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Never miss a donation with the GoFundMe App

  • Get fundraising coaching tips
  • Access more ways to share
  • Post videos to update donors
  • Manage your fundraiser anywhere

Or, search your app store for 'GoFundMe'

"The app made it so much easier to check on the fundraiser. I always have my phone with me, so it was just a click away. Getting notifications regarding each donation was exciting and I was able to easily thank people for their contributions."

EvanGoFundMe app user

What can you do to fundraise successfully?

Share with friends and family

  • Share your fundraiser with a personalized message.
  • Inspire others to help you spread the word.

Share broadly offline

  • Share at local events, post flyers on bulletin boards, or pitch to local news stations.
  • Contact foundations that have supported similar causes.

Set up withdrawals early

  • Invite your beneficiary or set up your withdrawal account early so funds can automatically be deposited into the designated bank account.

Invite team members

  • Add friends and family as team members to help you fundraise.
  • Team members can help you share your campaign as well as thank and update donors.