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Cumming, GA
The Hunter family has been a shining light in the Denmark, Johns Creek and South Forsyth communities for such a long time.  The loss of Angie and Eugene this week has left us all with such heavy hearts.  Please help us in supporting their 17yr old son Justin.  Your assistance will be used to esta...
Last donation 34m ago
$532,841 raised of $500,000
$532,841 raised
Miami Beach, FL
Funds go to Social & Economic Action for Lebanon, Inc.
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$417,143 raised of $1.0M
$417,143 raised
New York, NY
There are times in life that are too tragic for words and too hard to bear. On Thursday, July 30th, 2020 that chapter started for people all over the globe when Mark Steven Spitzer tragically lost his life in a water accident.  It was a sunny day in Hong Kong, and Mark had decided to spend it in...
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$269,537 raised of $1.0M
$269,537 raised
Long Island City, NY
Tuesday 8/4/2020 – a day Beirut and the world will never forget. A massive explosion took place on Tuesday August 4th 2020 in the heart of Lebanon leaving hundreds of casualties and thousands without homes, shelter, medicine and/or food. Hospitals were already overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic...
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$248,357 raised of $250,000
$248,357 raised
Minneapolis, MN
Legal fund for Jawar Mohammed and other Oromo political prisoners  Organizers/Qindeeysitootarraa: Dr. Sentayehu Bedane, Leyla Abawari, Girma Tadesse, Arfaase Gemeda, Teme Berisso, Mohamed Abdosh & Elias Ibssa A few hours after the assassination of the beloved and iconic singer, songwriter, acti...
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$191,973 raised of $200,000
$191,973 raised
Moraga, CA
On July 28th, our friend and his family suffered the most unimaginable tragedy in Lafayette, California.  As the result of a fatal bicycle accident, they had to say goodbye to their little light, Leo Cellura. He lived only 10 short years, but he was the best parts of all of us:  inclusive, selfle...
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$188,011 raised of $300,000
$188,011 raised
Denver, CO Please help raise funds for the  funeral of Djiby and his Family. Early morning on Wednesday August 05th the Senegalese-Mauritania community in Denver woke up to tragic news. Djibril Diol, aka Djiby had passed away in a tragic house fire. Djiby, his wif...
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$177,049 raised of $150,000
$177,049 raised
Juneau, AK
***Please note: This is the only authorized contribution site for the Sig and Helen Memorial Fund. *** On July 28, Julie and Gig Decker learned that they lost both their children, Helen and Sig Decker in a car accident in Petersburg, Alaska. Helen was 19 and Sig was 21. Although both were born a...
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$170,650 raised of $200,000
$170,650 raised
Birmingham, AL
Scooter’s Recovery- First of all, you need to know that Scooter wouldn’t want me to do this. It’s going to make him feel so uncomfortable, but with all sincerity, I know he would do it for me. My best friend and roommate in college Scott Ward, affectionately called “Scooter” (a childhood nicknam...
Last donation 27m ago
$154,553 raised of $200,000
$154,553 raised
Fresno, CA
On Wednesday, August 4, 2020 evening at Reedley Beach, as three kids were swept way in the Kings River, a brave bystander saw the children being pulling by the current and jumped in to save them. The 29 years old Manjit Singh of Fresno lost his life trying to save the children.  He was the breadw...
Last donation 5m ago
$141,034 raised of $200,000
$141,034 raised
Covington, LA
Elise Angelette, mother of 5, was diagnosed with cancer about 6 years ago . Her and her family have courageously and persistently been fighting the progression of the cancer as medical bills and expenses have piled high. Over the weekend the family received sad news: there is no longer any viabl...
Last donation 45m ago
$128,485 raised of $150,000
$128,485 raised
San Francisco, CA
Funds go to Walking Iris Media
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$113,183 raised of $400,000
$113,183 raised
Chicago, IL
**Scroll down for English** Mercan'a can Kuzenim Can Çorakçı'nın 7 aylık kız evladı Mercan Çorakçı için bir bağış kampanyası başlatıyorum. Mercan nadir bir genetik hastalık olan Spinal Müsküler Atrofi (SMA) Tip 1 hastası ve mümkün olan en kısa sürede gen tedavisi olması gerekiyor. Mercan'ın sa...
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$94,407 raised of $2.4M
$94,407 raised
Exton, PA
On July 19th, 2020 my brother Tilak Myla suffered a Brain hemorrhage and since been battling for his life in Reading Hospital -Tower Health, Pennsylvania. He has AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) rupture and have severe bleeding near his cerebellum causing hydrocephalus and have swelling in his b...
