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Concord, CA
Hello everyone It's a normal Sunday morning, dad works nights so he isn't home yet, mom is getting breakfast ready, while their 7 kids enjoy cartoons before breakfast. They hear a knock on the door and dont think anything of it. It's probably dad getting home from work a little later than usual....
Last donation 31m ago
$322,962 raised of $400,000
$322,962 raised
Santa Monica, CA
By all accounts, 2019 was off to a roaring start for our dear friend, Sam Lloyd. He and his wife, Vanessa, had recently welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Weston to the world. The musical that Sam had been working on for over a decade had just been accepted into a prestigious...
Last donation 1h ago
$138,677 raised of $100,000
$138,677 raised
Haltom City, TX
It comes with a heavy heart, that we announce the passing of our good friend Michael "Doc" Thompson.  Doc loved his job as a radio talk show host, and he was a great husband and father.  This page is to raise funds for expenses and the needs of the family.  Doc leaves behind his wife, Yuna, and h...
Last donation 3h ago
$137,295 raised of $20,000
$137,295 raised
Allen, TX
Rahul Kukreti (former captain of the USA cricket team) was diagnosed with dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma (a rare and fast growing cancer) in October 2018. This happened all of a sudden as he has been extremely healthy at 42, parenting his 3 young kids (1, 7,8) while balancing work and an active...
Last donation 14m ago
$132,863 raised of $250,000
$132,863 raised
Austin, TX
Please help to support The Allen Family in a time of need. Tim Allen and his son Will, were injured in a car accident leaving baseball practice Super Bowl Sunday. They have been in separate hospitals since, with a number of surgeries between the two of them. Shara and Kyla, their daughter, are st...
Last donation 4h ago
$107,874 raised of $250,000
$107,874 raised
Orlando, FL
Jim Bronzo has dedicated his life to saving animals. All animals, including those no one else will take ...llamas , peacocks, pigs and so many more. Early this morning it was those very Peacocks Jim saved, that saved him. The entire first floor was engulfed when the peacocks alerted Jim on the se...
Last donation 21h ago
$98,167 raised of $200,000
$98,167 raised
Marlboro, NJ
On Monday February 4th, a tragic incident took the lives of both Denise and Kenneth Bartone—consequently leaving their three teenage daughters without their beloved parents. This unexpected and sudden loss was a devastating blow not only to the Bartones, but to the community as well. As classmat...
Last donation 6h ago
$96,116 raised of $100,000
$96,116 raised
Morristown, NJ
Serge Khoobiar was a devoted husband to Kristen, and father to his beloved sons, Brian (Age 12), Connor (Age 7) and Hunter (Age 7).  On February, 8, 2019, after an unexpected illness, Serge passed away at Overlook Hospital.  This trust is being set up to help the three boys with their future educ...
Last donation 42m ago
$93,741 raised of $210,000
$93,741 raised
Cohoes, NY
Anyone who knows Josh and Chelsea Woodward knows one thing. They are two of the most genuine people you will EVER meet. Some other things you may know: They have two beautiful young children, Jax (5) and Holland (3). Josh is an amazing dad, an Albany airport firefighter, and all around fun-lovi...
Last donation 41m ago
$87,897 raised of $100,000
$87,897 raised
Oakland, CA
We are reaching out to you on behalf of our friend, Danny Andrada. Over the last 6 months, Danny has been dealing with serious health issues, and he is now able to share his journey and ask for your help. Earlier last year, Danny noticed a drop in his energy levels. Despite this, he continued wor...
Last donation 1h ago
$83,245 raised of $75,000
$83,245 raised
North Brunswick, NJ
Santosh Kumar Kadlebele was a gregarious personality, service minded, friendly, and charitable person who was very involved in the Community. Santosh always kept himself busy working on various charity initiatives like earthquake relief, flood relief or volunteering in soup kitchens. Santosh was...
Last donation 1h ago
$82,233 raised of $200,000
$82,233 raised
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner served two tours in Iraq as a U.S. Marine and was a 17 year veteran with the Milwaukee Police Department. On February 6, 2019 he tragically lost his life in the line of duty. Officer Rittner is survived by his wife and young child. All funds raised will go...
Last donation 30m ago
$82,048 raised of $100,000
$82,048 raised
Erie, MI
Parker William Reau is three and a half months old and is currently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) suffering from a traumatic brain injury that occurred at daycare. He was admitted on Tuesday, February, 5 and is fighting for his life. We don't know how long he is going to be in the P...
Last donation 4m ago
$37,743 raised of $150,000
$37,743 raised
Seattle, WA
With the heaviest of hearts we feel it is now time to share with you all that after a month of thorough testing & multiple sources observing those results Children's Hospital has diagnosed our 10-year-old daughter Violet Ofelia Martinez with a cancer called Non-Lymphoblastic Non-hodgkin's /NHL/,...
