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Brooklyn, NY
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that after battling COVID-19 Roy passed away on May 20th. Roy was a beloved member of the Morgan Stanley family for over 35 years.  Roy was a compassionate and caring security professional who truly loved being part of the firm. He welcomed everybo...
Last donation 1h ago
$299,316 raised of $300,000
$299,316 raised
Oceanport, NJ
On behalf of the Glen Ridge High School Class of 1993 we are raising money for our childhood friend, Alice Baker Roberts, who tragically lost her husband, Rob to Covid-19 leaving behind 3 beautiful young children. At the age of 45, Charles "Rob" Roberts fought a courageous battle against COVID 1...
Last donation 55m ago
$247,800 raised of $155,000
$247,800 raised
Albany, MN
As many of you know, all six Shady's locations were planning on reopening on Monday, May 18th (against the Governor's orders). We received a phone call from the Attorney General's office yesterday, Friday, May 15th, informing us if we were to continue our plans to open and operate our six bars &...
Last donation 18m ago
$227,008 raised of $100,000
$227,008 raised
Los Angeles, CA
On his 25th birthday, Corey La Barrie tragically left us in a fatal car accident on Sunday, May 10th 2020.  The untimely and sudden passing of Corey has left his family and friends in utter shock, in a jarring detour from the bright and promising future Corey had ahead of him.  Corey will be mi...
Last donation 2h ago
$212,465 raised of $150,000
$212,465 raised
Peoria, IL
Fondacioni Firdeus po bëhet shtyllë mbështetëse për Shqiptarët në nevojë, qofshin këta nevoja për ndihma materijale apo për të mbuluar shpenzimet për mjekime të sëmundjeve të ndryshme.  Edhe pse numri i kërkesave për ndihma shpesh i tejkalon kapacitetet tona reale për të ndihmuar, ne si Fondacion...
Last donation 8m ago
$207,287 raised of $350,000
$207,287 raised
Manhattan Beach, CA
Our LAFD Brother and Captain was Seriously Injured in a Downtown LA Commercial  Fire/Explosion.  We are asking for Donations to help the Aguirre family. He will be off duty for 1 year and may not come back. He has 2 children and is the only source of income for his family. Bills, school, costs an...
Last donation 3h ago
$161,446 raised of $150,000
$161,446 raised
Capitola, CA
On May 9th 2020, surfer Ben Kelly was fatally attacked by a shark while surfing in Santa Cruz County. This is a memorial fund set up by close friends of Ben Kelly. We want to support his wife Katie during this tragic time by covering all burial expenses and all of her living expenses for the fore...
Last donation 12h ago
$139,847 raised of $300,000
$139,847 raised
Marina Del Rey, CA
As many of you have heard on Sunday (May 17th) tragedy hit as Shad Gaspard went swimming with his son Aryeh -  when they got caught in a riptide. When the lifeguards went to rescue them, Shad made the ultimate sacrifice and told them to save his son instead.  Family meant everything to Shad so w...
Last donation 2h ago
$136,620 raised of $100,000
$136,620 raised
Chevy Chase, MD
On March 30, our friend Steve Parker played tennis with his brother Collin.  It was a day much like any other for Steve at a time when the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic had made so many things far from normal.  After saying goodbye to Steve, Collin would not speak to him for another seven days....
Last donation 2h ago
$132,662 raised of $150,000
$132,662 raised
Petaluma, CA
During this unprecedented time where staying safer at home is how we can save the world, you’ve seen your favorite DJ's do what they do best, keep the music going. For most DJ's, bringing music to life has been their primary source of income and this pandemic has brought it to a complete halt.  T...
Last donation 7h ago
$123,967 raised of $150,000
$123,967 raised
Chicago, IL
Over the last several months, COVID-19 has created hardships for Americans and everyone else around the world. Many have paid the ultimate price, and with great heartache, I write the name of Muhamed ‘Hamo’ Music, who has passed on after a 6-week battle with COVID-19 on May 11th, 2020. Hamo was...
Last donation 4h ago
$114,865 raised of $75,000
$114,865 raised
Saugus, MA
We are raising money on behalf of John and Jeanmarie O’Brien and their family. Our dear friend John was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer. The level of care John needs after his March diagnosis is 24/7, as the left side of his body is completely paralyzed. Basic...
Last donation 10h ago
$112,086 raised of $500,000
$112,086 raised
Fort Myers, FL
This is my 5-year-old son Leo. He's a very sweet and active boy who loves outdoor adventures.  Whether we’re riding bikes, doing handstands at the beach, or fishing with his older brother Alejandro, Leo always wears a wide, contagious smile on his face. He loves racing with his Hot Wheels around...
Last donation 5h ago
$25,050 raised of $50,000
$25,050 raised
Fort Wayne, IN
Christa is a 34 year old wife and mother who was diagnosed with cancer. She has a 6cm mass in her abdomen along with her liver and spleen being enlarged. Please donate to help Christa on her Journey as she fights and beats cancer.
