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Inver Grove Heights, MN
Funeral Details of Gouni Family (Narsimha Reddy, Laxmi & Bharath) Time & Date: 1:00 PM on Monday 7th December 2020 Location: Hughes Family Tribute Center 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX - 75220 We got details on funeral and final visitation as mentioned above.. The funeral home has a capacity o...
Last donation 6m ago
$750,346 raised of $800,000
$750,346 raised
Dallas, TX
My name is Dylan Garcia and I am currently trying to support my 3 kids with the help of my fiancé Jessica Lusk. We have a 6 year old son named Elijah, a 5 year old daughter named Isabella, and 3 year old daughter named Brandi. Brandi was born with an extremely rare terminal illness in which there...
Last donation 1h ago
$453,060 raised of $20,000
$453,060 raised
Birmingham, AL
Francesca McCall's sister and brother in law died from COVID-19.  The mother died in September.  The father passed the next month on his wife's birthday.   Ms. McCall promised her sister that she would raise her five children along with her seven biological children.  Ms. McCall is a single worki...
Last donation 7m ago
$297,898 raised of $500,000
$297,898 raised
Rochester, NY
Dr. Roshan Jha, a brilliant Resident Physician at Rochester General Hospital (Rochester, NY), was hoping to finish his residency in June 2021 and had already been accepted for a Hospitalist position at Rochester General Hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 33 on 11/22/2020 due to...
Last donation 17m ago
$189,486 raised of $550,000
$189,486 raised
Charlton, MA
John Lennon was shot on 11/20/2020. He will most likely be out of work for months due to surgeries from his injury and will not be able to work. Any donations from supporters would surely be appreciated for our brother.
Last donation 15h ago
$158,915 raised of $100,000
$158,915 raised
Chicago, IL
Dan Nitzsche was shot and killed on November 19, 2020, while working in East Chicago, Indiana. He leaves behind his wife Linda, sons Jake and Kyle, and daughter Claire. Dan was a man of great character who brought out the best in those around him. He was a loving and dedicated husband and father...
Last donation 1h ago
$147,952 raised of $100,000
$147,952 raised
Snyder, TX
Hello, my name is Angelica Jaramillo and I have set up this account for my  in-law's, Larry & Lucinda Jaramillo.  On Friday, November 27th, their lives were changed forever. Alex Jaramillo, their son along with his wife, Crystal Flores and their 2 year old son Lucas Jaramillo were in a horrible c...
Last donation 4m ago
$141,795 raised of $400,000
$141,795 raised
Atlanta, GA
Manuel’s Tavern, Jimmy Carter’s favorite bar, needs our help. For the better half of a century Manuel’s has been part of Atlanta’s beating heart, the living room for many Georgians, and a welcoming watering hole and meeting hall for artists, lawyers, carpenters, academics, police, actors and act...
Last donation 6m ago
$128,919 raised of $75,000
$128,919 raised
Plano, TX
Hi All, We are reaching out to raise funds for our beloved friend Sai Venkata Krishna Praneeth Lingamaneni (27) who met with a dreadful head on collision on a single lane road 90mins away from Lubbock, TX on Friday November 27. He is currently in Trauma & Surgical ICU at the University Medical...
Last donation 5m ago
$128,010 raised of $200,000
$128,010 raised
Jupiter, FL
I am helping to raise funds for Rafita to pay for obtaining the treatment he deserves. All donations will be distributed  directly to Made & Felipe for Rafita's treatment and care. Please take the time to read their story below and support however you can! Hello friends, We are Made & Felipe, Ra...
Last donation 11m ago
$123,257 raised of $2.1M
$123,257 raised
Suwanee, GA
Friday, November 27th Eden was visiting friends in Naples Florida while on winter break from FSU before returning home to Georgia to be with her family.  While doing so, Eden suffered a severe spinal injury from a swimming accident while boating.  She was life flighted to the hospital and underwe...
Last donation 1h ago
$122,392 raised of $250,000
$122,392 raised
Hingham, MA
I am so sorry to say that John "Johnny" Antonelli passed away on November 23, 2020, after a short courageous battle with a brain tumor at the age of 35 years. For all of you that have reached out over the past few months asking what you can do for Johnny, Mollie and their family during this toug...
Last donation 30m ago
$121,473 raised of $125,000
$121,473 raised
Arlington, TX
Hi All, We are reaching out to raise funds for our beloved friend Meghana Gangarapu(26) who met with a dreadful head on collision, 90mins away from Lubbock, TX  and had to be airlifted to the emergency care in a hospital on Friday November 27. She has undergone  surgery for multiple fractures. Sh...
Last donation 6m ago
$53,941 raised of $200,000
$53,941 raised
Charleston, WV
On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 1, 2020, Patrolman Cassie Johnson was shot in the line of duty while responding to a parking complaint. After undergoing surgery and many hours in critical condition it was determined that Patrolman Cassie Johnson cannot sustain life on her own and the decisi...
Last donation 7m ago
$36,191 raised of $20,000
$36,191 raised
Sudbury, MA
This handsome guy just celebrated his 20th birthday last week with us! Despite the devastating news he received a month earlier, Marc was his usual happy, peaceful fun self. His incredible disposition would never give away that he spends five days a week, every week receiving aggressive chemothe...
