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Fundraiser Promotion

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or cause by raising money from a large number of people, typically through the internet. Similar to crowdfunding, Twitter connects people to each other through tweets on the social media platform. GoFundMe and Twitter both bring people together, so why not combine them into your fundraising strategy? Once you have launched your campaign, follow these steps to learn how to fundraiser on Twitter.

1. Build a community

According to Twitter, research shows that tweets that include photos receive 313% more engagement. If you would like to see more donations, you need more people to see your fundraiser, which means using more photos in your tweets. Try using a free tool like Canva to create eye-catching images easily to pair with your fundraiser.

2. Generate custom links

To gauge how well your fundraising efforts are going on Twitter, create custom links to add to your tweets. Bitly is another free and useful tool that you can use to see how people are reacting and engaging with your content. If you notice that people are clicking on your link more when you share fundraiser updates, adjust your strategy to create more content around your good news. Plus, using Bitly will shorten your link which will help give you more space to share your story within Twitter’s 280 character limit.

3. Experiment with promotion

A strong social media strategy includes a variety of content. Avoid using the same messaging in every tweet, and think outside of the box. Instead of tweeting “Please donate to my GoFundMe fundraiser,” try sharing an image you created on Canva that includes an inspirational quote and tweet “This is one of [beneficiary name]’s favorite quotes. Consider donating to help him/her stay positive.”

4. Share tweets on Facebook

If you think your Facebook audience would benefit from seeing your Twitter content, consider connecting your two accounts. After you publish tweets or retweet great content on Twitter, you can showcase them on your Facebook page after connecting your accounts.

5. Inspire others to donate and share

Not only will you be doing all of the promoting, you will want your family, friends, and other Twitter users to do the same. Having others promote your fundraiser will help spread the word to other audiences that you may not have been able to reach. Besides asking people to share your fundraiser, you can reach out to them directly to ask for donations. See our blog post for help on how to ask people for donations.

Twitter helps spread awareness for your campaign

There are 1.3 billion registered Twitter users on the platform, so what better place to share your fundraiser? Start by creating and fostering a community and inspire others to promote and you’re on track to completing a successful GoFundMe fundraising campaign. Start you free fundraiser today.

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