Mental Health

It’s clear that mental health services are needed more than ever. The number of Americans reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression surged 31% from the previous year, according to the US Census Bureau. Together, we can address unmet mental health care needs by supporting people and organizations focused on building awareness, creating community programs, and providing care to those who need it. Donate to help end the stigma, advance mental health research, and expand access to mental health care.

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How does this cause work?

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Give a donation

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Mental Health Cause to support mental health initiatives across the country.

step 2

We pair your donation with urgent needs turns your donation into grants for people and charities in need.

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See the impact of your donation

We’ll regularly send you stories from the people and charities you’ve helped so you can see how you’ve made a difference.

Meet some of the people behind the cause

Hear the powerful stories of the people you’ve helped and those making a difference


How to help a friend that needs support

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Find mental health help near you

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Learn how and when to ask for help

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Top mental health helpline resources

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