Last donation 1m ago
$27,820 raised of $50,000
$27,820 raised
San Pablo, CA
This gofundme page is for Siyona-a sweet 8 months old baby girl.I have initiated this page on behalf of her family who live in Nepal, a small beautiful mountainous country in Asia.She had been recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disease which requires immediate treatment before her second year...
Last donation 17m ago
$62,960 raised of $2.3M
$62,960 raised
Sylmar, CA
Arlene Aquino is a Community Heroine!  She has been a Nurse for over 20 years.  Even though, she is a single mom and the primary breadwinner, she has faithfully showed up to work during this pandemic, putting the needs of her patients before her own. Since Saturday, May 2nd, she has been hospital...
Last donation 46m ago
$35,635 raised of $50,000
$35,635 raised
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Aurora, CO
It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our beloved Eden Gebreslassie passed away on May 20, 2020 from complications due to COVID-19. She is leaving behind her husband, four beautiful young daughters, her mother, eight siblings, other family and friends in Mekelle, Tigray, throughout...
Last donation 4h ago
$38,410 raised of $50,000
$38,410 raised
Winchester, CA
Amy Litteral was an amazing single mom to her only son Trevor.  She was his world and he was hers. Amy was taken on May 22, 2020 in a car accident in Winchester California. All proceeds will go to her son. She was an “original Temeculan” a graduate from Margarita Middle School and TVHS. She h...
Last donation 1h ago
$38,221 raised of $40,000
$38,221 raised
Glendale, CA
Hello everyone,           I want to thank you all for putting your time to read this. First, I would like to let you guys know that I am really heart broken to write this. I am creating this Fundraiser for my cousin that I grew up with. He was shot violently while waiting for his food at a taco...
Last donation 5h ago
$35,250 raised of $35,000
$35,250 raised
Gainesville, VA
Dear Brothers and Sisters, We have lost not only a beloved wife and mother, but a sister and comforter, always having given of herself- in total, to others. Never hesitant to give of herself for the cause of others, throwing her energy, love, and dedication, in the name of God, no matter the per...
Last donation 4h ago
$57,280 raised of $75,000
$57,280 raised
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Eau Claire, WI
We are helping raise money to help pay for Jacobs medical bills. He got beat up very badly , this is to help his family pay for his medical bills  Anything is appreciated. Keep him in your thoughts & and prayers.
Last donation 2h ago
$14,251 raised of $5,000
$14,251 raised
New York, NY
Help artist, singer, songwriter, poet and godfather of hardcore punk Paul ‘HR’ Hudson (Bad Brains) catch up on rent. Due to coronavirus and the global shutdown HR hasn’t been able to play any shows and as a result has not been paying his rent. He was already behind in rent and now owes 8 months b...
Last donation 56m ago
$22,888 raised of $20,000
$22,888 raised
Albany, OR
So there is absolutely no way for me to do this other than to just do it. We have  received a lot of calls and text of  condolence. And you have know idea how much it means to us. On 5-23-2020 at around 12:15am a young man with no care in the world driving his F-250 “Drunk” off his ass drove h...
Last donation 1h ago
$32,324 raised of $50,000
$32,324 raised
Jamaica, NY
Khandakar Karim aka Razu was a beloved father of three and a loving husband. After battling the coronavirus for 43 days, Razu passed away. He worked seven days a week leaving him unable to enjoy precious time with his kids and his wife. He was the main source of income for his three kids, Aman, T...
Last donation 8h ago
$43,279 raised of $100,000
$43,279 raised
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Fort Wayne, IN
Funds go to Islamic Society of North Indiana
Last donation 6h ago
$30,930 raised of $35,000
$30,930 raised
New York, NY
Funds go to National MS Society
Last donation 8h ago
$8,921 raised of $100,000
$8,921 raised
Allentown, PA
Funds go to Community Action Committee of the Lehigh...
Last donation 1mo ago
$43,460 raised of $16,670
$43,460 raised
Chicago, IL
Funds go to Old Town School of Folk Music
Last donation 7h ago
$53,377 raised of $99,000
$53,377 raised
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King Of Prussia, PA
Let’s stand with Betelehem Tafese! ----------------------------------------------- The mission of the anti-democratic anti-free-speech system defenders have always been in manufacturing deceiving historical narratives to impose their will on others while aggressively hunt down and destroy the f...
Last donation 21m ago
$12,707 raised of $15,000
$12,707 raised
Blacklick, OH
In 2016, our little sister, Mary (Hickey) Prier was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 32. At the time, Mary was raising 3 young children (Ben, Rachel, and Joshua) and working part-time. Supported by her amazing husband, Jonathan Prier, and family, Mary endured extensive chemother...
Last donation 1m ago
$56,080 raised of $100,000
$56,080 raised
Brooklyn, NY
Funds go to The Health Science Center at Brooklyn Fo...
Last donation 7h ago
$52,814 raised of $100,000
$52,814 raised
Laporte, MN
We have a long portage ahead of us--help us see the sun in '21! Not hosting camp this summer is a shock to our system--and our pocketbook. For 62 summers we have played host to you and your daughters in our beautiful little niche of the Northwoods. While camp won't come alive with singing and la...
Last donation 7h ago
$41,550 raised of $100,000
$41,550 raised
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