Fundraising for students and teachers

Whether you’re advancing your own education or that of others, your hard work and dedication are worthy of support. Students and teachers can start a GoFundMe to fundraise for things like tuition, classroom supplies, or study abroad—and getting started is easier than you might think.

For students

For teachers

You can fundraise for things like tuition, books, and study abroad.

Fundraising tips for students

Be specific about where the money you’re raising is going (for example: “$400 for books for Physics class”).

Reach out to alumni—your college or university should have a way to connect with them.

Post frequent fundraiser updates to keep people in the loop. Where are you on the path to reaching your fundraising goal?

Thousands of students have fundraised on GoFundMe

Marveon . Morehouse College

“GoFundMe has allowed 
me to attend the institution of 
my dreams. Without GoFundMe 
I wouldn’t be able to attend Morehouse College.”

Marveon raised over $90,000 towards college tuition and room & board

Daisy . #KidsNeedConnection

“I’m so grateful to the GoFundMe donors who have contributed to #KidsNeedConnection. I love reading their comments about why they want to help bridge the digital divide.”

Daisy raised over $20,000 to help provide laptops to students

Taylor . Spelman College

“If I could sum up my experience using GoFundMe all these years, 
it would be COMPLETELY LIFE CHANGING! It opened a world of opportunities and a network of the kindness of strangers.”

Taylor raised over $34,000 for her college tuition

You can fundraise for things like classroom supplies, sports booster clubs, and prom.

Fundraising tips for teachers

Be specific about where the money you’re raising is going (for example: “$2,000 for a class field trip”).

Include photos and/or videos of students, teachers, and classrooms if possible—donors will love it.

Some schools have guidelines for how money is routed—talk to your school’s leadership to determine how funds should be withdrawn.

Thousands of teachers have fundraised on GoFundMe

Stacey . Howard & Morgan State

“GoFundMe has enabled me to unite my online communities to generously support hundreds of HBCU students through the Ida B. Wells Textbook Fund.”

Stacey raised over $42,000 towards books, laptops, and other supplies for her students

Alexandra . La Merced Academy

“It was amazing to see how many donations came in from across the country! Starting this school year has been less stressful knowing I have the funds to create the classroom my students deserve.”

Alexandra raised over $1,000 to improve learning spaces for individual student learning

Joseph . API Middle Tennessee

“GoFundMe made it easy for us to collect funds and that freed us up to focus on engaging and educating our local community on the issues we are facing.”

Joseph raised over $15,000 to put more Asian-themed books in school libraries across the Nashville area