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Saint Paul, MN
On May 25, 2020, my life shattered as I learned of the tragic passing of my dear brother, George.  My family and I watched in absolute horror as the now infamous and horrifying video began to spread quickly throughout social media. What we saw on that tape left us shell shocked; a white Minneapo...
Last donation 4m ago
$6.5M raised of $1.5M
$6,505,341 raised
New York, NY
【突發】攬炒過後是晨曦!攬炒團隊《重光香港計劃》眾籌上線! Please scroll down for English 註:美金做單位; 15% 係 optional tips 俾 gofundme,可以填 0% 或其他 %。 2019年5月,「取消獨立關稅區,反擊中共」彷彿天荒夜譚。嗰陣我地香港人仲未有同中共攬炒嘅決心。 一年過去,我經歷過一丁友開始招兵買馬,提出攬炒,集合到全球團隊,靠無數手足力量一齊破局破足一年。 當日第一陣攬炒攻勢,其中一封信就係寄俾美國國務卿Pompeo。係,我地係草根,唔係政治明星,但無論機會幾渺茫我地都願意試,願意咬緊牙關堅持。 念念不忘,必有...
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$1.2M raised of $1.7M
$1,269,415 raised
Minneapolis, MN
Scores Sports Bar was set for a grand opening this spring but when COVID-19 hit that was put on pause. Now, just as Scores was gearing up to welcome customers with updated guidelines from the govenor, George Floyd was murdered and everything changed overnight. Scores Sports Bar was LOOTED,  VAND...
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$924,958 raised of $100,000
$924,958 raised
Brooklyn, NY
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that after battling COVID-19 Roy passed away on May 20th. Roy was a beloved member of the Morgan Stanley family for over 35 years.  Roy was a compassionate and caring security professional who truly loved being part of the firm. He welcomed everybo...
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$322,663 raised of $325,000
$322,663 raised
Peoria, IL
Fondacioni Firdeus po bëhet shtyllë mbështetëse për Shqiptarët në nevojë, qofshin këta nevoja për ndihma materijale apo për të mbuluar shpenzimet për mjekime të sëmundjeve të ndryshme.  Edhe pse numri i kërkesave për ndihma shpesh i tejkalon kapacitetet tona reale për të ndihmuar, ne si Fondacion...
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$213,735 raised of $350,000
$213,735 raised
Portland, OR
By default, GoFundMe displays donors' names. Please click the box labelled 'Don't display my name publicly on the campaign' to prevent anyone from scraping and misusing your information. The General Defense Committe Local 1 in Portland, Oregon, has established a fundraiser to cover bail and other...
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$202,572 raised of $199,969
$202,572 raised
Raeford, NC
My brother was murdered by the Minnesota policeman. I am his baby sister Bridgett Floyd, and I love my brother with all my heart. He has a loving family he has left behind. Floyd would give you the shirt off his back, and anybody that know him knows that!! I want to make way so that our family ge...
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$196,212 raised of $5,000
$196,212 raised
Manhattan Beach, CA
Our LAFD Brother and Captain was Seriously Injured in a Downtown LA Commercial  Fire/Explosion.  We are asking for Donations to help the Aguirre family. He will be off duty for 1 year and may not come back. He has 2 children and is the only source of income for his family. Bills, school, costs an...
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$174,140 raised of $150,000
$174,140 raised
San Jose, CA
Hicklebee's: Where Books Come Alive In 1979 four mom-friends seeking to find a balance between work and family rented a small space on the west side of Lincoln Avenue, filled it with children’s books and called it Hicklebee’s. The name, they said, described the final metamorphic stage of a bookw...
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$166,109 raised of $300,000
$166,109 raised
Marina Del Rey, CA
As many of you have heard on Sunday (May 17th) tragedy hit as Shad Gaspard went swimming with his son Aryeh -  when they got caught in a riptide. When the lifeguards went to rescue them, Shad made the ultimate sacrifice and told them to save his son instead.  Family meant everything to Shad so w...
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$151,150 raised of $100,000
$151,150 raised
Atlanta, GA
Tonight in Atlanta, GA around 9:30pm, Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim were wrongfully stopped and disrespected by Atlanta Police Department on their way home. An alert about a 9pm curfew enforcement was sent to Atlanta residents at approximately 9:13pm. Police stopped them, broke the window to...
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$145,184 raised of $150,000
$145,184 raised
Newton Highlands, MA
Dear Fellow River Members,   We pride ourselves on the family nature of our club. That family extends beyond the membership to our staff and their families.  Many of our staff are well known and many behind the scenes, but they share the common charge to make The River a memorable place. Due to...
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$137,245 raised of $100,000
$137,245 raised
San Diego, CA
On behalf of Leslie and her family we are asking for moral support during this time. Leslie was peacefully protesting, when La Mesa PD opened fire in close range and shot her directly in her head. She is currently in ICU and we are praying for a full recovery. These funds will cover any medical e...
