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East Brunswick Township, NJ
Our hands quiver as we write that our beloved friend, Murtaza Lilamwala, recently passed away on January 8, 2021, a day which was supposed to be one of the happiest in his life and that he was planning for over a year. Murtaza was a wonderful father, husband, and friend who touched the lives of a...
Last donation 46m ago
$236,467 raised of $180,000
$236,467 raised
Washington D.C., District of Columbia
Greetings, My name is Ashanti Smith; I am a 28-year-old African American woman who lives in the Washington DC metropolitan  area. I recently was assaulted, attacked and harassed by a group of Trump supporters on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC on January 5th, 2021. A video has surfaced...
Last donation 5m ago
$228,922 raised of $85,000
$228,922 raised
Sunnyvale, CA
Update:  With great regret, we wanted to let you know that Ran Grumer passed away today peacefully.  We wanted to thank all of you for the amazing help and support that you have given us.  For the past 5 months, Ran courageously fought cancer with all of his strength and hoped to see his children...
Last donation 41m ago
$201,596 raised of $250,000
$201,596 raised
Oak Park, IL
We’re a little worried. We’re worried that we have led you to believe that you don’t need to worry about us. We don’t *like* having people worry about us, but sometimes a stiff upper lip will only get you so far. When we told you in December that we needed help with crowd control, when you saw us...
Last donation 4h ago
$167,230 raised of $250,000
$167,230 raised
Chicago, IL
On January 9th, Yiran Fan's life was tragically taken in an act of senseless violence. Yiran came from China to the University of Chicago in 2014 to study in the financial mathematics program, having already completed a bachelor’s degree in finance at Peking University and a master’s degree in f...
Last donation 46m ago
$148,743 raised of $80,000
$148,743 raised
Huntington Beach, CA
Dear Wolfpack, In April of 2020 I began recording what was to be the 3rd Bad Wolves Record as well as a double covers album. Due to covid 19 I found myself collaborating digitally with the same outside producers and songwriters that have contributed largely to the bands debut & sophomore albums....
Last donation 37m ago
$119,363 raised of $100,000
$119,363 raised
Collierville, TN
Funds go to Moresh Wegenie Amara Organization Inc
Last donation 4h ago
$114,817 raised of $150,000
$114,817 raised
Amagansett, NY
Dear Friends and Neighbors, On January 13, 2021, a tragic accident took the life of a mother in our school community. Yuris Murillo Cruz was walking home with her children, ages 1 and 4, on Montauk Highway, when they were struck in a hit-and-run accident. Sadly, the mother did not survive, and...
Last donation 30m ago
$103,355 raised of $150,000
$103,355 raised
Upland, CA
Roman Medina was a true leader, great team member, amazing friend, and even better Husband, Father, and Man. He was always concerned about taking care of the people around him and mentoring younger colleagues.  He was the type of guy that stepped up to the challenge. The guy that other people loo...
Last donation 7h ago
$102,690 raised of $87,870
$102,690 raised
Briggs Terrace, CA  This is a hate crime. We saw what she went through. This is a disgrace, an act of terrorism, racism, and something we should all help with. She needs medical help. She suffered injuries to her neck, back and face.  Your support is overwhelming. To each and every one of...
Last donation 11h ago
$100,280 raised of $10,000
$100,280 raised
Eastchester, NY
We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend, Joseph C. Lentini (49). Joey is survived by his loving wife Alisa, and their two beautiful daughters Julianna (14) and Alexa (4), his sister Michelle, the Lentini & Stillo families, and the many friends he touched throughout his life. He i...
Last donation 1h ago
$100,141 raised of $125,000
$100,141 raised
Marble Falls, TX
Matt Netzer, a godly man!!!                        Husband.  Father. Son. Brother. Pastor. Friend. A godly man.                    Words cannot fully describe who Matt was to so many people. On January 8, 2021, Matt was killed in an auto accident. He is now worshipping at the feet of his Heaven...
Last donation 2h ago
$98,060 raised of $100,000
$98,060 raised
Wyandotte, MI
As many of you know, it’s been a rough time for me & my family. Jackie has been in the hospital since November 20th 2020. We went to the ER that night because Jackie was not feeling well, shortly after being there they had admitted her. They did a routine Covid 19 test that night it came back pos...
Last donation 3m ago
$86,755 raised of $100,000
$86,755 raised
New York, NY
In late December, after a hellish trip to an LA emergency room, our resident Piss Man and sweet baby niño Andy Bustillos was diagnosed with Stage 3C germ cell testicular cancer. Unfortunately, at Stage 3, the cancer has also spread to Andy's liver, lung, and lymph nodes. Apparently, 2020 had to s...
Last donation 3m ago
$89,780 raised of $100,000
$89,780 raised
Louisville, KY
On Monday, January 11th, 14 year-old Aiden Church went to school feeling a little under the weather. By Tuesday afternoon, doctors had discovered an inoperable tumor, diagnosed him with an aggressive cancer, and admitted him to the ICU.  Aiden remains in the oncology ward at Norton Children's Ho...
