The Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools & School Clubs

By Dena

The impact of joining a school club has on the shaping of a student’s future is undeniable. Whether it’s the increase of social and technical skills, or gaining the tools needed to better prepare themselves for college, the benefits will broaden an eager student’s horizon. Consequently, supporting these clubs monetarily can quickly turn into a pricey situation.


Nationally recognized clubs often require chapter due costs and other fees for membership. In addition, some leadership events and club competitions require students to pay for their own travel expenses and entry fees.



How to Handle Unexpected Costs


Many students and parents look to their school for assistance with club related expenses. However, new budget plans released by the US federal administration anticipate a major budget cut of $1.2 billion dollars towards the funding of clubs and other afterschool programs for US schools.


Recent studies indicate that US parents pay over $739 per year for their student’s extracurriculars, a 7% increase from 2015. As the cost of after school extracurriculars for students across America increases, many students and parents will need to look for financial support from outside sources.


Fundraising is a great way for parents and students to receive financial support from their community for club expenses. Gone are the days of selling wrapping paper and candy bars door to door if you’re trying to finance your school club’s expenses and fees.


Here are our top tips and fundraising ideas for your school club:



Establish Your Annual Club Budget


Before launching a fundraiser, it’s crucial to meet with your fellow club members to evaluate your current finances and develop a gameplan.


Review Current Finances – Are there funds that carried over from the prior year? Is there any additional funding your club can receive from the local businesses or through grants? These are important questions to address as a group.


List All Club Events For The Year – Compiling a list of all club events for the year, both big and small, will help your club develop an annual budget. For each event, provide an estimate of expenses as well. Here’s an example:


  1. Weekly Meetings ($200)
  2. Movie Night: ($400)[a][b]
  3. Leadership Conference ($3000)
  4. Entry Fee for Competition ($400)


Make sure to breakdown the cost per event for each individual club member! This will help team members establish realistic fundraising goals.



Approve Fundraiser with School Administration


Certain schools may prohibit types of online fundraisers or the sale of items on campus. Most schools also require you to receive approval from the school before launching a fundraiser.


Don’t forget to double check with the administrator to ensure you have a plan for collecting donations and depositing them into your club’s bank account.


Now that you’ve developed a budget and worked out the fundraising requirements from the administration, you can look into the best fundraising strategy for your club.



Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas


1.Custom School Spirit Wear


The Strategy: Your school club can design t-shirts, hats, and stickers for your club. These items can be sold at campus-wide events like football games or soccer tournaments.


The Benefits: Selling club related spirit wear allows you to receive financial assistance through sales and raise awareness for your club.


These items can be designed and purchased online through websites like TeeSpring and CustomInk.


2. Restaurant Fundraiser


The Strategy: Chain restaurants like Chipotle, Panera, and Panda Express allow schools to host restaurant fundraisers. Chipotle allows up to 50% of profits raised to be shared with your school directly!, helps you match up easily with local restaurants who host fundraisers in your area.


The Benefits: These types of fundraisers are simple to set up and allow you to offer something in return for contributions to your school club.


3. Crowdfunding for schools


The Strategy: Major crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe have drastically changed the way people give and receive financial support for school clubs. GoFundMe allows parents and students to share the costs of extracurriculars and gain the financial support through their extended networks. Check out some of the ways these students and parents covered their extracurricular expenses through GoFundMe:


New Orleans Model United Nations team is thrilled that they’ve raised $13k to travel to New York City.


The Model United Nations Team of Encore Academy, a Title 1 school in New Orleans was given the exciting opportunity to attend the Global Classroom International Model United Nations Middle School Conference in New York City.


This team of passionate students needed help covering travel and entrance fees. Their club advisor created a GoFundMe campaign that raised over $13,000 in 3 months. With the financial support they received, they were able to improve their public speaking and debate skills as well as visit the United Nations Headquarters.


The Roboteers Built Their Way to the Championships and Raised $6k on the Way!


When the the Roboteers , Team 10217B from Fruitland Park Elementary School were invited to compete in the VEX Robotics IQ World Championships they were ecstatic! However after reviewing travel and lodging expenses they knew they would need the support of their community to help get them to the  VEX Robotics IQ World Championships.


Club members created a GoFundMe campaign for the their club that raised over $6000 to cover all expenses for the Championship.


Oakland Bicycle Club Continues Riding with the Help of Their Community


The Skyline High Bicycle Club helps high school students develop healthy habits and experience the outdoors through bike races. This amazing club lost financial support from a major organization and created a GoFundMe campaign to help cover these unexpected expenses.


Their Skyline High MTB Team campaign received $5000 to cover the cost of bikes, subsidize their bike jerseys, support races, and to help offset training costs for their volunteer coaches.


The Benefits of Creating a School Club Fundraiser: It’s completely free to start a GoFundMe for your school club. Your GoFundMe can be easily shared by all club members with their social networks and allow you to reach more contributors than in-person fundraisers.


GoFundMe makes it easy to share to FaceBook, Instagram, and by email or texts. Donations can be made with ease and you can send funds raised directly to your school or club bank account.


Your GoFundMe can also be a central website for your club to share announcements and keep supporters in the loop.



Start a Fundraising Campaign Today


Millions of clubs, sports teams, and students have already received financial support through GoFundMe. Click here to start a fundraiser.


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