GoFundMe’s CEO Rings Opening Bell at NASDAQ on Giving Tuesday

by November 29, 2023

In honor of Giving Tuesday, GoFundMe CEO, Tim Cadogan, rang the NASDAQ opening bell. He was joined by over 50 members of the GoFundMe community including fundraisers, Classy nonprofit customers, GoFundMe.org grantees, and representatives from GivingTuesday.org.

GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan rings the NASDAQ bell
GoFundMe’s CEO Tim CadagoRings Opening Bell at NASDAQ on Giving Tuesday

“Giving Tuesday” started in 2012 with the simple idea of creating a day to do good. It has since grown into a globally recognized movement to support the causes, organizations and communities about which people care most deeply.

In his remarks, Tim reflected on the power of help and how it can strengthen communities and enable economic growth. “So on this special day honoring giving, let’s celebrate all the brave people out there who are asking for help.” said Cadogan. “I’d like to recognize the individuals and the representatives of noble organizations for all your work unlocking social good. It’s an honor to work with and for you.”

Since GoFundMe’s community pioneered peer-to-peer giving over a decade ago, we’ve remained laser-focused on helping to redefine how people help each other.

From campaigns supporting veterans and small business owners to those dedicated to helping teachers fund their classrooms, GoFundMe has created a trusted place for countless stories of compassion and solidarity. Our global community has come together to raise more than $25 billion to support the people, causes, and nonprofits that matter most to them.

Cadogan ended his remarks by announcing that on Giving Tuesday GoFundMe would match the next $50,000 in contributions to GoFundme’s Holiday Drive, a campaign launched to assist individuals with essential needs like rent, food, and bills.