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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas

Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Looking for unique fundraising ideas? Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start fundraising today!
Looking for new fundraising ideas? How about a fundraiser that requires no investment, only takes a few minutes to set up, and can deliver instant results? GoFundMe offers personal fundraising websites that are free to create, customizable, and feature easy-to-use sharing tools so that you can quickly spread the word about your fundraiser.

Of course, you could sell wrapping paper door-to-door, bake hundreds of cookies, and post leaflets for hours. But your time is valuable! Try raising money with GoFundMe for any of your fundraising ideas instead!
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$3 Billion Raised!
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School Fundraisers
There are lots of fundraising ideas out there for schools, but most of them offer little bang for the substantial buck that they require (not to mention the time investment). Create an online fundraising campaign for your school instead, and ask neighbors and grandparents to donate. They might just appreciate not having to buy more catalogue items, and much more money will go straight to your school instead of to the fundraising company! Learn more about School Fundraising.

Creative Projects
Create your next song, film, book, or painting without going broke! If you’ve got a great idea, then let people help you make it a reality and try an online fundraiser with GoFundMe! Unlike some other online fundraising sites for creative projects, GoFundMe doesn’t force you to meet your goal by a certain time. Any money that you raise is yours, instantly. What a great fundraising idea! Learn more about Crowdfunding Creative Projects.

Volunteer & Service
If you're looking for a fundraising idea for a cause that you care about, a GoFundMe fundraising website can help you meet your goal. Raising money for a competition, special event, volunteer trip, scholarship fund and more has never been easier! See real Volunteer & Service pages.
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