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Meet Kemar.

After he was kicked out of his family home at 16 for being gay, Kemar Jewel found his chosen family... Read more

Meet Brian.

When the coronavirus swept through New York City this past spring, Brian Taylor had no choice but to close his... Read more

Meet Madi.

Eight-year-old Madi Wilson loves drawing, but she’s always had a tough time with self-portraits because there were never any crayons... Read more

Meet Josh.

Josh Santiago knew he wanted to be a barber from a young age. What he couldn’t have imagined is that... Read more

Meet Chris.

In 2017, Chris Vane took a chance on a long-time dream and purchased a 30-acre property in Southwest Florida. This... Read more

Meet Karida.

The hate and systemic racism that is woven into the fabric of America isn’t easily unraveled, but Karida Collins is... Read more

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