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America is experiencing a mental health crisis. Constant exposure to stories of deadly shootings, the coronavirus pandemic, climate change devastation, political divisiveness, crushing medical debt, racial strife, and other negative news stories have been detrimental to our mental health. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of Americans reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression have surged 31% in the last year.  

It’s clear that mental health services are needed more than ever. But, millions of individuals do not receive the help they need. Some of the most common reasons for this include fear of judgment, barriers to mental health care, and limited awareness about mental health. With your support, we can address unmet mental health care needs and provide aid to those who need it most. 

The time is now  to prioritize mental health. Together, we can help end the stigma, advance mental health research, and expand access to mental health care. Will you join our cause? 

Who benefits from your donation? 

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations making a difference in the mental health space and in their communities. When you make a donation to the Mental Health Cause Fund, you support urgent needs through community-driven programs, as well as broader, pervasive issues tied to mental health. 

Through the Mental Health Cause Fund, you have the ability to help individuals who have started GoFundMe® fundraisers and organizations (whether they are on GoFundMe or otherwise) related to mental health . While we cannot issue grants to individuals for personal mental health costs, this Fund supports those creating safe spaces, support systems, and community programs, as well as those addressing the larger systemic issues surrounding mental health on both a local and national level. We hope this Fund will help alleviate mental health challenges of all kinds.

We verify every fundraiser to which we give, ensuring that your donation supports various mental health initiatives. We will send you regular thank-you videos and updates about the individuals and organizations you’ve helped. 

Am I eligible for a grant? 

To qualify for a grant from our Mental Health Fund, your GoFundMe fundraiser must benefit efforts to increase access to mental health care, fund mental health research, or conduct awareness-building campaigns around specific mental health needs. Example efforts include support groups or free counseling or therapy provided to victims of a fire or racially motivated crimes. These funds cannot be granted to fundraisers only focused on a particular individual’s need, such as personal therapy sessions or counseling - as they need to be directed to related charitable classes or organizations. 

To learn more about this Fund and hear powerful stories from those your donation is helping, and see fundraisers associated with this effort, check out the Mental Health Cause.

To learn more about how GoFundMe Causes work, visit our FAQ.

Funds raised on this fundraiser will be managed by GoFundMe.Org, an independent non-profit organization registered in the United States (EIN 81-2279757). Donors support the GoFundMe.Org fund and GoFundMe.Org selects and then distributes donations to verified GoFundMe fundraisers and organizations that help those affected. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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