How do GoFundMe Causes work?


Give a tax-deductible donation to a cause close to your heart.


We send donations to verified fundraisers and charities in that cause.


Get updates on the impact of your donation from the people you help.

More GoFundMe Causes

Justice & Equality

Fund organizations and individuals supporting a more just future through policy reform, legal defense funds, and other critical social justice initiatives.

Learning & Education

Give teachers and students the tools they need to find success in the classroom and create a brighter future.

Animal Rescue

Your donation can help pay for wildlife animal rescue efforts and fund animal welfare organizations.

How does your donation help?

When you donate to a GoFundMe Cause, your donation supports both people in urgent need as well as organizations working on long-term relief.

We’ve done the hard work of finding and verifying those in need, which means you can focus on how to help. Donate to one cause or all five—it’s your choice. See how your donation can help:

$25 buys 10 school lunches for an elementary school student

$60 gives one person a meal every day for a month

$100 gives five animals shelter from the streets

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Make a bigger impact with your donation

GoFundMe® works closely with, an independently registered 501(c)(3) public charity. When you donate to a GoFundMe Cause, we distribute your tax-deductible donation to the individuals, organizations, and charities that need it most. After you donate, we’ll send you updates that explain how your financial support has made a difference. Through GoFundMe Causes, a single donation can change the lives of many.