Team Fundraising with Family and Friends

With a team fundraiser, you and your biggest supporters can raise money together.

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Friends Nora and Jennifer raised over $2k for a Black History Month event at their children’s school.


Fundraise with family and friends

GoFundMe Team Fundraising with family and friends helps you invite your biggest supporters to raise money with you. We give you all the powerful crowdfunding features of our individual fundraisers—including fast set-up, social sharing tools, and our free platform—plus new tools to help you collaborate and fundraise together.

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Share responsibilities

Every team member can post updates, thank donors, and share the GoFundMe.

Manage team members

Dashboards track each team member’s contributions to the GoFundMe.

Motivate your team

Optional fundraising leaderboards inspire friendly competition to drive donations.

Team leaderboard
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1 Susan Smith $850
2 Talen Simpson $540
3 Maria Flores $300
4 Jeremy Marks $180
5 Naomi Macavei $75
6 Janae Michaels $60

How team fundraising works with family and friends


Start your Team GoFundMe

GoFundMe makes it easy to set up your fundraiser and invite your friends, family, neighbors, and supporters to join your fundraising team.


Launch your GoFundMe together

Once your team has joined, every member has their own unique link to share the GoFundMe far and wide.


Track progress and motivate your team

Track your team’s fundraising progress and foster healthy competition using the data on your live leaderboard.

0% platform fee for organizers*

No goal requirements, no deadlines, and no platform fees.

*Standard payment processing applies to credit and debit card transactions.

GoFundMe Team Fundraising helps more people make a difference