15 Fun and Easy Booster Club Fundraisers Ideas That Work

Booster clubs are similar to a PTA. Both are parent groups that are volunteer-based. However, booster clubs focus on supporting particular areas such as sports, theater, music, and other school programs. When certain equipment or programs aren’t covered by a school, booster clubs offer financial assistance.

Since booster clubs do everything from event planning to supporting classroom needs, it is important for these groups to raise money. If you’re a member of a booster club, we’ve gathered unique booster club fundraisers ideas for your group to continue doing great work for the school and students in your community.

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What makes a successful booster club?

Launching a successful fundraiser is the first step toward a successful booster club. Both organizing booster club fundraisers and volunteering time have a direct impact on the achievements of an activity or program. Besides providing financial help, booster clubs also offer emotional support for a team or program. When booster clubs accomplish these various functions, they are a valuable resource for a school, program, or activity.


How do booster clubs raise money? 

Through fundraising, booster clubs are able to raise money for the programs and activities they support. There are several different ways booster clubs can raise funds ranging from community fundraisers, fundraiser sales, and sponsorship fundraising ideas. Check out our other school fundraising ideas for even more inspiration.


Sports fundraiser ideas for booster clubs

If you’re a part of an athletic booster club, sports fundraisers can be a great way to raise money. Try one of these sports fundraising ideas to raise funds for things your sports team may need such as sport equipment costs and new uniforms.

  • A fun-run (5K or 10K). Fundraise by charging an entry fee or asking for sponsorship. Suggest that runners can dress up to make it more fun and appropriate for high school kids.
  • Team sports tournaments. Mini knock-out tournaments for soccer, basketball, etc. Fundraise by charging an entry and/or spectator fee.
  • Golf tournament. This is fun especially if the school has access to a local course as you can often ask for reduced prices during the week.
  • Crowdfund for your team. By crowdfunding on GoFundMe, you can easily share your fundraiser on social media with your friends and family to increase reach and maximize donations.


Community event fundraiser ideas for booster clubs

Looking for high school booster club fundraising ideas? Bring the whole community together for an event that will not only be fun but will raise funds, too. The following ideas are quick and easy for a booster club to set up and run:

  • Bingo tournament. Everyone can get involved—have a charge for entry, and parents or the local community can provide prizes.
  • Car wash. Students in the booster club can wash the community’s cars for a small fee.
  • Gift-wrap fundraiser. Particularly in the holiday season, booster club members can offer to wrap presents for a small fee.
  • Drive-in movie night. Sell tickets for a movie drive-in. Offer snacks for sale as a bonus way to fundraise.


Fundraiser sales for booster clubs

Selling a product is an effective way to receive financial support. All of the money that is made from fundraiser sales can go toward a booster club’s team or program. Consider these creative fundraising ideas for your booster club:

  • Bake sale. Invite parents and students to bake together and sell their creations.
  • Car boot sale. Encourage everyone to clear out their junk for a good cause.
  • Art sale. If your booster club likes to get creative, this is a great opportunity to make some extra cash from your efforts.
  • Book sale. Collect books that are no longer needed and sell them within your community.


Other fundraiser ideas for booster clubs

Whether you’re looking for band booster fundraising ideas or ways to raise money for your academic booster club, these unique fundraising ideas are simple and fast for any booster club to do:

  • Wear your pajamas to school. Every student pays a small sum to wear their pajamas to school for a day.
  • Scavenger hunt. Charge entry fees for individuals and teams, and have those from the local community donate prizes.
  • Dance marathon. Pay an entry fee and see which members of the community can dance and stay on their feet for the longest.


Raise money for your booster club today

The members of booster clubs dedicate a lot of time and effort to make sure a school and its programs can do their best work. Through online fundraising, booster clubs can raise the funds they need to support their specific teams or programs. After you’ve picked one of the booster club fundraisers ideas, take a look at these GoFundMe success stories to inspire you to start a fundraiser of your own today.