How to Help DACA Recipients Renew their Applications

Those granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are people who are American in every sense but on paper. Despite living nearly their entire lives in the United States, they are under threat of losing their DACA status, including their work authorizations and protection from deportation to countries they barely remember.
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DACA is currently being challenged in the courts, jeopardizing the futures of about 700,000 individuals.
As undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, Dreamers are able to apply for temporary protection from deportation through DACA. These Dreamers’ applications must be renewed every two years to retain the important protections against deportation, along with work authorizations.
Dreamers’ futures remain uncertain and the lives of DACA recipients — and other Dreamers — are hanging in the balance.
Those who have already been granted DACA are — for the moment — able to renew their DACA protections. We have launched this page to help Dreamers pay for their $495 DACA renewal application, allowing them to continue living and working in their communities for another two years. Meet Dreamers who need your support.
**GoFundMe has partnered with on this important cause to help Dreamers keep their protections against the threat of deportation. Numerous organizations are doing important work to protect Dreamers.
Below you will find a list of verified GoFundMe campaigns to support Dreamers renewing their DACA applications. Find a specific campaign below to support, or take action by donating to this general fund, and help protect America’s Dreamers. The general fund will grant money to campaigns for the purposes of covering the $495 cost of the DACA application fee.
If you were ever granted DACA and would like additional information on the renewal process, please visit

If you are a Dreamer seeking DACA renewal and would like to start a fundraiser to fund your renewal, please sign up HERE.

In addition to making grants to individual campaigns, excess funds may be granted to organizations making grants to pay DACA application fees.

Donate to fundraisers that support DACA recipients

Kennedale, TX
I am a DACA recipient. It has changed my life completely and for the better. I d...
Last donation 1mo ago
$370 raised of $800
$370 raised
Milwaukee, WI
As many of you know my DACA renewal got denied. Money is really tight right now ...
Last donation 1mo ago
$660 raised of $1,200
$660 raised
Charlotte, NC
Hello, I've decided to make this GoFund me for my process to renew my DACA by Ju...
Last donation 5mos ago
$670 raised of $1,000
$670 raised
Camas, WA
Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a wife to a dreamer. My husband David has been a...
Last donation 3mos ago
$795 raised of $6,000
$795 raised
Fairfax, VA
Greetings and humble salutations, My name is Mary Kwawu and I am currently a se...
Last donation 1mo ago
$625 raised of $1,000
$625 raised
Seattle, WA
For the past 6 years, my husband Luis Albizo has been a DACA recipient. This has...
Last donation 2yrs ago
$7,770 raised of $7,500
$7,770 raised

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