How You Can Help: Donate to Wildfire Relief Fundraisers

Wildfires across the US continue to affect communities across the West coast. The GoFundMe community is coming together to help the individuals and families affected rebuild and recover. To make it easier to find verified wildfire relief fundraisers, GoFundMe has created this central hub that will be updated on a regular basis with pages for specific regions impacted by the fires. Donate to wildfire relief fundraisers today.

US flooding relief


Every fundraiser on this page has been verified by our Trust & Safety experts.


Your donation goes right to the people and communities affected by this event.


You’re covered by the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee—our money-back donor protection guarantee.

Fire relief resources

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Fundraise for wildfire relief

You’re not alone in asking for help—millions of people have turned to GoFundMe to find the support they need, and many more donors have shown up to help people recover. Start a fundraiser to find support for yourself or someone you know.

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