Last donation 1h ago
$50,880 raised of $50,000
$50,880 raised
Eugene, OR
Scott Wright, a son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, teacher, coach, mentor and friend is fighting for his life. After weeks of being sick, Scott was taken to the ICU with COVID induced pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator to give his body rest and to bring healing to his lungs. At that time doc...
Last donation 13m ago
$56,340 raised of $75,000
$56,340 raised
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Woodbridge, CA
It is with a heavy heart that we inform everyone that on December 2 my nephew; Adan Manuel Llanos, has passed and is in heaven. He was a wonderful child full of life and joy. He was the most respectful and sweetest boy ive ever had the honor of calling my nephew! I ask of guys to please help our...
Last donation 3m ago
$23,200 raised of $10,000
$23,200 raised
Mt. Dora, FL  On Monday November 30, 2020, the unspeakable happened that would change the lives of Vincent and Ryan Trinh forever. Their mother, Minh Nguyen (also known as Tina) was...
Last donation 9m ago
$28,620 raised of $17,500
$28,620 raised
Danbury, CT
On December 1, 2020, Lynn Lewis was called from this earth to become an angel much sooner than we all would have liked. She was a loving mother to three outstanding children: Derrick, Gina, and Tori; Lynn was also married for over two decades to her best friend, Al. A medical event led to her une...
Last donation 53m ago
$52,889 raised of $60,000
$52,889 raised
San Benito, TX
Reaching out for prayers and help during this difficult time. Family, friends, and loved ones we are reaching out to you all asking for prayers and help during this difficult time in our lives as we have lost our loved ones, Daniel Garcia, Dominique Ramirez (who was also expecting a sweet bundle...
Last donation 8m ago
$32,016 raised of $40,000
$32,016 raised
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Sugar Land, TX
Over three years ago, my family traveled abroad to my parent’s home country of Pakistan. My father was a kidney patient and still went because family is very important to us. Days before our departure back to the US, he got food poisoning and was hospitalized. This further weakened his kidneys to...
Last donation 3m ago
$83,383 raised of $110,000
$83,383 raised
Haines, AK
Hello Everyone, and thank you for the overwhelming support. To help update everyone on this fundraiser: My name is Rebecca Kameika (Fojo) and I am a local Haines resident who, along with many others, has evacuated their home. Sara Chapell is now also part of the coordination and communication eff...
Last donation 4m ago
$85,573 raised of $200,000
$85,573 raised
Argusville, ND
Broden Frolek is a sophomore at NDSU and graduated from Lidgerwood High School. He's the son of Aaron and Tonia Frolek. He comes from a family with 10 kids. Unfortunately, Broden was involved in a serious car accident on  November 28th. He's currently at Sanford in Fargo and is in intensive care....
Last donation 57m ago
$52,227 raised of $50,000
$52,227 raised
Lynchburg, VA
Genters Need Help! Father and Son Lose Left Legs in Tragic Motorcycle Accident David Genter and his son, Luke, were enjoying an after-Thanksgiving motorcycle ride on Friday, November 27, 2020 when struck by a truck. Through the trauma that followed, Luke remained alert and recalls every detail o...
Last donation 6m ago
$82,910 raised of $900,000
$82,910 raised
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Tacoma, WA
Funds go to Grand Tacoma Cine Club (The Grand Cinema)
Last donation 14m ago
$19,470 raised of $93,520
$19,470 raised
Seattle, WA
Funds go to Washington Trails Association
Last donation 54m ago
$15,815 raised of $1,000
$15,815 raised
Plano, TX
Funds go to GARE Global Alliance for the Rights of E...
Last donation 1h ago
$29,486 raised of $100,000
$29,486 raised
Burbank, CA
Funds go to Milo's Sanctuary, Inc.
Last donation 10h ago
$9,655 raised of $15,000
$9,655 raised
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Philadelphia, PA
Funds go to Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club
Last donation 7h ago
$22,462 raised of $100,000
$22,462 raised
New Rochelle, NY
Vendi ku është zhvilluar beteja e Mashkullorës në 1908 me Çerçiz Topullin ne krye sot po zhduket përfundimisht. Lapidari është shkatërruar qëllimisht, ndërsa asnjë gjurmē tjetër që kujton këtë betejë të famshme nuk ka mbetur. Qëllimi qartazi ka qënë e mbetet që ajo të harrohet. Ne kemi vendosur t...
Last donation 1h ago
$8,095 raised of $30,000
$8,095 raised
Rock Springs, WY
In lieu of funeral donations, flowers, and food our family would like to begin a scholarship in memory of Marilyn Rosette. She was a bright light in everyone’s lives she crossed paths with and would have loved to gift a student(s) with the funds to succeed in their education. In honor of an amazi...
Last donation 46m ago
$9,775 raised of $5,000
$9,775 raised
Simpsonville, SC
This precious boy, Van, lost his mama Katie Melson, yesterday in a tragic accident in Simpsonville,SC. As a single dad, Jimmy Melson (her husband and Van’s father) is going to have a lot of burdens and we can help honor her memory and ease Jimmy’s burden by making sure Van can go to college.
Last donation 3h ago
$39,575 raised of $100,000
$39,575 raised
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