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Parkland, FL
My name is Cameron Kasky. I am a student at Stoneman Douglas. I created the #NeverAgain movement as well as the March for Our lives. Our team has been working hard since day one. The funds will be spent on the incredibly difficult and expensive process that is organzing a march like this. We ha...
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$3.5M raised of $3.8M
$3,578,648 raised
New York, NY
For the next week, we'll be sharing the stories of Rohingya refugees on Humans of New York.  Nearly 700,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh over the past several months, having been violently expelled from their homes by Buddhist extremists in Myanmar.  They have experienced and witnessed man...
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$2.1M raised of $1.8M
$2,102,557 raised
Parkland, FL
Anthony is a victim of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  During this unspeakable tragedy, Anthony was able to save about 20 other students as he attempted to close and lock the door to a classroom.  He was shot multiple times (both legs were shot, left upper thigh bone shatte...
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$896,304 raised of $1.0M
$896,304 raised
Los Angeles, CA
Would you please take a moment & watch the 3 minute video above, telling Carter and our family's story?  **All donations are tax deductible **  I'm Jen, Carter's Mom.  My son is dying. There’s no other way to say it.  My beautiful, perfect little dying.  As I lay him down to sleep each...
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$1.0M raised of $1.0M
$1,006,210 raised
Parkland, FL
Our daughter, Gina Rose Montalto, was a victim of the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. Gina was a special girl who melted every heart with her infectious smile that lit up a room. She was instant friends with everyone she met....
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$430,754 raised of $500,000
$430,754 raised
Bronx, NY
Hey everyone I opened up a gofundme account for my brother in law and he’s family due to financial difficulties at this moment since he’s death was so sudden and tragic. He was 15 yrs old and was stabbed to death by a group of multiple men Anything donated will be greatly appreciated. We apprecia...
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$336,576 raised of $15,000
$336,576 raised
Buffalo, NY
Michael Caputo Legal Fund Michael R. Caputo, 56, is a devoted husband and father to his family. Active in Immaculate Conception Parish, he lives and works in the village of East Aurora, New York. He is a member in good standing of the Town of Aurora Republican Committee, in the Erie County Repub...
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$328,554 raised of $125,000
$328,554 raised
Los Angeles, CA
On July 4th at around 7pm, my grandfather Rodolfo Rodriguez  whose 92 years of age was going for his daily walk around the block when he was assaulted by and African American lady and five other guys. He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone. El 4 de julio...
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$324,323 raised of $15,000
$324,323 raised
Westfield, MA
Lindsay. (daughter of Keith & Jane Bugbee) (wife of Evan Crosby) She was a woman who lived and loved with her full heart.  While she was here with us, she filled many roles and wore many hats. All with a beautiful grace and laughter filled presence.  She passed far before any were ready for he...
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$315,561 raised of $350,000
$315,561 raised
Ashley, IN
Update: Many fundraisers have been put into place to raise funds for the Stoy Family to cover the cost of the transplant. Nearly a month into fundraising, Olivia's story had reached so many people that the initial goal was met! $350,000 was the cost of the initial procedure and does not include a...
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$313,074 raised of $1.0M
$313,074 raised
Lincoln, NE
Many of you know the incredible TotalBiscuit aka John Bain.  Many of you also know that he's been publicly fighting cancer for the last 4 years and recently passed from that fight. John has had an incredible game's media career that spans at least 13 years.  During that time he's covered countle...
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$342,383 raised of $200,000
$342,383 raised
Hanalei, HI
I can’t express the gratitude we all have for this help and for all of the money raised. This page is being managed as a team of volunteers who are connected to the North Shore. We are contributing to relief efforts on the ground and also working to determine the right way to distribute these fu...
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$300,916 raised of $1.0M
$300,916 raised
Medford, OR
JD Day was serving in Afghanistan as an Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller (CCT) assigned to a US Army Special Forces ODA Team charged with finding and addressing ISIS militants near the border of Pakistan . During a mission on July 10th an IED detonated leaving JD in critical conditi...
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$84,906 raised of $10,000
$84,906 raised
Brooklyn, NY
Hello All, My name is Moe Choi aka Choimatic from New York and I am writing this for my friend Vincent Williams aka DJ Spinna. On June 11, 2018, DJ Spinna had an emergency surgery for an appendectomy (ruptured appendix). I am very familiar with this surgery and the recovery process, as I went thr...
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$69,038 raised of $60,000
$69,038 raised
Sun Prairie, WI
On July 10th Ryan Welch was 20 minutes into his shift as a Volunteer Firefighter when the call came in for a natural gas leak.  As the team discovered that this was a highly dangerous situation, they evacuated a block of Downtown Sun Prairie.  Two In, Two Out, in teams they worked to shut off the...
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$42,142 raised of $75,000
$42,142 raised
Washington, DC
Hi friends. As some of you may know, Sean Wurtzel suffered a brain aneurysm on Tuesday, July 10th during a workout class in Washington, DC. His girlfriend Sam was with him at the time of the fall, which occurred only 30 seconds into the class. An ambulance transferred them to George Washington (G...
