A Year in Help: The 2022 GoFundMe Year in Review

by December 6, 2022

A Year in Help: The 2022 GoFundMe Year in Review

Today, GoFundMe released our annual end of year report that reflects our community’s impact in advancing our mission of helping people help each other. When you look at all the people who helped each other on GoFundMe by starting a fundraiser or making a donation — 28 million this year alone — you start to see a bigger picture. Through the storms, sickness, and new opportunities, we are connected to one another through help.

This year, we created new opportunities to help more people and organizations by expanding our business and launching tailored fundraising experiences. Our community helped provide the essentials during record-high inflation, advanced educational dreams, and supported people whose lives were uprooted by natural disasters, war, and loss.

Highlights from this Year in Help:

We grew our giving community: GoFundMe acquired Classy, a leading nonprofit fundraising software company that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about. Together, we have empowered people and organizations to raise more than $25 billion since 2010.

We supported those impacted by war: The GoFundMe and Classy community together raised more than $250 million from over 2.1 million donations for humanitarian aid in and around Ukraine. The ‘Stand With Ukraine’ fundraiser launched by Mila & Ashton Kutcher in partnership with GoFundMe.org, became the second-largest GoFundMe of all time, raising $37 million from over 75,000 donations.

We activated around global crises: Whether in our backyard, or across the world, people showed the power of help by instinctively turning to GoFundMe in times of need. More than 85,000 donations were made to our verified crisis hubs to help people and communities that were forever changed in the wake of natural disasters, violence and accidents. On May 26, more people donated to a GoFundMe than any other day this year as people helped families affected by the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting.

We helped provide essentials: Rising inflation and supply shortages affected us and our neighbors, leading to a 110% increase in fundraisers for baby formula and a 60% increase in fundraising for gas. We made helping easier with the Essentials Fund where one donation extends to help many people pay for essentials like rent, food, and utilities.

We uplifted communities: To honor those who served our country, we created a new Veterans hub which raised more than $150,000 to help our heroes with both their needs and dreams. We invested in a better future for the next generation by starting the HBCU Textbook Fund to help students pay for textbooks — nearly $30,000 has been donated to date.

Generosity across the country

These lists are based on the number of donations, per capita on GoFundMe and Classy, a GoFundMe affiliate.

Most Generous States

Most Generous Cities

Thank you to our community that continues to show us how powerful help can be. We are honored to help you, help each other. To view all the ways we came together this year see here: www.gofundme.com/2022.