Holiday Drive

Spread warmth this holiday season by helping people cover rent, food, and monthly bills. When we all come together, look what help can do.

Your donation helps many people
with rent, food, and bills

When bills pile up

“I have not been able to work because I am a full time caregiver and single mother. These funds will help us tremendously.”

Sheronda, grant recipient in Irving, TX

When savings run out

“I’ve always been the only provider for my kids and when I lost my job it was devastating to say the least! This grant has helped me tremendously. It’s being put towards savings for me and my kids.”

Nina, grant recipient in West Valley City, UT

When rents keep rising

“I am only able to survive with help from friends and family. I have very little money and am on the verge of becoming homeless. These donations help so that I may pay bills and rent during this period.”

Jami, grant recipient in Lincoln, NE

How your donation helps


People start fundraisers for help with essentials like rent, food, and utilities.


GoFundMe.org, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, verifies eligible fundraisers.


Your donation gets distributed to help as many people as possible.