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$20,585 raised of $10,000
$20,585 raised
Minneapolis, MN
My coworker Norman got shot in the head with a rubber bullet by the MPD, he's currently in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage and a skull fracture. The goal is to ease some of the financial pain that he and Alisha may be feeling right now. I have already included Alisha (his wife) as the intend...
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$27,693 raised of $50,000
$27,693 raised
Mason, OH
Hello Friends, I am pleading on behalf of my family who went unexpected trouble in these difficult times. On March 8th, my father came to USA to visit my new born baby with excitement, healthy and sound. Unfortunately, the excitement could not last long. He became sick within a week and started...
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$56,324 raised of $250,000
$56,324 raised
Miami, FL
Los medios y periodistas independientes de Nicaragua han asumido un enorme compromiso para informar sobre cómo avanza la pandemia del Covid19 en el país. Cumpliendo este compromiso muchos de ellos han sido infectados por esta enfermedad. Considerando la difícil situación sociopolítica y el estado...
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$16,872 raised of $20,000
$16,872 raised
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Omaha, NE
We are creating this fundraiser for James Scurlock and his family.  Who is James Scurlock? A 22 years old young black man who showed his dedication a love for his people every single day.  James was passionate for Justice, but today his fight ended as he was shot and killed downtown Omaha w...
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$90,862 raised of $50,000
$90,862 raised
Tallahassee, FL
On May 27th, 2020, Tony McDade, a black LGBTQ person, was shot and killed by a Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) officer.  Many details surrounding this incident are unclear, but we are asking the community for support during this difficult time. 100% of funds collected here will go to Tony's...
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$82,390 raised of $25,000
$82,390 raised
Dundalk, MD
On December 21, 2019 we lost a angel Destiny Harrison  due to tragedy that broke hearts all over baltimore she was taken away from us right in front of her 1 year old daughter. We are asking that if anyone have any monetary donations we would greatly appreciate the help to lay my beautiful daught...
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$51,432 raised of $50,000
$51,432 raised
Clarksville, TN
Hello everyone. My name is Brittany and I’m the aunt of Jamee Johnson. On December 14th his life was taken away from him by the Jacksonville Florida sheriff’s department. They killed him! Jamee was a student at FAMU who has never been in any trouble. He had a promising life ahead of him. He was s...
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$41,529 raised of $50,000
$41,529 raised
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Atlanta, GA
SacDelux is a luxury consignment business, built, owned and operated by Shanice Gaither  and Nikki Hightower.  Since 2014, these ladies have worked to establish their business & brand not only for means to support theirselves, but also the profitability of individuals.  As a consignment store...
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$44,781 raised of $100,000
$44,781 raised
Chicago, IL
On the night of May 30th into early morning May 31st, Central Camera Company, Chicago's oldest camera store, was destroyed and burned. We are still surveying the area to see if we can recover any assets, but at this time it looks like 100% destruction. All funds raised on this page will go towar...
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$84,775 raised of $250,000
$84,775 raised
Minneapolis, MN
Family and friends we need your help! Mama Safia opened her doors December 1, 2018 with little but her life savings instead of retiring at the age 66. Her passion for cooking led to her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant. Mama Safia wanted to bring authentic Somali cuisine to the Longfe...
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$49,424 raised of $75,000
$49,424 raised
Minneapolis, MN
My name is Lucy Kegley and I am a close friend of Hafsa's, the daughter of the owner. I am making this fundraiser on behalf of Hafsa, her family, and Gandhi Mahal. Below is the statement from Hafsa, including how the money will be spent. I will be updating this page whenever I withdraw and send t...
Last donation 3m ago
$52,120 raised of $100,000
$52,120 raised
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El Cajon, CA
Funds go to San Diego East County Chamber of Commerc...
Last donation 4m ago
$46,486 raised of $50,000
$46,486 raised
New York, NY
Funds go to National MS Society
Last donation 4h ago
$43,392 raised of $100,000
$43,392 raised
Chicago, IL
Funds go to We the Protesters Inc
Last donation 2m ago
$19,910 raised of $20,000
$19,910 raised
Minneapolis, MN
Funds go to Migizi Communications Inc
Last donation 1m ago
$27,865 raised of $200,000
$27,865 raised
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New York, NY
The birding community is overwhelmingly white and we want to change that! $100 can provide a lifetime of birding to one individual! But any amount, no matter how small, will help! HOW TO REQUEST BINOCULARS: WHY FU...
Last donation 23m ago
$21,379 raised of $15,000
$21,379 raised
Minneapolis, MN
Funds go to Migizi Communications Inc
Last donation 6m ago
$27,830 raised of $200,000
$27,830 raised
Mount Shasta, CA
Funds go to Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc
Last donation 12h ago
$23,380 raised of $21,990
$23,380 raised
Dexter, MI
DISCLAIMER: All money from this campaign will go towards building a school building in a developing nation with the help of BuildOn. To insure that all the proceeds go towards a single building, they will be donated in bulk at the end of the campaign! Keep it wholesome :) My name is Simon Kim,...
Last donation 6m ago
$13,041 raised of $30,000
$13,041 raised
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