Donate to Texas Winter Storm Relief Fundraisers

Texans are under siege by the aftermath of an unprecedented and deadly winter storm, that left millions of homes and businesses without electricity, water, or access to essential needs in freezing temperatures. 

Donate to Texas winter storm relief today.


disaster relief

Help individuals and families dealing with astronomical electricity bills

Kingwood, TX
I'm Steve Davidson in Humble, Texas, and I will personally benefit from all fund...
Last donation 2d ago
$2,750 raised of $6,500
$2,750 raised
Dallas, TX
During the week of 02/14/2020 Our area of far north dallas dealt with the coldes...
Last donation 11h ago
$2,660 raised of $2,500
$2,660 raised
Frisco, TX
I never thought I would have to do a GoFundMe for something like this, but her...
Last donation 2w ago
$1,296 raised of $400
$1,296 raised

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House fire damage

Find fundraisers for families affected by house fires

Beaumont, TX
A disaster on top of disaster ... our good friend Kevin Fitch and his family hav...
Last donation 5d ago
$20,555 raised of $25,000
$20,555 raised
San Antonio, TX
My mom lives in San Antonio, TX. Like most folks in TX, she didn't have power fo...
Last donation 4d ago
$20,465 raised of $30,000
$20,465 raised
Mesquite, TX
Hello everyone one of our neighbors Ukiah Gilliam and the co-admin for the FB Gr...
Last donation 3d ago
$12,468 raised of $50,000
$12,468 raised

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Texas storm damage

Find fundraisers for families affected by winter storm damage

Kennesaw, GA
TEXANS NEED OUR HELP!! Winter storms wreaked havoc in Texas, where water outa...
Last donation 1h ago
$13,872 raised of $50,000
$13,872 raised
Houston, TX
Our lives flipped upside down this morning when we went to our new apartment &...
Last donation 1w ago
$5,665 raised of $5,000
$5,665 raised
North Richland Hills, TX
February 12 the winter storm hit Texas, February 14 at 2am the power went out in...
Last donation 3d ago
$407 raised of $5,000
$407 raised

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Up-to-date information on the Texas winter storms

Please check the following resources for up-to-date information about the Texas winter storms.