10 Fraternity/Sorority Fundraising Ideas for A Good Cause

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Fraternity fundraising has been a long-standing tradition. It involves volunteering at soup kitchens in their area or organizing philanthropy events to raise funds for organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. 

According to the National Panhellenic 2022 annual survey of sororities, collegiate and alumnae members donated over $20 million for philanthropy and volunteered half a million hours for national activities. Giving back is a fulfilling experience and an excellent way to demonstrate to your campus community that you are concerned.

Fraternity/sorority fundraising ideas should be fun and creative if you want more participation from your house. However, it’s not easy to develop engaging philanthropy events ideas. We’ve compiled a list of creative fundraising ideas for fraternity and sorority houses.

Why do fraternity/sorority fundraising? 

Philanthropy events serve a dual purpose of addressing social issues in our community while supporting projects and initiatives that may not receive widespread attention or are overlooked in their area. The simplest fraternity fundraiser ideas can create the most impact many times. 

For college students, it goes beyond that. Engaging in fundraising helps to develop valuable soft skills that will be useful in your future career. Communication is a crucial skill to learn as a fundraiser, as it is necessary to persuade people to contribute their resources effectively. Fundraising cultivates grit, multitasking abilities, social awareness, and many other valuable skills.

As a fraternity or sorority, helping other people together is one of the best ways to foster unity and camaraderie among your sisters or brothers. 

Fundraiser ideas for fraternities

Here are some frat philanthropy ideas that are sure to get everyone’s participation and generate donations. 

1. Sell custom t-shirts 

A college student can never have too many t-shirts. This is among the most popular and effective fraternity/sorority fundraising ideas. Design custom t-shirts and sell them through an online distributor. The best thing about this idea is that your customer is not limited to college students. However, you should design with your fellow students in mind and make cool, exciting designs that many will want to wear. Be sure to include the message of the charity you’re raising money for and your fraternity’s brand. 

2. Host a concert 

Guaranteed one of your brothers at your fraternity has a band. One of the best fraternity fundraiser ideas is to ask them to recruit several college bands to donate their time and put together a live concert on the front lawn of the house. 

To raise funds for your cause, you could charge admission to the concert and provide a link to your GoFundMe page for payment. Share information about your cause and the recipient of the donations on the page as well. But let the performers periodically mention the concert’s purpose and encourage donations during their performance.

3. Online date auction 

Create an auction connected to your cause, select a handful of frat brothers to get auctioned off to the public, and ask everyone on campus to join. 

Participants should pay an entry fee to raise money for charity, while audience members can bid to win a two-hour “date” with their chosen participant. It’s one of the most unconventional fraternity fundraiser ideas, but it will excite the crowd to donate.

4. Hot dog eating contest

Are you searching for a fun and impactful way to raise funds for a philanthropic cause through your fraternity? Consider using one of the most fun fundraising ideas for fraternity houses—organizing a hot dog eating contest. This philanthropy event idea can bring your brothers together and involve the entire campus community while also making a positive impact. Ask for a suggestion donation to your GoFundMe fundraiser for entry. Each hot dog consumed by guests can also make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

5. Soccer or any sport tournament

Organize a sports tournament such as pickleball or soccer and encourage Greek and non-Greek organizations to register a team at a fixed price. Fraternities on campus can unite their competitive spirit for a good cause through camaraderie and philanthropy. Create brackets to determine the winning team, and contact local vendors to donate prizes. Every score made in the tournament will help raise funds for a noble philanthropic cause that resonates with many.

Sorority fundraising ideas

6. Start cookie delivery service 

Get your sisters together and bake cookies to sell to your campus community. The best thing about selling food as a fundraising idea is that campus students are usually hungry. Spread the word with posters around campus, posts on Instagram, and encourage those who bought them to post reviews on TikTok. Remember also to include details about the charity that the proceeds will support.

When people make orders, have them provide an address so they can get the cookies dropped off at their doorstep. 

7. Send a care package 

Everyone appreciates a gift, especially when it’s a thoughtful one. School can be challenging, and anything that eases the stress is bound to be appreciated. Your sorority can assemble care packages and get people to order them for friends. It is one of the sorority philanthropy event ideas that everyone can be involved in, as people can send packages to their significant others, their best friends, and more. You can raise more money for charity if you buy the items in bulk and make the care packages yourself. 

8. Rom-com outdoor movie night 

Select a popular romantic comedy that you know your sisters will love. This is one of those sorority philanthropy ideas that can involve the whole campus—invite everyone! When charging for tickets through your GoFundMe page, double-check that all your costs are covered, plus room for donations to be donated to charity.

When planning philanthropy events that involve an outdoor movie, it’s essential to consider the weather forecast, sunset times, and other events happening in the area. Don’t forget to source a screen, snacks and drinks for sale, and the movie itself.

9. Rent-A-Pup with the local shelter

Who doesn’t love dogs? Side effects of this sorority fundraising idea include laughs, giggles, happy people, and de-stressing before final exams. 

Contact your local animal shelter to gauge their interest in participating in a “Rent-a-Pup” fundraiser. You can also spread the word about the event on campus and charge a donation fee for 15-30 minutes of petting and playtime. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase adoptable pets to the community and help dogs find their forever homes. For every donation, you support your chosen philanthropic cause and give these dogs a taste of the good life.

10. Host a walk or run 

Walks and runs have been used to raise money for decades. It’s a proven way to encourage support to raise funds for a cause. Anyone can participate in a run—all they need to do is pay an entry fee. Frat brothers and sorority sisters can go the extra mile by asking their families and social circles to pledge for a mile or two or donate to the cause directly via your GoFundMe page. Attendees run whenever or wherever they like and log their distances and times when they’re done. 

Kickstart your fraternity/sorority fundraising ideas

GoFundMe, one of the best crowdfunding sites available, is the easiest way to get your fundraising ideas for fraternity philanthropy started. Just set up a profile, tell the story behind the charity your house is passionate about, and upload photos and videos to start raising money for philanthropy. 

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