Giving Tuesday is November 30, 2021

Rally Your Community For Your Cause This Giving Tuesday

Create a Giving Tuesday fundraiser in minutes, share in seconds, and easily rally your donor community around your cause. Seeing your charity succeed is important to us. That’s why we’ve created all the free resources and tools you need to get your Giving Tuesday fundraiser up and running quickly.

Three simple steps to a successful Giving Tuesday fundraiser

Over 30% of annual giving happens in the last month of the year. Here are three steps to start bringing in donations.


Start your Giving Tuesday fundraiser
Join our community of over 100+ million people. Start in just 5 minutes.


Share with your supporters
Easily share to Facebook and Instagram, or via text or email. Drop a link to your fundraiser anywhere you engage with your donors.


Stay focused on what matters most
We send donations directly to your charity, leaving more time for you to focus on fundraising for your cause.

Resource Spotlight

Retaining donors beyond Giving Tuesday campaigns

Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest charitable giving days of the year. It’s also one of your biggest opportunities to begin new and valuable relationships with new and existing donors. GivingTuesday.com states that donors that engage in Giving Tuesday are 10-15% more likely to give again.

Learn how to convert one-time donors into lifetime supporters by creating enduring and meaningful relationships.

Raise more money year-round on GoFundMe

Use GoFundMe for more than just Giving Tuesday. If you’re new to GoFundMe, you can claim your charity to access special features that will help you build stronger relationships with donors and raise more money throughout the year.


Get access to data you can trust
Understand your supporters better. Download key fundraising information and donor insights.


Keep more of the money you raise
Learn more about our competitive pricing for charity fundraising.


Create a universal place for fundraising
Make GoFundMe your home for fundraising. Keep your fundraiser going year-round so donors know exactly how to support you.