Easy Ways to Thank Your Donors

Showing donors gratitude can result in more donations.


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How thanking donors can impact giving

Gratitude pays off. GuideStar research shows that if you thank donors in a timely manner, they are more likely to donate again later.

For the greatest impact, send a thank you within two days of receiving the donation. Luckily we have a built-in thank you experience to keep you organized.

Using GoFundMe’s thank you experience


Login and click on ‘Manage.’ Then click the ‘Thank your donors’ link located on your dashboard.


Here you will see a list of every person who donated. Beneath each name, click the link that says ‘Say thanks.’


After you sent a thank you a donor, your list will reflect that, so you know who you have already thanked.

How do I write a thank you?

Personalize it

This step is key if you want to land future donations to your fundraiser. Donors like to be acknowledged for their contribution. So, when writing your thank you’s include the specific amounts each person gave.

Be heartfelt

Express what type of impact a donor’s support had on your cause, both monetary and emotional. Use this guide on writing donation letters if you get writer’s block.

Avoid jargon

A sure way to turn donors off is by using words that they don’t know. Speak to donors in a way that is both easy for them to understand and genuine.

Tip: Now is not the time to ask for a second donation. But you should take this opportunity to ask them to keep sharing your fundraiser with their networks.

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