Donate to Those Affected by the California Wildfires

Across California, wildfires have torn through homes, structures, and businesses in at least 10 counties and forced residents to flee their homes. In response, people have launched hundreds of fundraisers to help those affected by the devastating fires.

Donate to California wildfire relief today.

GoFundMe California wildfire relief

Wildfires currently affecting California

Find where your help is needed. Discover individuals and organizations across California fundraising for wildfire relief.


Support the Wildfire Relief Fund

Join in supporting wildfire preparation and recovery efforts today. Your single donation allows to respond with speed and support a range of needs related to wildfire relief efforts across the country.

Up-to-date information on California wildfires

Please check the following resources for up-to-date information about fires.

GoFundMe California wildfire relief

Fundraise for wildfire relief

You’re not alone in asking for help—millions of people have turned to GoFundMe to find the support they need, and many more donors have shown up to help people recover. Start a fundraiser to find support for yourself or someone you know.

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