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I always try and donate to GoFundMe fundraisers when I see them, but never thought I'd be using it for myself for something very serious. It's hopefully going to give me enough time to recover. Its such a morale booster as well, just seeing that people are still looking out for each other!

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Patricia RockwoodPatricia RockwoodTemporary Living Expenses

I was hesitant to ask friends for financial help because I've always been independent, so I set a small goal and thought it would be great if I achieved even half of it. But people came through with more than twice my original goal amount, which showed me that people want to be generous at heart. I was overwhelmed. The site was so easy to set up - all you need is a good picture and a clear explanation.

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I would give GoFundMe 5/5. Top marks. When I lost my little brother, and I needed money to help me bury him, the GoFundMe team was brilliant, so empathic, and they were always at hand to reply to all my emails, no matter what time I sent emails to them. The team who always replied to me so promptly, was always so polite, and helpful in all their replies to me, even when I wanted to know how GoFundMe worked, they took their time to explain how GoFundMe worked, and there were no small prints, or things which did not make sense to me. It was all above board and honest. Brilliant, I would recommend GoFundMe to anyone who needs to collect monies.

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I heard of the recent success of a political campaign on GoFundMe, and another campaign similar to mine, so I decided to try a campaign of my own! I had a campaign from 2015 which I had not completed, and as I updated the campaign for 2019 I experienced the same publishing issue. After a brief browse of the Help section, I decided to contact Customer Support and I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted almost immediately by Ruki from the "Customer Happiness" team. She helped to resolve my publishing issue, and she also moved me over to the new funding format. She impressed me with her proactive approach and willingness to see my campaign be successful. I am surprised to already have received a donation to my campaign so quickly!

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Charles-Étienne FerlandCharles-Étienne FerlandEntomology Documentary in Ecuador

The Customer Happiness team at GoFundMe is quick to supply its customers with helpful solutions and answers to any questions I have had. GoFundMe is a simple, elegant and easy-to-use crowdfunding platform for my field entomology documentary project. My sponsors and donors had no problems using it. They liked how visual the campaign became and how they were able to follow the fundraising successes with me. It's easy to share in social media. I can't think of anything to improve. My experience has been nothing but positive! I did not expect to get this far. I'd highly recommend GoFundMe to anyone looking into building a fundraiser campaign. Thanks for having developed such a neat crowdfunding platform. I will definitely come back on GoFundMe for future projects once my documentary is published.

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GoFundMe's customer service is excellent: prompt, courteous, and helpful.

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I found the GoFundMe website very easy to use - even for a novice at such things. Also, the support person that I contacted (Theresa) was very helpful and obviously a caring person. Most importantly GoFundMe worked for me and I actually exceeded my goal.

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Carol RickmanCarol RickmanPlease Help Carol

I've used GoFundMe twice now over the last few years when I've had really serious financial issues. Local resources were of no help to me. But this is a great way to reach out to friends and family who want to help but maybe not know how. More recently I was having trouble managing my fundraiser account. Customer service was very quick to respond to my problem and was able to walk me through what I was trying to do.

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We were confident this was the right platform to go with. What drew us to GoFundMe was that it was a good flexible site where we could get up quickly and reach out to a broad audience. There were no costs associated. We got online and the response has been tremendous. The outpouring from friends, family and people we had never and probably will never meet was very uplifting.

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Anthony CarbajalAnthony CarbajalFor Anthony, With Love

We’re so grateful for GoFundMe. It’s a platform that’s free and makes it easy to share our story. It’s difficult to share your hardship, but GoFundMe makes it easier to talk about it and explain your needs. I encourage everyone who is going through some kind of challenge or hardship in their life to consider using GoFundMe.

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No platform fee and free resources for crowdfunding success.

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Donor protection guarantee

GoFundMe has the first and only guarantee in the industry.

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You may set up a fundraiser for free. All donations are subject to standard transaction fees.* *A 5% fee is applied to withdrawals in these countries: CH, AT, PT, FI, SE, DK, NO, BE, LU.

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