Medical fundraising tips

With medical costs rising, more people are looking for ways to keep up with bills without going into debt. Medical crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful tool to combat rising costs. Not only does it help people pay for regular medical costs like prescriptions, doctor visits, and procedures, it also unlocks the possibility of new treatments like stem cell therapy or gender confirmation surgery. Here are some medical fundraising tips we’ve developed to help you raise more money.

Start a medical fundraiser

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Tips for fundraising for medical expenses

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Use the campaign page to tell your story

First, make sure the title of your campaign is specific. “Help Martha Fight Cancer” is better than “Please Donate.” Read our tips for Naming Your Online Fundraiser.

Next, you’ll want to explain the medical situation that you or your beneficiary (the person who’s getting the funds) is going through in the campaign description. This can be tough. But take your time to be as clear and thorough as possible.

Try to answer these questions:

  1. What happened?
  2. What is the recommended treatment?
  3. How will these funds help you or the person you love?
  4. Do you have any pictures that you can include?

Medical issues are personal and sensitive, so please only share the details you’re comfortable with. If you need more help writing, read our blog post Your Crowdfunding Campaign Story: A Comprehensive Guide.

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Share your campaign with friends and family

A successful campaign is one that’s been shared with as many people as possible. It’s often hard to ask for help, but it makes a huge difference. Use social media for sharing. Email communication is another good option. Not sure what to say? Try one of these fundraising email templates.

Campaigns shared on Facebook are three times more successful than those that aren’t, so make sure you take the time to share with your social networks.

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Post updates to keep your supporters involved

Make sure to share any progress or news with your supporters. The best way to do this is to regularly post fundraising updates. Sharing positive photos usually gets the best response.

If you are running a campaign for someone who is ill, it can be really helpful if you get quotes or updates from that person. (Something like, “Things have been difficult lately, but knowing all of you are supporting me through this campaign really makes a difference.”) These kinds of updates help people feel connected even when they can’t visit in person.

Send thank-you messages to supporters

Make sure to let your donors know how much you appreciate their support by sending thank-you messages. Tell them what a difference their donation has made to you or your loved one. Don’t forget to post a final update once you’ve come to the end of your campaign. For additional ways to show gratitude, read our post 20 Affordable Ways to Say Thank You to Donors.

Remember: GoFundMe is here to help

For more inspiration and best practices, check out our Medical Crowdfunding GuideIf you ever need any more help with medical fundraising, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness team. If you haven’t already, start your free fundraiser.

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