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Philadelphia, PA
On Sunday, June 2, 2019, off-duty Philadelphia Firefighter Dennis McDaniels was competing in a triathlon in Cape May, NJ. Dennis, an experienced and avid athlete, suffered an apparent cardiac arrest during the swim portion of the race. Dennis leaves behind his wife, MaryEllen, of 11 years and the...
Last donation 1h ago
$214,056 raised of $300,000
$214,056 raised
Ross, CA
One of our rising seniors, Kwentyn Wiggins, was killed in a single car accident on June 10, 2019. There are no words to describe how devastating this loss is for our Branson community. Kwentyn was a bright light; his warm smile, wide grin and radiance enveloped all who crossed his path. His skill...
Last donation 2m ago
$199,004 raised of $125,000
$199,004 raised
Sachse, TX
On the night of June 7, 2019 Taylor Sims passed away in a tragic car accident. His Wife, Daughter and Sons have been left to mourn and grieve the loss of a Husband and Father. Anything will help them through this extremely trying time. We are never prepared for things  like this whether it be phy...
Last donation 2h ago
$163,541 raised of $200,000
$163,541 raised
Morristown, NJ
We have lost our best friend. Chris touched  many lives, which has never been more apparent than now. He put so much of himself and his love into each and every relationship in his amazing life. Now it is our turn to give back to his family and show just how much he meant to all of us. Christoph...
Last donation 4m ago
$153,590 raised of $165,000
$153,590 raised
San Jose, CA
Sridhar Ekambaram was 33 Years old, US immigrant from Chennai, India. He lived in San Jose with his wife Logeshwari (Uma) and 5 year old kid -Adheesh. He went to spend his weekend with family and friends to Big Sur. On the way they decided to have lunch in the Monastery beach. At that time unfort...
Last donation 55m ago
$105,786 raised of $150,000
$105,786 raised
Millstone Township, NJ
On June 4th 2019, the family of Mitch Raff along with the Millstone Township community learned of the loss of one of its own. The Raff family for years has been deeply interwoven into the fabric of the community, both socially and through lacrosse. Mitch’s sudden passing leaves our close-knit com...
Last donation 3h ago
$102,914 raised of $110,000
$102,914 raised
Salt Lake City, UT
On June 8th, 2019 our dear Mevludin (Mev) was involved in a life altering car accident due to a medical condition that occurred while he was driving. Mev was immediately rushed to the emergency room and placed in critical condition.. he suffered serious head trauma and had to have emergency brain...
Last donation 5m ago
$101,174 raised of $120,000
$101,174 raised
Milpitas, CA
What happened on Nov 2nd, 2018? It is the worst nightmare of every parent - on November 2nd, 2018, just 3 weeks after his little baby sister was born, 16-month old Rudra fell out of the 2nd-floor window while playing with his grandma. He was rushed to hospital with a severe injury on the left sid...
Last donation 1h ago
$93,891 raised of $350,000
$93,891 raised
New Albany, IN
On May 19th, sweet, cheerful, strong Calla, 9 years old, was taken to the Emergency Room after several days of migraines and flu-like symptoms.  Initial tests revealed multiple tumors were growing in many areas of her brain and she was immediately admitted to Norton Children’s Hospital.  After mo...
Last donation 4h ago
$87,783 raised of $100,000
$87,783 raised
Wexford, PA
Rui was the best of all people.  He made us feel better about ourselves.  He made us feel better about ourselves because he made us smile.  He made us laugh.  He made us laugh until we cried.  He cared for us.  There was no better father, husband, sibling, friend or person than Rui.  Rui made eac...
Last donation 10h ago
$87,625 raised of $150,000
$87,625 raised
Alexandria, VA
ወድ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ወገኖቻችን!! ከመርህ እና ከእውነት ጋር በመቆማችን ከኢሳት ተገፍተን የወጣን የቀድሞ የድርጅቱ ባልደረቦች የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እውነተኛ መረጃ እንዲያገኝ እና አማራጭ ድምፅ እንዲኖረው በማሰብ ባለን ሙያ ለማገልገል እነሆ ኢትዮ 360 የተባለ ነጻ ሚዲያ አቋቁመናል። ይህን ነፃ ሚዲያ ለማቋቋም የወሰንነውም በኢትዮጵያ ወስጥ ለውጥ መጣ ከተባለ በኋላ በኢሳት ወስጥ የተለመደውን የሙያ ግዴታችንን ስንወጣ ባልጠበቅነው ሁኔታ የሃሳብ ነፃነት የሚገድብ አሰራር በ...
Last donation 3m ago
$86,111 raised of $100,000
$86,111 raised
Dulles, VA
In a tragic incident on June 7, 2019, Lola Gulomova, a Foreign Commercial Officer, and Jason Rieff, a Foreign Service Officer, passed away. For many of us, the loss of esteemed colleagues and cherished friends is unimaginable. Our grief is made worse by the fact that Lola and Jason leave behind t...
