Sports Team Fundraising Tips

Playing on a sports team is a positive learning experience for any individual. Kids especially can benefit from learning how to work with others, gaining communication skills, and engaging in physical exercise.

Start a sport team fundraiser

Sadly, the high costs of club sports are preventing some kids from getting to participate. Research from Utah State University revealed that some families are spending as much as 10% of their income on sports alone. Crowdfunding is the perfect solution for these skyrocketing costs.

Here are some of our best sports team fundraising tips for making your fundraiser a success. And don’t forget to check out other sport fundraisers for inspiration.

Best practices for sport team fundraising

Introduce your team

On your fundraiser page, tell us all about your team. Go ahead, brag! You can share details like past accomplishments, awards, or special team qualities. If possible, post a photo and personalized bio from each player. The more people feel connected to your team, the more likely you are to get donations. Read Your Fundraiser Story: A Comprehensive Guide for help getting started.

Get the word out

Now it’s time to share your team’s fundraiser far and wide. Get the word out through Facebook, text messages, in person, and email about your cause and get the first donations rolling in. Encourage those who can’t donate to share your fundraiser link with their social networks.

Share updates and photos often

Sometimes, even your biggest supporters can’t make every single game. Make your fundraiser a one-stop-shop for all team updates and photos. That way, everyone can stay on top of your team’s latest news—and root you on. Learn our tips and tricks for writing a fundraiser update.

Show your appreciation

Now it’s time to give your supporters a big round of applause—after all, they have been working pretty hard to cheer you on to success. Sending thank-yous to your donors helps to show them how much their kindness and generosity means to you and the team. Let them know that, win or lose, you were glad to have them supporting your team. If you need help, read our blog post 20 Affordable Ways to Say Thank You to Donors.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Sports team fundraising is a great way to get your group working towards a common end goal. Need new uniforms? Need to fund travel to the tournament? Crowdfunding is your team fundraising solution. If you haven’t already, start your fundraiser today.