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Leah’s Eyes

Born with Incontinentia Pigmentia, a rare genetic condition, 7-year-old Leah Lamerbtus is legally blind. “She is very limited in what... Read more

Skipping to Shanghai

It’s not just a playground game for Eva, Aggie, Heidi, and Sally, the foursome hailing from Sydney, Australia. Skipping together... Read more

Meet Amy.

“It’s so difficult to tell a kid, ‘You’re beautiful just the way you are, but you’re never going to see... Read more

Meet Luis.

“If you could carry around a pocket defibrillator and bring someone back to life, would you do it? Most people... Read more

Meet Chris.

After Chris Van Dorn got his pilot’s license, he learned about a community of pilots who use their aviation skills... Read more

Meet Neil.

After years of working for nonprofits that helped people experiencing homelessness and mental illness, Neil Shah noticed a startling trend:... Read more

Meet Matt.

As a college freshman, Matt Nelson started a Twitter account dedicated to rating adorable dogs. Three years and several memes... Read more

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