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$77,300 raised of $100,000
$77,300 raised
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Urbandale, IA
My heart is breaking today for a very sweet 5 year old named Garrett and his family (his mom Emilie, who is my cousin, her husband Ryan and his 6 year old big sister).  Garrett has been fighting a rare form of cancer since September (stage 4 Alveolar Fusion Negative Rhabdomyosarcoma).  ARMS is a...
Last donation 24m ago
$67,354 raised of $75,000
$67,354 raised
Nashville, TN
Sean Neeley, the husband of our beloved Lisa Neeley, passed away unexpectedly on July 14. Lisa has two sweet boys, Cruz (2nd grade) and Case (PreK), and a little girl on the way. The families of Mrs. Neeley’s PreK 2017-2018 class have organized this gofundme for Lisa to show our love, caring and...
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$42,845 raised of $1,000
$42,845 raised
Bay Village, OH
Zachary passed away unexpectedly today and we are trying to raise money for funeral and burial costs as this is a very unexpected cost for our family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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$17,905 raised of $15,000
$17,905 raised
Saint Petersburg, FL
We lost our sweet sunshine Scarlett unexpectedly and tragically July 12th 2018.  She had a very brief illness which overwhelmed her body.  The illness is still unknown, but they are continuing to investigate it and we pray we have an answer soon. Any donations will help us give her proper and fit...
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$14,704 raised of $20,000
$14,704 raised
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Los Angeles, CA
Friends, Jon Schnepp is unconscious and in critical condition. I cannot tell you the details, but it is life-threatening. That’s all I can tell you right now. I have been sharing with him how much all of you are rallying for him, and showing your incredible love & support. I’ve been sitting vigil...
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$43,489 raised of $50,000
$43,489 raised
Pittsburgh, PA
In the early morning of July 14th, our good friend Sam fell off of his roof in Oakland, Pittsburgh.  He is in critical, but stable condition. He had his spleen removed this morning, broke his femur, and has broken bones in his face and skull. He is strong and is going to make it, but it's going t...
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$18,515 raised of $20,000
$18,515 raised
Fresno, CA
Last donation 20m ago
$35,225 raised of $30,000
$35,225 raised
Coventry, RI
Tragically Jared lost his life yesterday,  in his twin brothers words, “Doing what he loved to do.” Jared was so full of life and loved sports and riding his dirt bikes and 4 wheelers with his friends and his other half Marcus. We never expect to loose a child, it’s something that should never ha...
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$15,814 raised of $20,000
$15,814 raised
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Howell, NJ
Doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio have conducted research that leads them to believe that a cure for MPS II has been discovered. Dr. Fu and Dr. McCarty have conducted years of research and are relying on parent-led organizations to raise the funds needed to carry the dru...
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$27,439 raised of $750,000
$27,439 raised
Martinez, CA
Hodari Cooper, 20, and his brother, Hakim Cooper, 13, were taken all too soon on the morning of Wednesday, July 11th,  leaving in their wake the devastation that comes with such a tragic and sudden loss.   There are blessings that come with the blanketing of love however.  We are blessed to be a...
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$8,699 raised of $30,000
$8,699 raised
Spring, TX
SOS Nicaragua Global es una iniciativa impulsada por la diáspora Nicaragüense organizada desde cualquiera que fuera su país de residencia. Aunque ya no vivamos en nuestro país, nuestro país si vive en nosotros y es ese amor por nuestra Madre Patria lo que impulsa nuestra lucha incansable por verl...
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$15,605 raised of $100,000
$15,605 raised
Allston, MA
Less than 24 hours following the powerful arguments in an emergency hearing in federal court, the government released a 9 year-old boy that it had been detaining in a Texas facility after weeks of dragging its feet. After enduring 44 miserable days of separation -- and overcoming countless legal...
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$8,139 raised of $12,500
$8,139 raised
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Alpharetta, GA
Dear Friends, We are sad to inform you of the sudden and unexpected demise of Sri Raghava Bhattar in an accident at Chikaballapur, India on 18th of June 2018 at 4:30 pm IST. He was a priest at Shirdi Sai Temple, Atlanta until 2017.  He is  survived by his wife Ranjani, who is 6 months pregnant...
Last donation 24m ago
$33,254 raised of $50,000
$33,254 raised
Pahoa, HI
Our beautiful Kula (school), Kua O Ka La PCS, is a rural family based Hawaiian focused Public Charter School serving 230 PreK through Grade 12 Haumana (students).  We are the first totally Solar powered school in the state of Hawai'i.  Our programs are both grounded in our place and in our cultur...
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$8,670 raised of $15,000
$8,670 raised
Minneapolis, MN
With the passing of Justin Hanks after his five-year battle with cancer, many people have asked how they can help. In response, we have created the Sons of Justin Hanks Scholarship Fund. Any funds collected in this account will be used only for the college education of his two sons, Everett and M...
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$13,870 raised of $15,000
$13,870 raised
Denton, TX
On July 6th, 2018, Dr. Shailesh Kulkarni, passed away unexpectedly from sudden cardiac arrest. Dr. Kulkarni has left a major impact on everyone he’s met, from his friends to his students. Dr. Kulkarni was a Professor in the College of Business at the University of North Texas for almost twenty y...
Last donation 1h ago
$31,415 raised of $50,000
$31,415 raised
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