25 Essential Resources for Seniors Seeking Financial Help

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If you are finding finances a cause of stress even after retirement, you are not alone. More than 22% of Americans have savings of less than $5,000 for retirement, and 15% have nothing saved for retirement at all. If you or a senior you care for is struggling financially, know that there are resources available to provide help and hope. Read on to discover ways to find financial help for seniors.

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Organizations that help senior citizens

There are many fundraising platforms and nonprofit organizations that help senior citizens with programs and benefits. Below we’ve listed six of these resources and charities you can turn to when you are in need of emergency financial assistance

1. Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America provides help for senior citizens through a series of service programs. They offer senior benefits such as meal programs, transportation, Medicare enrollment support, nursing care, affordable housing, and more benefits programs for low-income seniors. 

2. Senior Living

Senior Living is one of the most complete databases of senior living options, including everything from independent living to hospice-based care. 

3. GoFundMe

When you need financial help fast, crowdfunding is your answer. With GoFundMe, there are no long waiting periods to receive your funds and it’s a trusted way for your community to support you or a loved one. Thousands of people start fundraisers every day to get the help they need. From in-home care, to meal services, you can find help on GoFundMe.

4. Feeding America

Feeding America helps feed the hungry in the US. They provided nearly 166 million meals for seniors as stated in their 2020 Annual Report. This nonprofit organization works with a nationwide network of food banks to distribute meals to those in need. 

5. Retirement Jobs

Retirement Jobs helps seniors beat age bias by matching them with companies looking for skills and expertise. They also offer resume critiques to help you land the job you want.

6. Dental Lifeline Network

A nonprofit dedicated to providing benefits programs such as access to dental care, Dental Lifeline Network offers help with dental costs through its state or nationwide dental programs. Most of their programs operate through a network of volunteer dentists and dental labs across the US.

Government financial help for seniors

Retirement should be a peaceful time, spent from the stresses of working life. Unfortunately, many in retirement worry about how to get help with bills, both for everyday necessities and unexpected emergencies. Thankfully, the government programs listed below provide much-needed financial help for seniors. 

7. iCanConnect

Located in all 50 states, iCanConnect provides training and equipment for senior citizens with significant hearing and vision loss. The program helps cover the cost of computers, braille displays, smartphones, tablets, and more. 

8. USDA Housing Repair Grants

Government benefits programs for seniors offered by the USDA comes in the form of single-family housing repair loans and grants. These grants come with eligibility requirements, and loans are offered at a 1% fixed interest rate over a 20-year term.

9. Housing and Urban Development Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers several programs for low income seniors who need help supplementing their income. Homeowners aged 62 and up who have paid off their mortgage may qualify for HUD’s reverse mortgage program, or a subsidized property if you rent.

10. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides federally funded assistance for families. This program also offers help for seniors with low-income that need assistance with managing the cost of home energy bills.

11. Medicaid

Medicaid offers all-inclusive health care programs for the elderly, ranging from nursing home care to medical care and prescription drugs. They also provide home and community-based attendant care services that would otherwise be too costly to pay out of pocket. 

12. Medicare

Medicare beneficiaries with limited income may be eligible to participate in the Extra Help program, which provides prescription help that is worth up to $5,000 per year. The state also offers financial assistance for seniors through the Medicare Savings Programs, which can help pay your Medicare premiums and deductibles. 

13. Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program ensures that low-income individuals have access to locally grown produce. Eligibility restrictions apply, and your total household income must be within 185% of the federal poverty level. 

14. Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Individuals aged 60 and up may be eligible to receive food packages from the Commodity Supplemental Food Program

15. Social Security

Social security beneficiaries can apply for personal or spousal retirement benefits, provided that they are at least 62 years old. 

16. BenefitsCheckUp

The National Council of Aging’s program called BenefitsCheckUp is a directory of government programs that are available nationwide. From medications and healthcare, to tax relief and senior employment, there are more than 2,500 benefits programs offering help for senior citizens. 

17. IRS Elderly Tax Credit

The IRS Elderly Tax Credit may help reduce the amount of tax you owe each year if you meet certain eligibility criteria. 

Help for seniors living alone

Many seniors want to continue to live independently in their own homes but may need assistance with everyday activities like cooking and shopping. Thankfully, there are many programs that help seniors who are living by themselves. 

18. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels operates throughout the nation, serving home-cooked, nutritious meals to adults aged 60 and above. People with limited mobility are served at their homes, while those mobile enough are encouraged to join others for a meal in a group setting.

19. AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps Seniors are volunteer workers who are seniors themselves. They help with a variety of programs such as offering assistance with daily tasks as well as providing much-needed companionship to seniors. 

20. National PACE Association

The Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) offers medical, rehabilitation, personal, and other types of care so your loved one can continue to live at home. 

21: ADA Paratransit

The ADA Paratransit program offers complementary services to eligible seniors, with no limit on the number of trips requested. 

22. National Adult Day Services Association

The National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) has centers nationwide that offer numerous services to individuals who want to remain living within the community. These health and social services provide supervised care outside of the home in the daytime to seniors. Additionally, these adult day centers can also be a more cost-effective solution. 

Benefits programs for seniors with pets

For seniors, owning a pet can provide a level of companionship that is essential to health and wellbeing. But owning a pet is costly, and some owners may find themselves worrying about how to get help with vet bills, pet food costs, and vaccinations. Thankfully, there are plenty of organizations that provide financial help for seniors with pets. 

23. Elder Paws Senior Dog Foundation

Elder Paws Senior Dog Foundation is a non profit that strives to make a positive impact on both people/veterans and senior dogs in their community through implementation of their innovative programs. 

24. The Humane Society

The Humane Society offers a comprehensive list of resources by state that can help when you are having trouble affording your pet. Aside from assistance with spaying and neutering, these organizations offer support with vaccinations, medications, vet care, and pet food.

25. Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization that offers low-cost spay and neuter services, adoption, and educational programs for pet owners. They also have a database of state and national resources that offer extra financial aid for pet owners.   

Crowdfunding success stories

Read about how others are using the power of crowdfunding to quickly raise money for seniors in need. 

Elderly couple injured in house fire

After grandparents Vincenzo and Felicia were seriously injured in a house fire, their granddaughter Sarah set up a fundraiser to help pay for their medical treatment and hospital bills. Through her fundraiser, she raised nearly $3,000 to help her grandparents recover.

Three wishes for Ruby’s residents 

At the age of 11 years old, Ruby Kate wanted to help senior nursing home residents who didn’t have enough money to pay for simple things, like a haircut or new pair of shoes. She started a fundraiser to help seniors, as well as to start her own nonprofit: Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. To date, Ruby has raised over $250,000 to help nursing home residents across the country. 

Helping the elderly

After her husband tragically passed away, Dolores found herself struggling to pay her bills. Dolores was a customer of Seth who noticed she was experiencing financial hardship. He set up a fundraiser to help Dolores pay for groceries and housing costs. Through his efforts, Seth raised over $27,000—more than five times his original goal. 

Find financial assistance for elderly in need

If you or a senior in your life needs financial aid, we’re here to help. With GoFundMe, you can help the elderly in need fast—without any lengthy applications or deadlines. Sign up today to start your fundraiser, and see what kind of difference you can make in the life of a friend or loved one. 

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