The Most Useful Ways to Get Financial Help for Veterans

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Financial Assistance

Transitioning out of the military can sometimes be a bumpy journey. The path to civilian life can come with its fair share of twists and turns—including financial hardships. Trying to pay for medical bills, housing, or basic necessities adds stress on veterans and their families during a big transition.

Whether you’re a new veteran or you’ve been out of the military for decades, we want to help you overcome financial hurdles so you’re able to focus on rebuilding your life. We’ve rounded up the best resources that offer financial help for veterans so you can begin finding hope and financial freedom.

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Financial assistance for disabled veterans

There are countless nonprofit programs for disabled veterans. The below organizations offer financial assistance for veterans through grants and stipends that can be used for living expenses and medical treatments.

Operation Family Fund

They provide short and long-term emergency financial assistance for disabled veterans who were injured while serving in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Funds can be used for medical and living expenses, among other needs.

The PenFed Foundation

This nonprofit has given $6.9 million to disabled veterans and their caregivers to date. The program’s emergency financial assistance fund can help cover everything from auto insurance to mortgage payments.

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

Founded in 2004, this nonprofit provides financial help for disabled veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. Veterans can get assistance paying medical bills, car and mortgage payments, and other living expenses.

Financial assistance for wounded veterans

For veterans who sustained injuries while serving, these programs offer ways to help them find healing without going into debt.

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV)

This organization’s Military Family Program is geared toward helping the caregivers of veterans. It provides emotional and financial support to families so they can help their veterans recover.


The Combat Injured program through USACares provides financial assistance for wounded veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injuries.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

VFW helps military families through its Unmet Needs Program. Families that are experiencing financial difficulties can receive grants of up to $1,500 to help pay for basic living expenses.

Financial assistance for female veterans

Female veterans currently make up about 9% of the veteran population, according to Pew Research Center. But that number is supposed to increase to 18% by 2045. While the above programs cater to both men and women, the following programs specifically help female veterans.

Combat Female Veterans (CFVs)

This nonprofit provides financial assistance for female veterans through education and advocacy initiatives. Female combat veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life can find help with basic living expenses through the organization’s emergency relief fund.

Dixon Center

The Dixon Center offers one-time grants to female veterans and their families who are experiencing financial hardship. The grants can be used to cover the cost of everything from gas, to work training, to housing costs, and more.


This online mentorship program for veterans and other military personnel have helped over 6,700 women who are trying to navigate the civilian workforce. Mentors help find job resources for veterans and help them form and achieve career goals.

Organizations that help homeless veterans

Veterans currently make up about one-third of the adult homeless population, according to We Honor Veterans. If you’re a homeless veteran looking for help, the organizations on this list offer emergency financial assistance for veterans.

Veterans Inc.

The housing program through Veterans Inc. aims to put a stop to chronic homelessness among veterans. It assists veterans in finding housing, going through employment training, getting legal and medical advice, and more.

Veterans Community Services (VCS)

This organization understands the challenges that veterans may face after returning to civilian life. It works with veterans to find housing options within a week of intake and helps them look for long-term housing solutions.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD-VASH)

The HUD-VASH program helps veterans across the country find permanent housing through a combination of HUD housing vouchers and VA services. As of 2015, HUD had given out over 78,000 vouchers.

Need more funding? Crowdfunding can fill in the gaps

The US government and nonprofits have long sought to provide emergency financial help for veterans who have bravely fought for our country. But sometimes that assistance falls short of what many need to get back on their feet.

To offset expenses not covered by these programs, many have turned to crowdfunding. Through online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, veterans can raise money for what they need most, whether that’s a service dog, treatment for addiction or mental health care, or general medical expenses. Allies of veterans can also start fundraisers on their behalf and help lift a financial burden. Read GoFundMe reviews for honest testimonials from real users.

Why GoFundMe? Here are just a few reasons:

  • There are no eligibility requirements.
  • GoFundMe offers free fundraising, which means you can keep more of your donations.
  • We are backed by the GoFundMe guarantee and offer unparalleled safety.
  • You can receive your funds within days of receiving donations.
  • Our sharing tools make it easy to ask for help from your entire network of friends and family members.

Veteran crowdfunding success stories

PTSD Help For Struggling Veteran

Clinton is an Army veteran who served in Iraq for a year. While he survived a roadside bomb and recovered from his physical injuries, the PTSD he experienced after returning home was crippling. Clinton sought help and found a 42-day therapy program specifically for veterans suffering from PTSD and addiction. To afford the cost of the treatment program, he launched a GoFundMe and raised over $6,500.

The Fatigue Project

Bryan and his friends wanted to give back to veterans who courageously served our country but had ended up on the streets. They started a GoFundMe so they could purchase basic necessities for veterans, like blankets, socks, and other items to keep them warm through the winter. Their GoFundMe raised over $8,00, and the group was able to pass out over 100 pounds of gear to the homeless population in New York City.

Four veterans’ causes you can support through crowdfunding

Veterans are our family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. With over 18 million veterans in our country, it’s likely you know someone who has served.

If you’re passionate about helping veterans but aren’t sure where to start, crowdfunding is a simple way to make a difference. GoFundMe makes it easy to find organizations helping veterans, or you can start a fundraiser on behalf of an individual.

Below are a few organizations you can support, or discover community fundraisers on our site to find even more.

1. Higher Ground

Higher Ground boasts that it uses “the wonders of Mother Nature” to help heal veterans. The organization offers recreational therapy and sports camps for veterans and their families. Traditional therapy in conjunction with outdoor recreation is what the organization prescribes veterans to help them form bonds with each other and work through trauma.

2. Home for Our Troops

If you aren’t sure how to help homeless veterans but want to make a difference, you might consider partnering with this organization. Home for Our Troops builds houses for veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who experienced life-altering injuries while deployed. The houses are adapted to their needs and are mortgage-free. Home for Our Troops has built nearly 200 homes nationwide since it was founded in 2004.

3. Disabled Veterans National Foundation

The foundation’s Health and Comfort Program helps disabled veterans by providing them with essential items needed to live healthy and stable lives. Veterans can receive clothing, water, and hygiene products.

4. Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA helps more than 60 veterans and their spouses find jobs each week. The nonprofit is nationally recognized as a great resource for both veterans and their spouses who are looking for jobs. Personalized training from professionals helps equip job seekers with the skills and the confidence they need to enter the workforce.

Find financial freedom right now

GoFundMe makes it easy to ask for help when you need it most. If you don’t know where else to turn, we’re here to help you find financial relief and the hope that comes along with it.

Whether you’re a veteran in need or you’re looking to help a veteran or nonprofit, crowdfunding allows you to raise funds and make a lasting difference. Sign up to create your fundraiser today.

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