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The fight for a more equitable society is far from over. Donate now and support people and organizations focused on systemic reform and racial justice. Now is the time to stand together for peace, justice, and a brighter future. Inaction isn’t an option.

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Miles of Freedom equips, empowers, and employs individuals returning home from prison, and provides support and assistance to families and communities impacted by incarceration.

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Protestors for Black Lives Matter

Whether you’re seeking to educate yourself on anti-racism, or you’d like to support the people of social justice organizations doing critical work to combat racism, these resources can point you in the right direction.

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Seattle, WA
  Support diversity in academic research and medicine by helping Black women wi…
Last donation 4d ago
$83,076 raised of $100,000
$83,076 raised
Philadelphia, PA
Hey everyone, I’m Courtney Roberts.  A visual artist and musician living in Ph…
Last donation 1mo ago
$4,351 raised of $5,000
$4,351 raised
Ithaca, NY
Help equip Black organizers and protesters with urgently-needed safety gear. You…
Last donation 1mo ago
$4,050 raised of $25,000
$4,050 raised
Lakewood, OH
Added 10/6/2020: we started an Instagram account to share what titles will be …
Last donation 6mos ago
$1,375 raised of $1,000
$1,375 raised

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