Build a Home in Haiti, Not Stopping

Miguel sat in his driveway, playing his baritone for 7 hours straight to raise money to help Haiti. His family created a GoFundMe to help him fundraise even more, and he’s raised over $5,000 for his amazing cause.

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109 World Mission Trip: Aruba

The island of Aruba is facing a huge crisis–an ever increasing pet population is taking over the island. To help save these cats and dogs, you can donate now to rescue the animals and educate people on the importance of responsible pet ownership.

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Rick “m&m” Johnson In-Home Care Fund

Rick “M&M” Johnson became a beloved local fixture at the county courthouse by singing and greeting regulars by name. His joyful and friendly personality drew him legions of fans, and now they’re all repaying him for years of kindness.

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Help Norma Pay for 24hour Home Care

When Chris met Norma 4 years ago, she changed his life. Now, he’s repaying the favor in the most incredible way — by making sure she finishes the rest of her life inside her beloved home.

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#GoBeyondGiving #BetheInspiration

Sole Bros Inc is an amazing charity helping kids from disadvantaged backgrounds build self esteem. These 8th grade teens are on a mission to give back, and we’re excited to donate $1,000 to their cause. #GivingTuesday #GoBeyondGiving

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500 Miles for a Taxi

After Pamela visited a struggling orphanage abroad, she came home with an unstoppable urge to do something to help. We admire her compassion to give back, so we’re getting her $1,000 closer to her goal. #GivingTuesday #GoBeyondGiving

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Corbin’s Caring Christmas Cause

For the third year in a row, this kid is giving back in a big way to his local animal shelters. We admire Corbin’s amazing generosity, so we’re giving him $1,000 to help him reach his goal in time for the holidays. #GivingTuesday #GoBeyondGiving

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Holiday Help for Detroit Homeless

For the second year in a row, this inspiring college student is helping Detroit’s less fortunate by making care packages to help them beat the cold. We loved Cara’s cause so much, we’re donating $1,000 to thank her for doing good in her community. #GivingTuesday #GoBeyondGiving

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A GoFundMe Giving Tuesday Poem


‘Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the town,
Folks were all dreading what was ‘bout to go down.
They’d saved up their money and gassed up their cars
And set the GPS for where the stores are.

They’d buy and they’d buy. You can just bet
They’d load up their carts. They’d get, get and get.

But when the time came, here’s something strange.
All the stores opened and nobody came.
They stayed home with family, they stayed home with friends.
They looked at the season through a new kind of lens.

“Getting” they said, “Is no way to live.”
Much better than getting is to give, give and give.

But how do you give? It’s not hard. I’ll explain:
You just see a need, then you start a campaign.

Here is a young student who can’t make tuition.
Start a campaign. Bring her dreams to fruition.

Here is a family struggling to cope.
so start a campaign and give them some hope.

And here is a vet whose mortgage is late
And an amazing kid with an uncertain fate

You’ve got the idea. You know what to do.
Start a campaign to help them out too!

Then rally your friends to join in your quest.
That’s how campaigns turn out the best.
Because, you, you, and him, her, him you and me
Are so much more powerful joined together, as “We.”

So let’s get a move on. Let’s contact our friends.
Let’s invite them to be part of the trend

Talk to your siblings, your dad, and your mom
And start your campaign at

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Hey Portlanders! Start a campaign for a neighbor or your community, and you could be one of 5 campaigns that wins $1,000 for your GoFundMe!

It’s our small way of thanking you for paying it forward this holiday season. Start a GoFundMe campaign now, or let a Portlander know! #GoFundPDX

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