Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas: Top 10 Ways to Raise Money

For women in the US, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. While research is advancing and new treatments are giving patients hope, the fight against breast cancer is something no one should go through alone. If you or someone you love needs extra support in the fight against breast cancer or wants to raise funds for further research, give one of these breast cancer fundraising ideas a try.


Support breast cancer patients through crowdfunding

You can join the battle against breast cancer by using crowdfunding and its ability to harness the power of social networks to attract donations. By fundraising for breast cancer, you are helping to improve survival rates and impact the lives of thousands of women fighting the disease. Help find a cure for breast cancer remains a vital cause in the public eye, and support those you love who are battling the disease. Here are some ways GoFundMe makes it easy to raise money to aid in the fight against breast cancer:

You can raise money quickly, safely, and securely online.

  • Funds can immediately be deposited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account for treatment costs.

Sharing updates about your fundraiser’s progress with friends and family is easy via social media, WhatsApp, and email. Keep reading to learn more about breast cancer fundraising ideas.


Top 10 breast cancer fundraising ideas

1. Race or walkathon

Hosting a race or walkathon is a very effective breast cancer fundraising event to gather community members for a very important cause, and it helps get your steps in.

  • Schedule the event with enough lead time so that participants have ample time to train, if necessary.
  • Encourage participants to donate to your online fundraiser as an optional participation cost.
  • Ask participants to share your fundraiser with their social networks to further the reach of your fundraiser.

2. Luncheon or tea party

Host a luncheon or tea party, gathering friends and family for breast cancer fundraising to enjoy a luxurious spread of pastries and tea.

  • Make it a themed event and ask people to arrive in fun attire.
  • Host your tea or luncheon at someone’s house for a more personal environment.
  • Ask everyone to donate to your fundraiser as admission to the event.

3. Haircut party

Do you have a favorite salon or stylist? Think about asking if they’re willing to put together a salon-based party.

  • The salon could offer flat-rate cuts, color, or other services for a day, with all or a portion of the proceeds going to the breast cancer fundraising cause.
  • To increase the number of people participating, ask the salon if you can leave flyers promoting your event.

4. Bake sale

Everybody loves baked goods, especially if they’re for a good cause. Here are a few tips for your bake sale:

  • Ask friends and family members if they can each bake one treat as a donation to your cause.
  • Set up your stand at a sporting event or local school.
  • Make sure to have a sign or flyer letting people know that proceeds will go toward your breast cancer fundraiser.

5. Host a car wash

There’s a reason car washes are among the most common types of breast cancer fundraising events—they’re a great way to get donations!

  • Ask friends and family members to donate their time to come out and help wash cars.
  • Strike up a conversation with people getting their car washed and share your cause and share across Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Have a phone or tablet on hand so donations can be made directly to your fundraiser with a QR code.

6. Bowling for breast cancer

Reach out to see if your local bowling alley would be willing to donate the use of several lanes for you to host a breast cancer fundraising event.

  • Invite friends, family members, coworkers, and community members to come and bowl to support breast cancer research.
  • Challenge participants to donate money that matches their bowling score for the evening.
  • As admission, come up with a suggested donation amount to your online fundraiser. Take breast cancer fundraising even further by asking participants to donate from their mobile devices during the event.

7. Pink party

Host a party that requires guests to wear pink clothing and serve pink food and drinks to support breast cancer awareness.

  • Ask attendees to pay a set admission fee to the party through a donation to your online fundraiser.
  • Reach out to local restaurants to donate drinks and snacks for the event.
  • At the party, have raffles and auctions for items donated by community members and local businesses.

8. Flower fundraiser

Contact a local florist to see if they would be willing to partner with you to hold a breast cancer awareness fundraiser around a holiday such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

  • Ask if the florist will donate a percentage of all red or pink roses sold to your fundraiser.
  • In turn, they will receive an advertisement from you as you spread the word about your fundraiser.

9. Garage sale

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to participate by donating items for a garage sale to raise money for a breast cancer nonprofit. You can host the garage sale in your neighborhood community center.

  • Make signs notifying everyone that all proceeds from your garage sale will benefit your breast cancer awareness fundraiser.
  • Leave a donation jar visible so that people can make additional cash donations.
  • Promote your garage sale with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.

10. Throw a BBQ

Partner with local restaurants and food trucks to throw a big BBQ in the parking lot of the local middle school to provide financial help for cancer patients.

  • Charge an admission fee that goes directly to your GoFundMe fundraiser.
  • Recruit students from local schools to donate baked goods and volunteer to serve food.
  • Ask restaurants and food trucks to donate a set of dishes for the event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.
  • Promote the BBQ on social media and ask those who can’t join to donate directly to your GoFundMe fundraiser.

Raise money to aid in the fight against breast cancer

From funding breast cancer research to raising money to pay medical bills for yourself or a loved one, GoFundMe is here to help every step of the way. Starting a fundraiser is quick and easy. Sign up today to get started.