Creative Workplace Fundraising Ideas for Your Company

Is your work planning for the next team building activity? There are many team building activities that go beyond the typical pizza party or game night. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea, consider workplace fundraising. With workplace fundraising, your team can build camaraderie and give back to your local community all at once. Research the different charities in your area that are doing impactful work. Then, try one of the following workplace fundraising ideas to start raising money for them as a team. Together, your team will boost morale while making a difference for a meaningful cause.


How do you rally your team together for a fundraiser?

Fundraising as a team is not only fun but also effective. With everyone working towards the same goal, you’ll be able to lean on one another for support and share fundraising responsibilities. To make things even easier, consider using GoFundMe Team Fundraising. With GoFundMe Team Fundraising, you have all the same features as individual fundraisers plus additional tools to foster collaboration. One of these tools are dashboards to track each team member’s fundraising progress.

To ensure your team is on the right path to fundraising success, follow these team fundraising tips and apply them to one of our workplace fundraising ideas:

  • Gather your team so that you can add each member’s name and photo to your fundraiser.
  • Assign team responsibilities such as someone who will post fundraiser updates, someone who will send thank you notes, and so on.
  • Create your GoFundMe fundraising page by adding your team name and photo. We suggest using your work’s logo as your team photo. Additionally, brainstorm a captivating title, story, and add any other photos and videos you’d like to include.
  • Strategize how to share your fundraiser with your friends and family, on social media, and beyond. With crowdfunding, you’ll be able to reach an even wider audience.
  • Keep your donors informed by posting regular fundraising updates and explaining how your team is making an impact with the money that is raised.

Virtual office fundraising ideas

Due to COVID, your company might be working remotely for the foreseeable future. We’ve gathered some fundraising ideas for remote workers so that your team can safely participate from home.


1. Host a mental health workshop

Workplace mental health has been an important topic of conversation, especially since many companies have shifted to working remotely. Hosting a virtual mental health workshop is a great way to connect with other colleagues, learn from each other, and share experiences. Consider having a mental health charity host the workshop so your team can get insight about the work they’re doing. Then, start online mental health fundraising for the charity to raise money and awareness for their cause.


Virtual meeting on laptop2. Organize an office quiz night

Friendly competition during an office quiz night can motivate employees and build rapport. Since this event will be held virtually, still host as if it was being done in person. Charge participants an entry fee to play. Have them pay on an online payment platform such as Venmo or PayPal. The money that is collected will go towards a charity that matters to your team. You can either have people participate individually or in groups. Come up with fun questions or look online for questions testing general knowledge. Your team will be inspired knowing that they’re playing for a good cause.


3. Run a virtual food drive

Turn a traditional food drive into an online one. Find a local charity or food bank that helps feed those in need. It’s important to reach out to the organization to make sure you can fundraise for them on their behalf. Once you have that all sorted out, easily start an online fundraiser for them. Set a goal for how much your company would like to raise and create a donation page. Read our blog to learn more about how to plan a donation drive.

In-person fundraising ideas for work

Looking for in-person, inexpensive fundraising ideas for your workplace? Bring your team together to help the wider community with the following activities.


4. Coordinate an inter-department sports tournament 

Hit the field with a company sports tournament. This gives your colleagues the opportunity to bond while getting some exercise away from the office. Have participants pay an entrance fee so that the money collected will go toward a charity. Play a variety of games such as soccer and tug-of-war. The teamwork and communication throughout the tournament will help with team building. Most importantly, your team will be giving back to the community.


A group of people volunteering5. Set up a community service day

Taking part in community service is an impactful way to help your community. This gives your team a hands-on experience to do work that is making a difference. Make a list of local charities and have your team vote for which one they’d like to volunteer for. The charity with the most votes will be the one your team does community service for. We recommend choosing one non-profit organization for this so that your entire team can be together while volunteering. Volunteering as a group will form stronger connections.


6. Plan an office party for a cause

An office party is always a good time. This can just be an informal gathering if your team prefers. Brainstorm different themes like a disco or superhero party. Depending on what theme your team chooses, make sure everyone dresses for the occasion. Once you have a theme, decide on what kind of food and drinks to serve. Raise money for a cause by either setting up a donation jar or selling tickets to attendees. Check out our top fundraising event ideas for more fun ways your team can come together to give back.


Get your team together for a good cause

Workplace fundraising has many advantages ranging from team building to bettering the community. It also breaks up the work week for your team while practicing corporate social responsibility. GoFundMe is here to help your team fundraise together. Before you get started, take a peek at our blog for easy steps on how to raise money. Sign up today to start workplace fundraising for an important cause.