Introducing new ways to fundraise

by April 20, 2023

Powerful tools to help our community succeed

Today, we’re unveiling the largest update to GoFundMe since we started in 2010. We’ve always been dedicated to helping people help one another. That’s why we’re focusing on our efforts to help you, our organizers, succeed, from starting a fundraiser to managing and sharing it. Our updates include:

  • More ways to tell your story — With the new ‘record a video’ option, you can add a personal touch to your fundraising story and launch your GoFundMe fundraiser in minutes while on-the-go in the GoFundMe app.
  • Everything you need to grow — We’ve completely redesigned the fundraiser management dashboard to guide you through the fundraising journey with personalized tips, resources, thank you options, transfer status and more.
  • Going beyond your personal networks — Our new partnership with Nextdoor makes it easier than ever to connect fundraisers with a local community of people who are eager to help.

More ways to tell your story

Every story matters, and we want people to have a choice in the way they tell theirs. If you prefer talking to writing, the new ‘record a video’ option allows you to ask your community for help as if you’re talking with a friend. Just tap record, tell your story, and share with your community.

The new video option helps build trust and connection by giving you an interactive way to explain how donations will make a difference. Melae L. was one of the first people to use ‘record a video’: “The option to record my story eliminated stress and gave me the opportunity to show the passion and importance of my goal.”

The video option is currently available on the GoFundMe app, for organizers in the US.

Everything you need to grow

Here at GoFundMe, we have over a decade of knowledge and data on what contributes to a successful fundraiser. We’re turning those insights into the newly imagined fundraiser management dashboard to support you through the entire fundraising process.

With personalized tip cards, you’ll be coached on when, where, and how to share your fundraiser to help raise more funds. We’re taking out the guesswork of fundraising so you won’t have to ask “what’s next?” again. We know what actions organizers need to take, and the new dashboard will make timely recommendations based on where you’re at in your fundraising journey.

Going beyond your personal networks

Our new partnership with Nextdoor, the neighborhood network, makes it easy to share your fundraiser directly with people nearby. We are the first and only online fundraising platform to integrate with Nextdoor to connect fundraisers with a local community of people who are eager to help.

Whether you need a cup of sugar when you’re out or a helping hand during a storm, some of the first people to ask, “How can I help?” are your neighbors. Sharing to Nextdoor makes it easier to ask for help, beyond your existing personal social networks, by empowering your local community to lend their support and generosity.

Once you’ve created your fundraiser, click the “share” button in your management dashboard and select Nextdoor. You’ll then be prompted to log in to Nextdoor or create an account if you haven’t already. This feature is available today to organizers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Why this matters

By fundamentally redesigning the fundraiser experience, GoFundMe is empowering you and making it easier to ask for and receive help.

“These new capabilities are all focused on one thing — helping make GoFundMe organizers more successful,” says J Allard, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoFundMe. “These tools give GoFundMe organizers new ways to tell, manage and share their fundraisers and receive more help from their digital and local communities.”

“The way people tell and share stories is constantly changing so we are evolving the ways people can ask for help,” said Tim Cadogan, GoFundMe CEO. “This renewed approach to fundraising aims both to empower more people to ask for help and to enable our customers to become as successful as possible at fundraising.”

There’s more to come. We’re focused on continuing to use our decade of fundraising expertise to build new tools and help more people.