Church Fundraising Ideas:

Top Ideas for Christian Fundraising


By Meghan S.

For people all across the world, the word family means more than just individuals sharing a home. For many, family also encompasses members of a larger community: a group of people who may not share the same DNA or initiate squabbles over the remote control, but whom they care deeply about all the same. More specifically, these are the fellow members of their church.
As revealed in a 2015 study, approximately 77% of American adults classified themselves as being affiliated with at least one religious denomination. With a population of US adults hovering around 250 million, that’s a whole lot of family! So what do you do when family needs a helping hand? You open up your heart and arms to help in whatever way you can. But how can you do this for your church community? The answer remains the same.
Whether your pastor needs support, your church needs a total rebuild, or a local family needs the help of their community to see them through a tragic event, you have the power to make a difference and initiate the change. While it may seem like a big job, banding together is the best way to get the ball rolling and help your family in faith finance their goals.

Gather funds to repair or rebuild your church: “They brought great stones to lay the foundation of the house.”


They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why expect your place of worship to be? Change takes time and collaboration in order to materialize and just like faith, physical structures require work, and must be tended to in order to sustain. With over 4,000 churches a year closing their doors, pinching pennies and finding funding are necessary in order to preserve your parish. Whether your church needs a new roof, a pipe organ, or a complete overhaul, let’s look at ways you can combine these methods to pay for whatever your church may need.

Reduce your spending: It may seem so simple, but there are ways to cut back on costs your church is already facing for those non-negotiables such as heat and electricity. From programmable thermostats to more energy-efficient light bulbs, small changes add up to big savings!


Re-purpose or rent out your extra space: You already know that your church plays a major role in your community, so why not get more people involved? If there’s an empty room or  gymnasium in your church, make that available to an after-school program, music group, or AA chapter that’s looking for a safe and trusted place to conduct their meetings. 


Cooking for a cause: Everyone loves sharing recipes with their friends and family, so why not put the culinary talents (and palates) of your peers to good use? Have everyone contribute one recipe and compile them into a church cookbook! You can sell PDF copies to save on printing costs, or get gorgeous hard copies made to treasure for years to come.


Crowdfund: As this method of fundraising gains popularity for everything from medical bills to charity support, church communities are jumping on board so that they too can help fill financial needs. Here are just a couple of spectacular ways people have used GoFundMe to make a real difference in their church community.


Arise from the ashes

With only 36 square feet, Missionary Independent Spiritual Church has been called the “smallest church in the world” but has served as a haven to many in the town of Forestville, California. When a recent fire destroyed the place of worship, the community was called into action by Deacon Millett, who created a campaign to fund the rebuild. He created Reward Levels for donors so that their contributions were met with various symbols of appreciation and gratitude. In less than one month’s time, they surpassed their goal of $10,000 and will soon be on their way to holding services once again.

The Daughters of Saint Paul in Culver City reached out to their community when they needed a lift—literally. With a broken elevator, these six sisters had been forced to scale the three flights of stairs up to their convent above the bookstore and media center where they worked. These lively ladies took to using video to bring their plight to life as they climbed the steep flights of stairs while singing Climb Every Mountain with smiles spread across their faces. In just under a month, the campaign raised enough funds to get their elevator fixed up so the sisters could save their breath for prayers.



The community of Cold Springs, New York had been built around the grounds and gorgeous historic buildings of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church since 1840. As the years passed, this integral piece of the town was filled with memories of weddings, baptisms and the smells of the fresh produce sold in their local farmers’ market. When faced with budget cuts and continued bills, Father Shane Scott-Hamblen saw the opportunity to bring his community members together in an entirely new way. He started the Save St. Mary’s campaign and within just 16 days, raised over $38,000 to put towards making sure their parish will continue on for another hundred years.


Help your pastor or local family through tough times: Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid


Being involved in your church means something different to every person. For most, active participation is not just making your way to the physical building once a week, but it’s sharing in the the struggles, the victories, and the realities of those with whom you share your beliefs. If someone in your church is going through a tough time, be the person to engage your community to help them. Here are some real-world examples of how others have done just this.



Praising Him in the storm



When Pastor Vince DiBenedetto was awakened by the sound of a smoke alarm ringing through the halls of his family home, he immediately went into survival mode. Grabbing his wife and two young boys, the four sleepy-eyed souls watched as the first floor of their family home burned and collapsed into the basement. Wanting to offer her support, church member Deborah Piatt opened up a GoFundMe campaign for the DiBenedetto family. She rallied her community in faith and within one month, they were able to surpass the goal of $10,000.

A Ray of Light



Ray McCarthy is not just a 6-year-old Star Wars superfan, he is a fighter. Battling a type of brain tumor known as DIPG, this young one has a battle ahead of him and needs strength from others to aid in his recovery. A campaign was set up by Jeff DiLollo to organize the troops and help Ray fight. Running for over two years now, the campaign has raised upwards of $60,000 and serves as a landing page for the support and loving comments for the McCarthy family. Regular updates to the campaign are posted to shed light on how Ray is doing, and to announce ongoing church gatherings held in the local community.


Work with your church to help refugees in need: “He shows love to the foreigners living among you and gives them food and clothing.”

It’s not just the close-knit members of your existing community who need help. The world we live in today is full of people who could use a helping hand. The faith that binds you with your fellow parishioners can work to achieve larger goals that you might have ever imagined. Here’s how some churches out there have used GoFundMe to make an impact on those in their most trying times as they find refuge from danger in their native homes.

Opening of home and heart



After finding out that a government-sponsored Syrian refugee family was going to need a friendly welcome upon reaching their new home in Kingfisher, British Columbia, the community sprung into action. Angela Neufeld of The Church at Southpoint created a GoFundMe campaign with the hopes that enough funds would be collected to get the family on their feet. She succeeded as the $5,000 goal was surpassed in just over 2 months and the newcomers felt accepted and ready to start their new life in Canada.


An affectionate adjustment



When two refugee families were placed in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Lara Lepionka knew that she wanted to do something to help make their transition into the community as smooth as possible. She set up the West Gloucester Trinitarian Church, a 501(c)(3) Certified Charity, with a charity campaign to raise the money needed to support the families through their assimilation. The community really pulled together and raised over $20,000 in just one week.



Shepherd your church community into action:Not because you must, but because you are willing.”


Whether you’re a pastor, a parish member, or a friendly citizen who wants to protect a mainstay in your town, know that there are others who want to help you. The GoFundMe team is here to walk you through every step of the way and will ensure that you feel confident managing your campaign.


After you create your campaign, utilize the areas where people in your church congregate before service to hang up printed signs to let others know about your cause. Don’t underestimate the impact of the spoken word as you should be sure to have your campaign mentioned in the announcements at the close of your weekly service.


Every cause needs an advocate to stand up and and champion the plan into action. You can fill that role. Get started today by creating a GoFundMe campaign for your church’s needs and be the one to lead your family in faith to a fruitful future.


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