Building Your Fundraiser With a Title and Your Story

Tips for how to create a title and how to write a compelling fundraiser description.


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How do I write a compelling fundraiser title?

A good story needs a proper title to match it. Be sure to start with a title that’s easy to find and stands out.

Be clear

Lead with the name of the person or the organization that you’re raising money for.

Attract interest

Your title is what people see first. Use clear, descriptive words to draw people in to learn more about your fundraiser.

Get to the point

We’ve noticed that titles with four to eight words make the most money. So keep it simple.

Create a hashtag

Create a hashtag to make it easier to find, follow, and share your fundraiser on social media. Choose something recognizable that relates to your fundraiser.

Tip: Use a popular song that related to your cause. It will help distinguish your fundraiser. For example, Support Jillion Potter’s Fight Against Cancer #withyou.

How to draw donors in with your story

Your fundraiser description, or story, should be authentic and concise. Avoid overwhelming readers with too many details. Remember, you can always update your story with new information or progress reports.

Answer potential questions

Start with the basics of who you are, why you’re raising money, and why this is important to you. If you’re truthful about what you’re going through, donors might relate better to your story.

Being honest pays off

Being clear about why you’re fundraising, and how the donations will be used. Donors like to see exactly where their contribution goes.

Word count matters

We recommend that your fundraiser descriptions have 400 words or more to receive more donations. Length matters, but your story matters more.

Make It easy to read

Break text up into shorter sections. Use subheads to summarize the main points. Readers like easy-to-navigate text.

Tip: If you live in an area that speaks multiple languages it can be useful to translate your story. For example, Help Save Matthew – Aidez-nous à Matthew!

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Tomorrow’s lesson will teach you how to re-engage donors with updates. Communicating with your supporters is a sure way to solidify continued donor support.