Fundraising Tips

5 Fundraiser Update Tips

One of the most important tools of crowdfunding is learning how to maintain good donor relationships. By communicating with your donors, you not only can raise more money, but may also see a stronger sense of connection with your donors. Frequently keeping your community updated on your progress with written updates on your fundraiser can help lead to two times more donations. Use our top fundraiser update tips and examples below to help.

1. Aim to update your donors at least once a week

Aside from sharing why you are hopeful about your fundraiser and what you are doing to reach your fundraising goal, be sure to also share any new progress or challenges since your last update. Are you planning on hosting a fundraising event? Did you reach a fundraising milestone? Did a local business offer a matching donation? Have you begun to use funds that you have already received? These updates help donors feel more connected.

2. Add photos or videos

Make your updates more engaging by using visuals. Including photos or videos with your progress helps donors feel like they are a part of your journey. 

3. Let donors know how they’re making a difference

Once you begin using the funds for your cause, update your donors on what the funds are being used for and how they’re helping your cause. Telling donors how they’ve already made an impact can inspire more to give. 

4. Share fundraising milestones

Any time your fundraiser reaches a significant achievement, celebrate it with your donors. Here are a few examples of important milestones:

  • When you reach 25% of your fundraising goal: Keep up the momentum by posting an update and letting people know how new donations can help.
  • When you’re more than halfway to your goal: Thank your community for helping you get this far, and share any new progress.
  • When your community has helped you reach 75% of your goal: You’re almost there. Post a progress update and ask if your community can help you get to 100%.
  • When you reach your goal: Celebrate and thank your donors for their help, and provide any updates on how the funds are already being used.

5. Show your gratitude

While showing appreciation to your donors throughout your fundraising journey is important, once you’ve met your fundraising goal is an especially great time to thank those who made this possible. Often times we don’t realize how important a simple “Thank You” is to many people. It’s critical to be grateful and sincere. If you are organizing a fundraiser for someone else, ask the person you’re fundraising for or a close family member to write a short, warmhearted message to those who have helped. 

Examples of fundraising updates on GoFundMe

Support the Lebanon Fire Department

Alex Smith, a Boy Scout from Troop 500 in Lebanon, Ohio, chose to build a gear drying rack for the Lebanon Fire Department for his Eagle Scout project. Alex started a GoFundMe to raise money to get the tools and materials needed for his project. He posted an update thanking his donors for all of their contributions and included a photo of the finished product with the fire department. 

“I would just like to start by saying THANK YOU for all of your contributions!!! This project would not had been possible without your generosity.”

lebanon fire department fire fighters standing in a room

Astronaut Starbright #TheLittleMermaidChallenge

Taylor Richardson, also known as Astronaut StarBright, is an advocate for getting more girls (especially girls of color) to STEM. She is raising money for 1,000 Black girls to see the new Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid,” that features its first Black mermaid princess, Ariel, played by Halle Bailey. Taylor has posted several updates that highlight her fundraising progress, and she has also showed gratitude to her supporters. 

“Less than $3500 to go! Thank you all so much for your continued sharing and some even donating twice to help this campaign! It all is very appreciated and it all matters!”

a portrait of taylor, the organizer of the little mermaid challenge fundraiser

Support Viet Place Collective!

Viet Place Collective is a small group of Vietnamese and Asian Americans who take great care in the future of the Eden Center, a home to over 100 Vietnamese and Asian Pacific Islander small businesses. The group is raising money to cover some of their operating costs which include things such as meals and snacks, materials, and office space rentals, just to name a few. In their updates, they’ve continually shared how much money they’ve raised and have encouraged their supporters to share their cause to help them reach their fundraising goals.

We have reached over $1000 raised in just 24 hours! THANK YOU to all who have contributed. Please help us reach our goal of $5000 in the next 3 weeks and SHARE our cause. We’re completely volunteer-run and any donation amount will help cover some of our costs to continue operating.”

group of VPC supporters standing in the restaurant

Fundraiser updates are an important piece of the fundraising process

Strive towards your fundraising goal by following these fundraiser update tips. After giving a good fundraising update, let your donors know how else they can help: this can include showing up to a fundraising event or sharing your cause with others. Remember that people really want to support you. Read our top fundraising tips and fundraising ideas for more inspiration for your fundraiser. If you haven’t already, launch your fundraiser today.