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Mal's Pals Best Buddies


When Mallory was diagnosed with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome at birth, a rare genetic disorder, her parents were faced with uncertainty and little information. A few years later, armed with more experience and knowledge, Mallory's parents founded the Mal’s Pals Foundation to help support other families affected by RTS. Mal’s Pals partnered with another nonprofit, Best Buddies International, and raised over $60,000 to make the world a more inclusive place for anyone with an intellectual or developmental disability.

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Famous Yellowstone Llama Needs Surgery


Lewis the llama escaped in Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 2018. No one was able to capture Lewis, and the elusive llama had a life-threatening dental infection that needed to be tended to. Susi, the owner of a llama trekking company in Yellowstone, successfully rescued Lewis and was able to help the adventurous llama get the surgery he so badly needed.

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Help Damien get a Kidney


Damien is a 13-year-old foster child with kidney disease. He's been on daily dialysis for years, which has made it hard to find a permanent family that is willing to adopt him and provide him with the care he needs. When his teacher, Finn, found out about this, he started a fundraiser to help Damien receive a kidney transplant. Damien now has a new kidney and is happily living with Finn as his foster parent.

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Brady's Virtual Lemonade Stand


When Brady’s dad passed away, Brady decided to host a lemonade stand to raise money to take his mom on a date. After receiving an outpouring of support from his local community, Brady decided to start an online lemonade stand to honor the Palliative Care Team and Cancer Center that took care of his father in his final days. A small portion of funds will be set aside so that he can continue taking his mom on dates.

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Tacos for Teachers


When Los Angeles teachers went on strike in January of 2019 to fight for increased school funding, Clare and Max decided to start a fundraiser to feed striking teachers. By the end of their fundraiser, they were able to feed 10,000 educators that stood on the picket lines to advocate for better schools for students.

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Help Brody Get Kids Moving!


Two-year-old Brody was born with spina bifida and has little to no control or movement of his body below his chest. To help Brody get around, his parents built "The Frog," a device that allows Brody to crawl around the house and play on the floor. When they saw the joy this provided Brody, Brody’s parents started a fundraiser to produce and give away as many Frogs as possible. They've raised almost $150,000.

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LGBT College Student Lost U.S. Army Scholarship


Map is a transgender man who began transitioning in 2018, shortly before the Department of Defense started prohibiting transgender people from serving in the military. As Map entered his sophomore year of college, his U.S. Army-funded scholarship was revoked because he had already started transitioning. With no way to pay for tuition, Map started a fundraiser to help with costs. He quickly met his goal of raising $27,000 to continue attending school at the University of Texas, Austin.

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A Dog For Daragh


11-year old Daragh is autistic, epileptic, and non-verbal. To make sure he stays safe at all times, his parents started a fundraiser to get him an autism service dog. With the help of their community, $21,000 was raised and Daragh now has an emotional support and service dog with him always, keeping him much safer as he navigates the world around him.

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Let's Sing A Brave Song


After losing their three-year-old son to a heart defect in 2017, the Kelley family decided to help others facing similar challenges. They started a fundraiser to help another family through their own adoption process as they welcome a new son with a heart defect into their life.

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Friends of Frank


Frank Eason is an autistic man who was a greeter at Sam's Club in Florence, South Carolina for 20 years. When Frank's job description suddenly changed, he was placed on leave without pay. Frank's community missed his greetings so dearly that they started a campaign to raise money for his living costs. Community members raised over $20,000 for Frank, and he has a few new job offers on the table.

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