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Miami, FL
Matias Perello Garcia is a two year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  He is a fun, loving and happy boy; who’s life changed drastically when he woke from his nap complaining about knee pain.  Preliminary test indicate that he has Neuroblastoma with metastasis in the femur.  H...
Last donation 2h ago
$288,478 raised of $250,000
$288,478 raised
Goleta, CA
Please help raise funds for the family of Mary Jane (43) and Adolfo Corral (43). They were two loving parents who left us much too soon. They left great impacts on the hearts of the people of this town. They  are survived by their 4 children, Azalea (20), Dahlia (17), Dominic (14), and Rose (10),...
Last donation 10m ago
$219,008 raised of $250,000
$219,008 raised
Saint Louis, MO
As many of you may have heard, our community lost one of our own this week – Jimmy Fisher.  It goes without saying that his family, friends, both the USMA and Fuqua communities, and all who had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy are deeply saddened to hear of his passing.  Jimmy was and will always re...
Last donation 39m ago
$175,598 raised of $200,000
$175,598 raised
Toms River, NJ
It is with great sadness to announce the sudden and tragic passing of Sara Trahey.  Sara was the loving wife of Jeff, and the mother of three (3) beautiful children ages, 2, 7 and 9.  Sara was loved and respected in the community, and her death has left a hole in our hearts and lives. Sara was th...
Last donation 1h ago
$145,090 raised of $100,000
$145,090 raised
Brentwood, NH
"I'm not short. I'm fun-sized." A phrase that perfectly describes our fun-loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, Cassie. Apart from family and friends, Cassie's greatest love was being outdoors, hiking, skiing, climbing or simply sitting around the campfire.  We would never let a...
Last donation 15m ago
$126,698 raised of $50,000
$126,698 raised
Franklin, TN
Sivakumar Thas Jayaraman age 47, Our dear friend passed away leaving his last breathe in United states on Monday (10th Feb 2020). He was living in Nashville ,TN along with his family wife Vimala Devi and two daughters Suvetha (Age 19 - 2nd year college) Vinodha (Age 13 - 8th grader). Siva demise...
Last donation 29m ago
$124,056 raised of $200,000
$124,056 raised
Cambridge, MA
Ada LaMaster is a self-described “normal 12 year-old kid.”  We would say she was a pretty extraordinary 12-year old kid, an avid skier and fearless rock climber.  This was indeed the case until bedtime on January 3 when Ada complained of shoulder pain. Her parents, Steve and Rachelle, assumed it...
Last donation 44m ago
$120,359 raised of $100,000
$120,359 raised
Pasadena, CA
A few days ago, Kyron Millard was mountain biking when he went into cardiac arrest and passed away.  His wife, Tami, and their daughter, Anya (who turned 16 the following day), are currently processing this shocking and tragic loss. Kyron was a gifted teacher and wise school administrator.  He s...
Last donation 7h ago
$108,200 raised of $130,000
$108,200 raised
Clinton, MS
An early morning house fire in Clinton, MS has claimed the lives of 7 members of the Presley Family- Brittany Presley, 33‬, ‪Landon Brookshire, 15‬, ‪Lane Presley, 13‬, ‪Lawson Presley, 12,‬ ‪Grayson Presley, 6‬, ‪Malcom Presley, 4‬, and Felicity Presley, 1‬.  Jake Presley attempted to save his f...
Last donation 7h ago
$104,423 raised of $100,000
$104,423 raised
Miami, FL
A year and a half ago, Jose Raul fought a successful battle against non-hodgkins lymphoma that he beat through medication and meditation. A week ago, he started feeling sick and the cancer is back in his lymphatic system and in his blood. Insurance wouldn't cover him after his first cancer battle...
Last donation 34m ago
$104,013 raised of $180,000
$104,013 raised
Akron, OH
Antoine Campbell is one of the most stand-up guys you’ve ever met. He has selflessly given countless hours of his time helping the Copley community and beyond for many years, serving as the director of the Copley Youth basketball program.  He has mentored literally thousands of boys and girls thr...
Last donation 4h ago
$96,838 raised of $100,000
$96,838 raised
Fort Lauderdale, FL
PLEASE HELP!!! Mike had terrible accident and is in the hospital in Indonesia. He NEEDS SURGERY and to be AIR TRANSFERRED back to the states. ANYTHING will help even just $1!! He has a deep laceration to his head, every rib on his left side is broken with a potential punctured lung. He has 4 or m...
Last donation 4h ago
$95,242 raised of $250,000
$95,242 raised
Overland Park, KS
Ramesh Dommeti is critically ill and and has been diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome(GBS).  He is hospitalized and on a mechanical ventilator since 18th Nov, 2019 and currently at long term care hospital - Select Speciality Hospital in Kansas City.  Doctors are expecting he will be in hospita...
Last donation 10m ago
$52,947 raised of $250,000
$52,947 raised
New York, NY
SUPPORT FOR JIMMY COBB My name is Serena Cobb. I am raising funds for my father, legendary jazz drummer, Jimmy Cobb in his time of need. My father started playing professionally at 18 years old. He recorded the highest selling jazz record in history “Kind of Blue” at age 30, and as we’ve just c...
