Look What Help Can Do: GoFundMe’s 2023 Year in Review

by December 5, 2023

Today, GoFundMe released its 2023 Year in Help report. Highlighting stories of resilience, 2023’s most generous communities, and fundraising data, the report reveals the impact of more than 30 million people who gave or received help on GoFundMe this year.

Our Year in Help report shows that people started fundraisers for a wide range of causes this year, from paying off student loans and keeping businesses open, to caring for animals and rebuilding after natural disasters. 

  • 94,000+ fundraisers were started to support businesses 
  • $106+ million raised for natural disaster relief 
  • 240,000+ fundraisers were started for animal-related causes
  • GoFundMe.org granted $13.5 million+ to individuals and nonprofits

In the US, people turned to GoFundMe in response to macroeconomic challenges and societal shifts, including:

  • The end of pandemic-era meal programs in schools.
    Fundraisers started for lunch debt increased 4.5x in 2023. 
  • The end of student loan payment forgiveness.
    Fundraisers for student loan debt increased 40% in October compared to the previous year.
  • Increased needs for seniors and their families.
    Senior care fundraisers increased nearly 10% YoY. 

We also learned more about how people give, with $50 being the most commonly donated amount. Donations were appreciated thoroughly, with over 19 million thank you notes sent to donors worldwide.

The statistics in this year’s report reflect the courage of people who ask for help and the generosity of donors who continue to show up. And our community continues to grow—more than 2 million fundraisers were started by first-time organizers this year. 

Delivering on our mission

At GoFundMe, we’re dedicated to helping people help each other. This year, we launched several new tools and partnerships to help customers connect and succeed, including:

With 39 million donations, your help made 2023 a better year.

Explore the Year in Help report for more stories, data, and generosity.