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$81,111 raised of $400,000
$81,111 raised
Reading, PA
Kate (Hannahoe) Cogan is a loving, kind, and cheerful person, someone who simply radiates warmth. For those of you who know her, you likely can only picture her with a smile on her face. For those of you who do not, believe me when I say she presents a warm smile and a sunny disposition in every...
Last donation 28m ago
$49,360 raised of $50,000
$49,360 raised
Eugene, OR
Funds go to Brave Like Gabe Foundation
Last donation 17m ago
$30,225 raised of $4,530
$30,225 raised
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Savannah, GA
Our dear friend, Tim Ebert, passed away in a tragic accident this morning on his way to work. He died helping someone else, making him a true hero.  He is survived by his wife, Lindsay Ebert, and their three children. He was an Air Traffic Controller at Savannah International Airport and an E-7...
Last donation 4m ago
$36,430 raised of $40,000
$36,430 raised
Flower Mound, TX
In honor and memory of Gautham Gowda Gautham Gowda was a great son, spouse, father, brother, nephew and a friend to many of us. Last Saturday Gautham had a massive cardiac arrest and was in the ICU for the past 7 days. He passed away today leaving behind his wife Parinitha and two young kids. G...
Last donation 17m ago
$90,547 raised of $200,000
$90,547 raised
Grand Saline, TX
This weekend we suffered the tragic loss of Zane Taylor. He was a son, brother, and the greatest friend anyone could ever have ever ask for. He was a light in the life of everyone he knew and it was a privilege knowing him. There have been so many lives impacted by the life of Zane. The laughter...
Last donation 8m ago
$24,920 raised of $30,000
$24,920 raised
Lowell, MA
Not everyone was lucky enough to have met and experienced who Tierica was. Tierica's ambitiousness and pursuit of good was always something that we admired. To everyone, Tierica was always one of the strongest people we know. She was selfless and always considered others before herself. She alway...
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$17,763 raised of $10,000
$17,763 raised
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Staunton, VA
Funds go to Staunton Creative Community Fund Inc
Last donation 19m ago
$82,573 raised of $100,000
$82,573 raised
Converse, TX    Our jiu jitsu brother Cody Wood’s daughter Arianna Lopez was in a serious ac...
Last donation 15m ago
$13,899 raised of $15,000
$13,899 raised
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi everyone.. As many of you know the current Isaias storm is leaving so many towns and homes destroyed. Unfortunately, my cousin and her family were affected by this storm in NJ. Yesterday, 8/4, a tree fell into their home, leaving it destroyed but thankfully everyone got out safe. Maria and Gr...
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$39,686 raised of $50,000
$39,686 raised
New York, NY
A massive explosion has ripped through the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, causing major devastation.  This blast has injured hundreds of people, destroyed structures, and damaged buildings and homes all across the city. Over 157 people have been killed, 5,000 wounded in t...
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$82,492 raised of $100,000
$82,492 raised
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Staunton, VA
Funds go to Staunton Creative Community Fund Inc
Last donation 19m ago
$82,573 raised of $100,000
$82,573 raised
Eugene, OR
Funds go to Brave Like Gabe Foundation
Last donation 17m ago
$30,225 raised of $4,530
$30,225 raised
Sugar Land, TX
Funds go to Amel Association International
Last donation 42m ago
$64,802 raised of $100,000
$64,802 raised
Keeler, CA
Funds go to Friends of Cerro Gordo
Last donation 14m ago
$32,220 raised of $500,000
$32,220 raised
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San Francisco, CA
Many of you have seen profound positive effects by the Carnivore diet. Incredible life changing health transformation from a broad spectrum of chronic disease are being seen on a daily basis.  While these impressive anecdotes are truly inspiring, widespread acceptance of this intervention is far...
Last donation 59m ago
$97,850 raised of $200,000
$97,850 raised
Nashville, TN
We're raising money to provide $3,000 scholarships directly to 20 black trans students.  Vission Statement: The Frances Thompson Education Foundation (FTEF) nurtures black trans students and funds academic discourse and theory. We will do this through direct scholarships to black trans students,...
Last donation 19h ago
$69,681 raised of $65,000
$69,681 raised
Baltimore, MD
My name is Dr. Stacey Patton.  I am a professor, journalist, author and a nationally-recognized child advocate who cares deeply about the education of young people, especially those attending historically black colleges and universities. When I began teaching journalism at Morgan State Universit...
Last donation 1h ago
$16,195 raised of $15,000
$16,195 raised
Columbia, SC
When our oldest son, Watts, met Ja’Heim on Work Crew at Young Life camp, we had no idea that God would be inviting our family into an incredible story. Over the past two summers, as Ja’Heim has joined us at our dinner table and shared his life with us, we have learned that he is enduring terrible...
Last donation 32m ago
$16,473 raised of $25,000
$16,473 raised
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