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Your story matters, and now there’s a new way to tell it. Record a 60-second video to connect with supporters, only on the GoFundMe app.

GoFundMe Record a Video

Tell your story your way

With video, text, and photos, there are now more ways to tell your unique story.

Launch your fundraiser in minutes

Tap record, tell your story, and share with your community—it’s that simple.

Connect with supporters

Add a personal touch to your fundraiser and share what’s most important to you.

Hear from the community

Shirley Raines

Shirley R.

“Being able to share the work we do in Skid Row has always been important to our funding. Video has helped our audience really see the need first hand.”

photo of woman testimonial

Chrystle G.

“Telling my story with video gave me the opportunity to connect with potential donors by showing my cause and using my own voice for a more personal, emotional connection.”

photo of woman testimonial

Melae’ L.

“The option to record my story on GoFundMe eliminated stress and gave me the opportunity to show the passion and importance of my goal and story.”

How to make a great fundraising video

Find good lighting

Sit facing a window or a light source to get the best lighting for your video.

Choose a quiet place

Find a quiet space to record and make sure you’re not blocking your phone’s microphone.

Speak from your heart

People may feel more inspired to support you if they know what you’re going through and how donations will help.