7 Best Pet Fundraising Tips

Fundraising for animals opens up a new door for pet parents and shelters alike. From costly vet bills to everyday expenses, your furry friend comes with a price tag. You can use crowdfunding to offset your pet expenses. Similarly, you can use crowdfunding to help your local animal rescue get the supplies they need. GoFundMe can help you raise funds for animal’s expenses. Here are our pet fundraising tips to help you create a successful fundraiser for your favorite animal.

7 animal fundraising tips to drive donations

Cat and dog next to each other on the grass

1. Add high-quality visuals

We’ve found the most successful fundraisers for animals use high-quality images. Donors have an easier time connecting your cause with visuals. Find a high-quality image of your adorable pet for your fundraiser. Or create an engaging video using our video slideshow feature.

Examples of great fundraiser photos:

Dog treats

2. Host an offline fundraising event

Organizing an in-person fundraising event is an effective way to build connections with your community and promote your cause. It also gives your family, friends, and neighbors an opportunity to offer their emotional support. Some pet fundraising ideas include:

  • Homemade treat sale
  • Pet wash
  • Pet food drive

Looking for more inspiration? See our blog on fundraising event ideas.

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3. Keep your donors engaged

You would be surprised how many people can become invested in your story. Be sure to post frequent updates regarding your animal’s progress and any treatments. This can be a few brief sentences or even a video update. Posting frequent updates can also help your fundraiser gain more momentum and encourage your supporters to keep sharing and donating.

Example: For her fundraiser Saving Charlie Brown, fundraiser organizer Rachel kept her donors and supporters constantly in the loop about her sweet dog’s progress with chemotherapy. With each of her 15 updates so far, she included beautiful, high-quality photos along with important details about Charlie Brown’s treatment.

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4. Share creatively and consistently

Most of your donations will be from people you personally know or who are passionate about your cause. While social media is a fantastic way to share, we have also found personalized outreaches via text, email, or direct message to be incredibly effective. Be sure to include a few sentences explaining why your animal is so important to you and how your donors can support you both. Read our tips and tricks for sharing your fundraiser to help kickstart your promotion. There are also plenty of ways to share your fundraiser offline. Take a look at our blog on fundraising without social media for ideas.

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5. Reach out to the local news

Increase reach and awareness of your cause by getting your fundraiser in the local news. This may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Below are some tips for getting press coverage:

  • Contact journalists who covered news stories that were about the same cause as yours.
  • Grab journalists’ attention with a compelling hook that will show them why their audience would care about your story.
  • Provide your contact information to journalists so they can reach out to you.

Check out our blog on local media fundraising tips for even more guidance.

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6. Periodically evaluate your fundraising goal

It’s important to make sure your fundraising goal is realistic and specific to your fundraiser in order for it to gain traction. After you launch your fundraiser, your pet’s health could change or your fundraiser could stall. The good news is that you can adjust your fundraising goal on GoFundMe to fit your needs. If you do end up changing your fundraiser goal, be sure to update your supporters and encourage them to help you accomplish your goal.

7. Show your donors gratitude

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to display your gratitude to your donors. Thank you letters are a simple way to show your appreciation. If you want to go above and beyond, check out our blog post that covers ways to say thank you to donors.

Start raising money for an animal in need

We know your pets are like family and understand how stressful it can be when an unexpected vet bill or emergency pet surgery arises. These pet fundraising tips can help you raise money for your pet’s expenses so that you can focus on your pet’s health and well-being. For more inspiration, check out our pet fundraising guide. Start your fundraiser today.