GoFundMe.org Releases Annual Report for FY 2023

by August 30, 2023

GoFundMe.org was established in 2017 as an independent public charity with a mission to provide crisis relief and support charitable causes.  It has become  a trusted, central place where individuals can donate money to help address urgent needs, support communities, and drive long-term change. In partnership with GoFundMe.com and thousands of donors, GoFundMe.org has granted over $156 million through more than 150 funds and over 15,000 grants, helping people rebuild their communities after a natural disaster, providing assistance to struggling families, supporting teachers and students, and much more. 

Giving generous people a powerful place to give

Our partnership with GoFundMe.org creates a tremendous opportunity for action and impact. By providing financial support that covers the majority of GoFundMe.org’s operating expenses, we help them yield a 96% efficiency rate, so when they raise money for charitable causes and execute grants, it’s nearly dollar for dollar.  Grants go directly to people and organizations closest to the hardship and societal need. 

In FY 2023, GoFundMe.org:

  • Gave over $13.5 million to individuals and nonprofits via 2,000+ separate grants, including
    • $1 million for relief efforts via nine crisis response funds; and,
    • $12 million in support of charitable causes through eleven partner philanthropic funds.

We’re proud to partner with GoFundMe.org, extending the reach and impact of our generous community, while helping drive critical social change. You can learn more about GoFundMe.org’s activities and impact in their FY ‘23 annual report.