Last donation 2h ago
$64,364 raised of $100,000
$64,364 raised
Astoria, NY
Hi, This is my dad. He’s my best friend. The type of dad to wake up at 3 in the morning to take me ice skating before a full day of work. When I was a kid, he used to read me chapters of Harry Potter books until I fell asleep. As he would tip-toe out, I would wake up and cry that I missed it so...
Last donation 6m ago
$23,694 raised of $9,000
$23,694 raised
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Norwood, PA
Just before 7pm on January 13th, while walking his small dog, Roo, 25-year-old Milan Loncar was murdered in cold blood. When approached by two individuals, Milan did not fight back. He complied as they searched his pockets at gunpoint, just a block from his own home. When it became apparent that...
Last donation 45m ago
$57,508 raised of $25,000
$57,508 raised
Galt, CA
Hola a todos, mi nombre es Jennifer y estoy recaudando fondos para la familia García que desafortunadamente tuvo un trágico accidente el viernes 15/01/2021 en México en su camino de regreso a casa. Fueron un total de 6 miembros de la familia que regresaban a sus hogares, pero 5 de ellos no lo lo...
Last donation 3m ago
$59,330 raised of $80,000
$59,330 raised
Houston, TX
On Jan 15th 2021 unfortunately our beloved friend Sree Ram Krishna Konatham tragically passed away in Memorial Hermann Greater Heights, Houston TX. The exact cause of death as of now (Jan 16th) is still unknown. He has undergone a drastic weight loss in past 4 months span and was diagnosed with R...
Last donation 20m ago
$50,180 raised of $100,000
$50,180 raised
Stoneham, MA
It is with a heavy heart and deepest regrets we announce Mary Margaret Trant, degreed RN, a precious daughter, cherished sister, and beloved friend of Stoneham, MA, has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the morning of January, 10 2021 following a tragic car accident at the age of 21.   Mary w...
Last donation 3h ago
$52,175 raised of $10,000
$52,175 raised
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Oregon, OR
I never knew year 2020 will bring this challenge for me! I live in Portland, Oregon with my 5 year old daughter Pavaki and we both have been struggling and trying to get our lives together since Pavaki's dad Sumit passed away due to Liver cirrhosis and depression in Nov 2020. In the last two ye...
Last donation 20m ago
$53,257 raised of $121,000
$53,257 raised
Imperial, MO
This morning Eliana Varela was in a car accident and passed away. Our friend group is heartbroken and wants to help Ellie’s family during this tragic time. Eliana was the most caring, loving, person with a smile always on her face. She lit up the room her with full of life personality and all we...
Last donation 38m ago
$15,479 raised of $10,000
$15,479 raised
Hampton Bays, NY
On Wednesday January 13, 2021.  My friend Yuris Murillo Cruz (36yr) and her two children, Michelle (4yr) and Gael (1yr), were walking home from school in Amagansett, when a driver struck them, and left the scene of the accident. Yuris died on impact, and gave her life for her children. Right no...
Last donation 4h ago
$79,317 raised of $150,000
$79,317 raised
Franklin, WI  Hello, My dear friend Maher who I consider my brother was in a terrible car accident. He is currently fighting for his life in a hospital. He is such a strong young man and God willing he will...
Last donation 5m ago
$36,473 raised of $50,000
$36,473 raised
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Irving, TX
Funds go to North America Telugu Society
Last donation 11m ago
$70,452 raised of $200,000
$70,452 raised
Las Vegas, NV
Funds go to Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club
Last donation 50m ago
$31,054 raised of $200,000
$31,054 raised
Seattle, WA
Funds go to Seattle Childrens Hospital (Star Guild)
Last donation 1h ago
$41,928 raised of $10,000
$41,928 raised
Bloomington, IL
Funds go to Doctors Without Borders
Last donation 2w ago
$6,188 raised of $2,000
$6,188 raised
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Southbridge, MA
As you may know from recent twitter and news sources I have called out my mother for her actions. At the moment I have no idea how I will be paying for college as I have little financial support. I have a dream of one day becoming a lawyer but I need help to get there. I hope to attend college an...
Last donation 3m ago
$68,799 raised of $150,000
$68,799 raised
Chicago, IL
UPDATE:  CPS CEO Janice Jackson has threatened educators by saying if they choose safety and continue to teach remotely, they will not be paid. But teachers, clinicians and other staff have legitimate health and safety concerns about returning to school buildings, and a threat by their boss — ev...
Last donation 1d ago
$23,856 raised of $300,000
$23,856 raised
Mancelona, MI
Jillian, Nina and Olive are the apple of Brads eye and are grieving and missing their dad...Brad Tracy who suddenly and tragically passed away 1/13/2021.  We all are shocked and grieving Brads loss.  For the many who have expressed an interest to help Brads Family, please consider a donation in...
Last donation 1h ago
$19,624 raised of $30,000
$19,624 raised
Loganville, GA
Skylar Hughes, a Senior at Grayson High School located in Georgia, was recently accepted into Duke University's class of 2025! Even with the unexpected loss of her mother in 2016, she has continuously strived to make her parents (James and Rasheda Hughes) and family proud through excelling in aca...
Last donation 1h ago
$52,060 raised of $180,000
$52,060 raised
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