Summer Camp Fundraising Ideas That Drive Support

For children and adults alike, summer camp is an eye-opening experience for individuals to learn about themselves and to make meaningful and lasting relationships. Most importantly, summer camp is a whole lot of fun. The first step is to make sure you choose the best summer camp for you. Whether that is a surf camp, a science camp, an outdoor adventure or a cultural enrichment camp, there are many options. The second step is funding your adventure—and here are fundraising ideas on how to raise money for summer camp.

Start a summer camp fundraiser


Crowdfunding for summer camp

Crowdfunding is an ideal platform for drumming up support from friends, family, social network, and beyond. Create your fundraiser with a compelling fundraiser story about what you hope to gain from summer camp, along with plenty of good photos and a video to further illustrate your ambition and the enriching experiences you hope to gain. Then make sure to share it via social media and email and encourage your connections to do the same.

Note: If you’re between 13 and 17 years old, make sure to get your parent or guardian’s permission to start a GoFundMe; if you’re 12 or younger, ask your parent or guardian to start the fundraiser for you.

Six summer camp fundraising ideas

1. Show someone the ropes

If you are attending a camp that is designed to help you learn or perfect a skill set, a great fundraising idea would be to offer to teach donors afterward. For instance, those planning on attending a photography camp can offer various promotions such as lessons in film photography or a crash course in Photoshop to potential donors in return for helping fund your summer camp experience. In your online fundraiser, simply include what promotions you plan on offering upon your return. Individuals can indicate which promotion they are interested in when they donate.

2. Wigging out

One great way to motivate people to donate to your fundraiser is to inspire them by giving back yourself. You can pledge to grow your hair out, have it cut and donate it to be made into a wig for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. If you lead by example by showcasing your compassion, others are likely to follow in your footsteps by donating to your fundraiser.

3. Community cleanup

A great fundraising event would be to volunteer to clean up a local park, beach, river, or other natural area. You can reach out to people in your community to sponsor you in the form of a donation to your fundraiser. Ask donors to give an allotted amount for each pound of trash you clean up. This will not only help you with fundraising but also help to maintain the natural beauty of your neighborhood. People will likely jump at the opportunity to both help you and their community.

4. Bag it

Head to your favorite local grocery store and ask if you can donate your time to help bag groceries in return for a donation to your fundraiser. You can talk to the customers about your summer camp goals and provide them with a flyer containing a link to your fundraiser to raise awareness and expand potential donor reach. Ask the store owner if you can also post the flyer at the entrance so shoppers know you are bagging groceries in exchange for fundraiser support.

5. Get crafty

A great way to raise funding is to create something that embodies your dream to go to summer camp, such as a friendship bracelet. Rally some of your friends together and ask them to help you make friendship bracelets to give to people who donate to your fundraiser . You can also set up a craft booth to sell bracelets you make in your neighborhood. People can either make a donation to your fundraiser, or they can simply make a cash donation to help your cause at your booth.

6. Parents night out

Offer to help parents in your community get the date night they deserve. Whether they need babysitting or pet sitting, you can offer your services on Friday and Saturday nights so that they get some necessary time off to have some fun. This is a promotion you can offer every weekend until you go to summer camp, and you may even get some repeat clients. Bonus: offer an additional car wash leading up to their night out as a great way for some extra cash.

1. Mariah’s gymnastics summer camp

Part of a proud Air Force family, Vanessa is the mother of four children. Her daughter Mariah’s passion is gymnastics, and she’s been surpassing her coach’s expectations with her drive and dedication. Vanessa wanted to fulfill her daughter’s dream of going to gymnastics camp, but money is tight with a single military income. That’s when she turned to GoFundMe, sharing her daughter’s story. She posted great photos of Mariah on the balance beam and performing her floor routine, which helped demonstrate her enthusiasm for her sport. Once her friends and family helped her reach her goal, Vanessa was able to share the good news with her daughter: She was going to gymnastics camp that summer.

2. Addison’s summer camp experience

Addison is a happy, funny kid who loves performing with his school chorus and enjoying family dinners. His mother Kelli was thrilled to find a summer camp near their home that is fully accessible for kids like Addison who have disabilities. The only obstacle was the cost. Kelli started a GoFundMe, explaining how much a camp with swimming, canoeing, crafts, and campfire songs would mean to Addison. Friends and family pitched in, and Kelli was able to reach her goal of $650. In her last update, Kelli shared how Addison was “beyond happy” for his upcoming summer camp experience.

Get set for camp

Get started by creating your own summer camp fundraiser. GoFundMe makes the setup process simple so you can have your fundraiser up and running within minutes. With no platform fee, more money goes toward making your summer camp dreams a reality. Start your summer camp fundraiser.