Introducing the GoFundMe Donate Button for Individuals

Whether you’re looking to spread compassion in your community or you need emergency financial assistance, our goal is to help you find fundraising success. This is why we’ve created a simple but powerful way to bring more attention to your cause. With the GoFundMe Donate Button, you can reach more supporters and increase donations to your fundraiser with minimal effort.

What is the GoFundMe Donate Button for individuals?

The GoFundMe Donate Button is a personalized widget that you can embed on your website or blog to easily promote your fundraiser and encourage others to donate. The Donate Button showcases your main fundraiser image, your fundraiser title, the amount you’ve raised—and most importantly? It contains an active link to your fundraiser that takes people directly to your donation page.

In just two steps, you can embed the GoFundMe Donate Button on your blog or website, including WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly sites.


It’s for everyone


It’s easy to use


It increases donations

How does the Donate Button work?

1. Start or visit a fundraiser

Create a fundraiser or search and locate the fundraiser that you’d like to promote using the Donate Button.

2. Copy the embed code

On the fundraiser page click the “Share” button. Then click the “Embed” option and copy the embed code.

3. Paste the embed code

Navigate to your blog or website where you’d like the Donate Button to appear. You’ll need to use your blog or website editing feature to paste the HTML code on the page of your choice.

Still need help?

For visual instructions please see this article: Adding a GoFundMe Widget to a Blog or Website.

You can also contact our Customer Care team for customer service and expert advice.

Why use the Donate Button for individuals?

It’s completely free

The Donate Button helps organizers and supporters raise as much as they can for causes they’re passionate about. And best of all? It costs nothing but has a big impact.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting

Making sure the Donate Button appears on your website or blog doesn’t require any complicated engineering. Simply copy the embed code from your fundraiser page and paste it into the HTML of your website or blog.

It can increase donations

The magic of the Donate Button is that it’s an easy way to boost the number of views to your fundraiser. When an individual visits your website or blog and sees your fundraiser image, all they need to do is click the “Donate now” button. Then they’ll be taken to a payment page where they can make a donation of any amount to support your cause.

It allows you to support causes you care about

Each fundraiser on GoFundMe has a unique embed code that is available to anyone. Even if you didn’t launch your own GoFundMe, you can support or promote a fundraiser that’s important to you by embedding that fundraiser’s Donate Button on your blog or website.

The GoFundMe brand inspires trust

GoFundMe has helped raise and deliver over $15 billion from over 200 million donations around the world, making our platform one of the most trusted in online fundraising. When potential donors see the GoFundMe name included on the Donate Button, they’ll immediately recognize that your cause is hosted on a well-known and trusted crowdfunding platform. And with the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee, your donation is protected, wherever you donate from.

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