Last donation 23m ago
$76,428 raised of $200,000
$76,428 raised
Zelienople, PA
Love for Lowin is being created out of love from family to seek help for The Willoughbys as they begin the difficult journey of caring for a child with a brain tumor. Lowin Olivia Willoughby is a feisty, hilarious, beautifully wild 3 year old who loves to sing, twirl and laugh. She is no strange...
Last donation 16m ago
$19,785 raised of $25,000
$19,785 raised
Philadelphia, PA
This is our beautiful, sweet, soft spoken niece. She is 12 years old.   In July she woke up with a significant change in her cognition and ability to function.  Despite the best efforts of top pediatric specialists in the City of Philadelphia and dozens of scans and tests, no one can figure out w...
Last donation 6m ago
$25,309 raised of $30,000
$25,309 raised
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Succasunna, NJ
Maya Claire Guberman, 13, passed away on February 13, 2020. Maya loved the beach, snowboarding and volleyball. She was a member of Three Danes Crossfit for two years.  She loved cheerleading with the Roxbury Jr. Gaels and participating in the Eisenhower Drama Club. Maya was loved by everyone.  Sh...
Last donation 22m ago
$45,974 raised of $10,000
$45,974 raised
Bismarck, ND
Benefit to help support Alex and Easton as they try to maintain a sense of normalcy during this extremely challenging time. Easton lost his mom and a brother and Alex lost his best friend and a son. Funeral expenses and lost time off work are only the beginning of this journey. Message from Alex...
Last donation 13m ago
$24,264 raised of $25,000
$24,264 raised
Wells, ME
Loveable, kind-hearted, sweet and sassy Frankie Hope Norton was surrounded by her family as she passed away on February 14th, 2020 from complications from the flu. She was the miracle that brought the family together in the 2 ½ short years that she was with us. Frankie was loved dearly by her big...
Last donation 42m ago
$36,555 raised of $30,000
$36,555 raised
Hartford, SD
Please help raise funds to help support the family of Rylon Anderson. Rylon passed away February 16th, 2020 after complications from influenza. Rylon had a heart of gold and was always the most sweetest son, brother, family member and best friend you could ask for. Let’s show our support and help...
Last donation 4m ago
$19,640 raised of $25,000
$19,640 raised
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Clinton, MA
My name is Carleen and I am the retired, widowed mother of 3 adult children. My oldest Matthew was in an accident on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. This accident happened while he performed a job in which he loves- serving our Country.   My son joined the United States Marine Corps in January of 200...
Last donation 3w ago
$65,497 raised of $50,000
$65,497 raised
Oceanside, NY
Our son Dylan was killed in a horrible accident Monday. We never expected anything like this and need help with funeral costs.  We don’t even know the cost because we set it up with Towers without knowing amount. Asking for help with this please
Last donation 1mo ago
$35,343 raised of $5,000
$35,343 raised
Atlanta, GA
On Thursday evening February 13th, Steve Beneke was working an adult game as referee. In the 3rd period there was a fight at the blue line and in the process of breaking up the fight, Steve was hit in the chin by one of the players reactions. Steve immediately fell backwards to the ice hitting hi...
Last donation 38m ago
$53,270 raised of $50,000
$53,270 raised
Pendleton, IN
Raising $ for Steve simons and his family. As they lost everything in a house fire. They also lost both cars. Anything helps. Thank you
Last donation 1h ago
$20,606 raised of $40,000
$20,606 raised
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Saint Charles, IL
Funds go to Cheer Alliance Together Strong Foundation
Last donation 52m ago
$17,773 raised of $30,000
$17,773 raised
Brooklyn, NY
Funds go to The Trayvon Martin Foundation - COM
Last donation 1w ago
$10,851 raised of $10,000
$10,851 raised
New Orleans, LA
Funds go to Plant the Peace
Last donation 59m ago
$11,305 raised of $15,000
$11,305 raised
Richardson, TX
Funds go to Richardson Citizen Police Academy Alumni...
Last donation 9h ago
$8,402 raised of $12,000
$8,402 raised
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Santa Cruz, CA
*** To be fully transparent: all donated funds are distributed to the collective for food, action supplies, potential legal fees, and docked pay *** On Sunday, Dec 8 2019, UCSC graduate student workers voted for an unauthorized wildcat strike, effectively immediately. Workers will be withholding...
Last donation 19m ago
$69,461 raised of $75,000
$69,461 raised
Boston, MA
Funds go to Torch Foundation
Last donation 18m ago
$38,490 raised of $60,000
$38,490 raised
Davenport, IA
Davenport Schools have an 8800 dollar school lunch debt. The Davenport Central Class of 1991 is reaching out to all graduates of the Davenport system to help erase this debt and position the district to have a fund for the future. No child should go to school hungry and no child should suffer und...
Last donation 5h ago
$15,538 raised of $30,000
$15,538 raised
Indian Trail, NC
Funds go to Poplin Elementary PTA
Last donation 3mos ago
$8,972 raised of $28,000
$8,972 raised
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