Last donation 4h ago
$84,256 raised of $10,000
$84,256 raised
Alexandria, VA
ለአርቲስት አበበ ተካ ለህክምና የሚውል የገንዘብ ማሰባሰቢያ gofundme account ድምፃዊ አበበ ተካ በሙዚቃ ህይወቱ በአሳተማቸው  የአልበም ስራዎቹ በጣም ተወዳጅነትን፣ ተደማጭነትን ፣ ታዋቂነትን የተጎናፀፈ ድንቅ አርቲስት ነው:: አበበ ተካ ፀባዬ መልካምና የፍቅር ሰው ነው ሲወድም ከእውነት ከልቡ መሆኑን አድናቂዎቹ ስለ ስብዕናው ትንታኔ አይሹም :: ቋሚ ስራው ምስክር ነው:: አበበ ተካ ሶስት ልጆቹን ብቻውን ለማሳደግ ደፋ ቀና ሲል ነጋ ጠባ በሃሳብ ሲባዝን...
Last donation 5m ago
$26,189 raised of $50,000
$26,189 raised
Barrington, IL
Funds go to International Medical Corps
Last donation 5m ago
$12,673 raised of $30,000
$12,673 raised
Honolulu, HI
As some of you may have heard, our good friend, husband, brother, son, “Hawai’i” Jim Braddock was involved in a terrible accident on the Likelike yesterday, June 12, 2019.  He’s currently in the ICU with very serious injuries to his brain and spine.   Anyone who has met Jim knows he’s loud, fun...
Last donation 1m ago
$42,610 raised of $75,000
$42,610 raised
New Paltz, NY
On February 16th, 2019, Madeline Veitch and Andrés Pletch welcomed their daughter Agnes into the world. Since then, Madeline has experienced a succession of medical complications culminating in the most serious threat to her health to date. On June 5th, Madeline was rushed to the ER after collaps...
Last donation 51m ago
$36,258 raised of $50,000
$36,258 raised
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Jeanine Rosales-Moncada and her mother was involved in an accident where they unfortunately passed away. Please help us to raise funds to assist in memorial services and any unexpected expenses that may come up for her son Alvaro, who was also involved in the accident, and the family. Any contrib...
Last donation 7m ago
$31,895 raised of $50,000
$31,895 raised
Donora, PA
Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel is the daughter of Shelley and Ed Rosensteel. Moe was enjoying her first week out of school since graduating from Ringgold High school last week. While fishing with friends at Mammoth Park in Mount Pleasant, Pa, Moe’s life was cut short by a single bolt of lightening. Moe...
Last donation 4m ago
$22,897 raised of $20,000
$22,897 raised
San Francisco, CA Bereketabe Yohannes,  age 14,  passed away tragically in a drowning accident on a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco.  Bereketabe, a kind and spirited boy,  had just graduated...
Last donation 38m ago
$67,523 raised of $75,000
$67,523 raised
El Cajon, CA
After a prolonged and courageous battle with cancer and cancer-related illnesses, our beloved  friend Jason Zdunich passed away on Monday June 10th, 2019.  Jason lived his life in service of others as a member of our military and as a police officer in our community for 15 years.  He leaves behin...
Last donation 53m ago
$30,336 raised of $100,000
$30,336 raised
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Shoreham, NY
Our sweet, wonderful girl, Melissa Marchese was injured in a motor vehicle accident on June 13, 2019.  Let’s all get behind Melissa and her family. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thoughts and prayers to Melissa and the Marchese family during this extremely difficult time.
Last donation 3m ago
$46,360 raised of $60,000
$46,360 raised
Seattle, WA
Monday June 10th Jackson Reavis was riding his motorcycle 3 blocks from home passing through the intersection of 75th and 35th and was hit by a truck.  Medics on site resuscitated him twice and he was transported to Harborview Medical Center.  Nicole Van Borkulo, his mom, Jimmy Reavis, his dad, a...
Last donation 5m ago
$26,865 raised of $50,000
$26,865 raised
Denver, CO
On Tuesday, June 11th, Nathan Robert Ullom (pictured right) lost his life. He was on a trip in Yellowstone National Park near Lewis Falls with his father and twin brother, Phillip (pictured left). That evening driving back to a campsite, their RV flipped, taking Nathan’s life and leaving Phillip...
Last donation 5m ago
$19,246 raised of $50,000
$19,246 raised
Green Bay, WI
On Saturday, June 8, 2019 , Emma was with friends in Lakewood, WI, celebrating an upcoming wedding. Emma and her friends were traveling on a bus when the emergency door opened and Emma fell out onto the highway. She was flown to St. Vincent's hospital where she is currently in the ICU. Emma exper...
Last donation 19m ago
$16,479 raised of $20,000
$16,479 raised
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Barrington, IL
Funds go to International Medical Corps
Last donation 5m ago
$12,673 raised of $30,000
$12,673 raised
Poway, CA
Funds go to Project Mercy
Last donation 32m ago
$17,655 raised of $200,000
$17,655 raised
Chicago, IL
Funds go to Friends of Onahan School
Last donation 3mos ago
$21,910 raised of $25,000
$21,910 raised
Carmel, CA
Funds go to Countercurrent
Last donation 4m ago
$14,500 raised of $25,000
$14,500 raised
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Chicago, IL
Funds go to Friends of Onahan School
Last donation 3mos ago
$21,910 raised of $25,000
$21,910 raised
New Brunswick, NJ
Funds go to Targum Publishing CO
Last donation 1w ago
$18,248 raised of $100,000
$18,248 raised
Virginia Beach, VA
Funds go to Beach Day School
Last donation 2mos ago
$10,150 raised of $5,000
$10,150 raised
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Last donation 1w ago
$13,796 raised of $10,000
$13,796 raised
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