How GoFundMe Works

GoFundMe is the trusted place to fundraise for what you care about. There is no pressure to hit your fundraising goal and we have created tools to make it easy for donors to contribute to your fundraiser. Learn step-by-step what you need to get started—from writing your story and sharing your fundraiser to setting up bank transfers.

Why choose GoFundMe?

  • GoFundMe is the leading crowdfunding platform
  • Easy tools to make a great fundraiser
  • No fee to start fundraising
  • No pressure to reach your fundraising goal

How does GoFundMe work? Here is what to expect when fundraising:

1. Follow the prompts to set up your fundraiser

  • Click the ‘Start a GoFundMe’ button and answer a few questions to get started
  • In your fundraiser description, share the reason you are fundraising in 1-3 paragraphs
  • Add details such as:
    • Who or what you’re fundraising for
    • A main image or video that represents your fundraiser
  • Set your fundraising goal, and remember you can always change it later

Need more help writing your story? Watch our video on writing a compelling fundraiser story to get inspiration.

2. Share your fundraiser

  • Share your fundraiser link with your community through text messages and emails to start gaining momentum
  • Continue to share your fundraiser to help reach your goals—consider posting on social media, sharing in-person with a printable poster, or writing a letter to people you know
  • Add team members you know and trust to your fundraiser to help spread the word

Want more tips on how to get greater support for your fundraiser? Check out our fundraiser awareness video.

3. Post updates and thank donors

  • Throughout your fundraising journey, you can post fundraiser updates to help increase donations and keep donors informed
  • Easily thank donors within your fundraising dashboard

Find more tips on our blog about how to ask for donations and how to write a donation thank-you letter.

4. Set up bank transfers

  • Add bank information to start receiving funds (you don’t need to hit your fundraising goal to receive your money)
  • Add a beneficiary if you’re raising donations for someone else

*One small transaction fee is automatically deducted per donation. For more help with GoFundMe and information about GoFundMe fees, visit our Pricing page.

Fast and safe fundraising on GoFundMe

GoFundMe has become a trusted leader in online fundraising since 2010. That’s why GoFundMe is the top platform of choice to start a fundraiser than any other fundraising site. Our Trust & Safety team is dedicated to protecting organizers and donors so you can safely start a fundraiser or donate to a cause you care about. Learn more about our GoFundMe Giving Guarantee and find answers to common fundraising questions.