Last donation 6m ago
$39,984 raised of $50,000
$39,984 raised
Palmdale, CA
For many starting out in the movie business in the 80’s, John Carl Buechler was much more than the man who gave many of us our start. He was a hilarious and positive friend who believed in giving young people a chance, often keeping us on payroll even when he didn’t have work…and in some cases wh...
Last donation 2m ago
$23,407 raised of $120,000
$23,407 raised
Cohoes, NY
Anyone who knows Josh and Chelsea Woodward knows one thing. They are two of the most genuine people you will EVER meet. Some other things you may know: They have two beautiful young children, Jax (5) and Holland (3). Josh is an amazing dad, an Albany airport firefighter, and all around fun-lovi...
Last donation 41m ago
$87,897 raised of $100,000
$87,897 raised
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Aurora, IL
WE ARE AURORA STRONG: On Friday, February 15, 2019, the Aurora community experienced a horrific tragedy with the shooting at the Henry Pratt company. The City of Aurora, APD, AFD and other public safety officials are helping to raise funds for the families of those who sadly lost their lives: Rus...
Last donation 3m ago
$58,515 raised of $50,000
$58,515 raised
Naperville, IL
Early in the morning on February 13th, the Dudich family experienced the tragic loss of nine year-old Grace McKenna Dudich.  Grace lived a life full of love and compassion.  Grace's smile and laughter were contagious, and her quick-witted sense of humor always kept us on our toes.  But most impor...
Last donation 2h ago
$41,345 raised of $30,000
$41,345 raised
Asheboro, NC
My baby brother David passed away Wednesday February 13th 2019  just 3 days away from his birthday. My brother lost his life in a tragic car accident on his way to school. My family is suffering enough emotionally with this loss of a beautiful angel my baby brother I want to help take any financi...
Last donation 33m ago
$13,113 raised of $10,000
$13,113 raised
North Beach, MD
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we face the loss of an amazing young man. On February 13th, 2019 Vincent Hubbert passed away. There are so many unanswered questions and so many things that we may never know. But something that we all know is that Vincent was  to many the boy with...
Last donation 23m ago
$12,965 raised of $18,000
$12,965 raised
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Oswego, IL
As you all can imagine the need for such a page is something a family never wants to experience. On February 15, 2019 Vicente Juarez, a husband, father, grandfather, brother, son, uncle, cousin... lost his life in the Henry Pratt Shooting in Aurora, IL.  We are asking for assistance to cover fun...
Last donation 15m ago
$18,135 raised of $15,000
$18,135 raised
Auburn, AL
On February 15th Auburn Police Officer Justin Sanders had just come onto his night shift when he heard the “be on the lookout” call for a robbery of a local pharmacy in Auburn. Justin happened to see the suspects vehicle and pulled them over at the Dollar General in Auburn on Opelika Road. Upon e...
Last donation 14m ago
$18,471 raised of $25,000
$18,471 raised
Brooklyn, NY
(English below) Многие из вас наверняка уже слышали, что замечательный поэт и переводчик Владимир Гандельсман и его жена Алла Дубровская попали в неожиданную беду: дом, в котором они жили, 14 февраля сгорел дотла. Всех жителей дома удалось спасти, никто, слава тебе Господи, не пострадал, но поте...
Last donation 35m ago
$43,814 raised of $35,000
$43,814 raised
Santa Cruz, CA
We are asking for your support to help a beloved friend. Eva T was badly injured in a plane crash last Saturday. Her injuries have placed her in the ICU, fighting the long road to recovery. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.
Last donation 27m ago
$45,350 raised of $100,000
$45,350 raised
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Funds go to North America Telugu Society
Last donation 1h ago
$54,596 raised of $100,000
$54,596 raised
Cleveland, OH
Funds go to The Exuma Foundation
Last donation 1h ago
$39,634 raised of $400,000
$39,634 raised
Ferndale, WA
Funds go to Rescued Hearts Northwest Inc
Last donation 13m ago
$42,481 raised of $60,000
$42,481 raised
Danbury, CT
Funds go to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Last donation 12m ago
$6,732 raised of $5,000
$6,732 raised
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Oakland, CA
Two years of fruitless negotiations have brought Oakland teachers to a boiling point. We're willing to sacrifice our pay during a strike to win the schools our students deserve! We lost 571 teachers last year.  Students are suffering when 20, 30 and even 40 percent of their school's teachers lea...
Last donation 6m ago
$23,045 raised of $27,500
$23,045 raised
Vallejo, CA
Funds go to Friends of Loma Vista Farm
Last donation 1h ago
$13,611 raised of $20,000
$13,611 raised
Gloucester, MA
Funds go to Galen Gibson Scholarship Trust Corporation
Last donation 2h ago
$24,172 raised of $25,000
$24,172 raised
Athens, OH
Raising college funds for Jadyn & Sawyer Redlick, whose father passed away on January 11th, 2019. Am working with three great leaders in the Sports Business Industry to make this happen with Andy Dolich, Richard Lapchick and Ron Seaver. Together the four of us have all had a special relationship...
Last donation 52m ago
$43,540 raised of $250,000
$43,540 raised
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