 22, Joe 20, Helen 17, and two dogs - Chloe 13, and Lola 4.  This family was hit hard three years ago when Henry was d...
Last donation 3h ago
$100,000 raised of $100,000
$100,000 raised
Lorton, VA
Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter the circumstance, especially when your life changes in an instant.   Miemo (Ammie) was in a tragic car accident with her daughter on their way to school.  Sadly, Miemo did not survive the crash, fortunately, her 4 year old daughter did.  https://www.wa...
Last donation 4m ago
$97,681 raised of $100,000
$97,681 raised
Ocala, FL
                                     In Loving Memory of Jason Foulk Jason was a tremendous, fun loving guy and wonderful friend to all that knew him.  He is, and always will be, part of the Jetblue family.  Jason's passing is devastating to all that knew him.  He is survived by his beautiful wi...
Last donation 4h ago
$97,215 raised of $100,000
$97,215 raised
Philadelphia, PA
Everyone that's ever met Carson knows this universal truth - he is a tremendously generous and loving person. Carson will greet a complete stranger with the same warmth that he will show to a lifelong friend. He has supported so many people in big and small ways during his life - it is because of...
Last donation 3h ago
$96,324 raised of $65,000
$96,324 raised
New York, NY
On Friday, August 9th Patrick Force was involved in a tragic diving accident on Saratoga Lake, where he suffered an “incomplete” spinal cord injury with damage to c3-c6 vertebrae.  He was rushed by Helivac to Albany Medical Center, where he underwent a 7hr surgery to stabilize and decompress the...
Last donation 44m ago
$91,337 raised of $225,000
$91,337 raised
Houston, TX
Christopher Dallas Canada, loving husband, father, son, brother, and friend, unexpectedly went to be with God on August 11th, 2019. Those of you who were lucky enough to know Christopher know how dedicated to and in-love he was with his girls - his wife Donna and twin 18-month-old daughters Holly...
Last donation 9h ago
$87,104 raised of $100,000
$87,104 raised
Plattsburgh, NY
On Monday, August 19th, Barbara Criss and her 18-year old son Dalton were in a tragic automobile accident. Barbara sustained serious injuries and, at the time of this writing, remains in critical condition. Sadly, on Tuesday, August 20th, Dalton passed away from his injuries. The Criss family has...
Last donation 3m ago
$39,632 raised of $75,000
$39,632 raised
Austin, TX
Funds go to Pure Hands, Inc.
Last donation 34m ago
$58,014 raised of $60,000
$58,014 raised
Seattle, WA
A few weeks ago the light of my life, Hanna, was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  Its been a long road to figure out what has been going on and were obviously devastated. This is an aggressive form of the disease but we are determined to do anything and everything to get her into remission...
Last donation 2h ago
$75,405 raised of $60,000
$75,405 raised
Eastchester, NY
I am writing on behalf of my sister, Stephanie DiMarzo and her husband, Nick DiMarzo. As most of you all know, their 13 year old son, Nicholas DiMarzo, has recently been diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma. Nicholas has already begun a series of intense chemotherapy...
Last donation 11m ago
$47,576 raised of $125,000
$47,576 raised
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Detroit, MI
Our beloved Emma Valentina Hernandez recently passed on August 19, 2019. Emma was a wonderful child who touched the lives of those around her. She leaves behind a family that loves her immensely. Emma dedicated her life to school work, playing and enjoying life with her family. Quick to get a he...
Last donation 1h ago
$63,743 raised of $25,000
$63,743 raised
Brooklyn, NY
Late Thursday afternoon, Erika got THE call. The one she had been waiting for for the last 15 months. Cleveland Clinic had a liver and it was for hers. Her body was just too weak to endure the surgery. Erika passed away around 2am EST on August 23. We can’t describe how very devastated we all are...
Last donation 5m ago
$46,302 raised of $75,000
$46,302 raised
Jamaica, NY
This gofunme is being started for our co-worker, our brother Charlie Mo. For those who dont know, our brother was tragically killed on the ramp a few days ago. As a Delta family, we need to stick together in this time of need and all that we can to help Charlies family through this difficult time...
Last donation 27m ago
$49,537 raised of $10,000
$49,537 raised
Bethlehem, PA
Zac Kravatz, born January 27, 1983, went to be with his son Cooper on August 22, 2019 at 2:10.  He was surrounded by love and support, and held lovingly by his wife, parents and close family as he drifted to Heaven.  He was 36 years old.   Zac spent most of his entire adult life caring for and pr...
Last donation 8m ago
$40,480 raised of $45,000
$40,480 raised
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Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to Conservation International
Last donation 23m ago
$13,347 raised of $25,000
$13,347 raised
Moorcroft, WY
Link to Andrea Mills YouTube Channel  Me (Tom Mills) and my wife Andrea have 9 children and one on the way. We home school, home church, home business and home birth. She recently felt bad and went to the doctor, and long story short it ended up being cancer, even though she is only 41 years ol...
Last donation 5m ago
$55,450 raised of $1
$55,450 raised
Omaha, NE
Abby Whitford is a sweet, spunky, energetic 10 year old girl who was tragically hit by a car on 8/20/19 while walking to the library after school with her little brother. She is currently in critical condition and undergoing alot of tests to determine if she will make it through this awful time....
Last donation 1h ago
$17,073 raised of $12,000
$17,073 raised
Saint Louis, MO
Today around 1:30 in the morning my girlfriend Olivia was shot point blank outside of her home. She had just got done with work and was parking her car when two men approached with bandanas on their faces. As she tried to drive off, one of the men put a gun to the window and fired. The bullet wen...
Last donation 27m ago
$22,087 raised of $50,000
$22,087 raised
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Los Angeles, CA
Funds go to Conservation International
Last donation 23m ago
$13,347 raised of $25,000
$13,347 raised
Austin, TX
Funds go to Pure Hands, Inc.
Last donation 34m ago
$58,014 raised of $60,000
$58,014 raised
Golconda, NV
Funds go to Wild Horses in Need dba Chilly Pepper -
Last donation 4h ago
$17,485 raised of $30,000
$17,485 raised
El Paso, TX
Funds go to charity: water
Last donation 4mos ago
$8,945 raised of $5,000
$8,945 raised
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Weston, FL
On August 19th,  Erika Sensebe was taken tragically from her family.  She was a loving, caring and involved mother of two beautiful children, for whom she had the highest dreams and hopes.  As a school community, we want to make sure that her children fulfill those hopes and dreams.  We are start...
Last donation 3h ago
$7,308 raised of $50,000
$7,308 raised
Dover, MA
As a way to honor Chase we are raising money for a scholarship for a DSHS student athlete. We appreciate any and all donations.
Last donation 2h ago
$21,344 raised of $1,000
$21,344 raised
Pittsburgh, PA
This scholarship fund honors the life, leadership, and legacy of Stephen Robert Stroyne. He was passionate and dedicated to his career as a Technology Education teacher at Upper St. Clair High School. Stephen will not only be missed by his family, but by everyone in his life that he influenced....
Last donation 3h ago
$11,165 raised of $5,000
$11,165 raised
Winnebago, NE
Funds go to Winnebago Public School Foundation Inc
Last donation 5m ago
$5,828 raised of $12,000
$5,828 raised
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